SEA Chapter 635

Yang hit the air, nicknamed the little wolf king.

It is said that the Yang family has the blood of the wolf family. Once it is stimulated, it grows thick hair all over the body, but its temperament will become extremely fierce.

Why do the Terrans have the blood of the wolf?

Can people and wolves still give birth to future generations?

According to the Yang family, their ancestors once killed a super-savage wolf at the Heavenly Foundation Stairway level. The Yang family ancestors bathed in the wolf blood and refining themselves into their own bodies. Since then, the descendants have had the wolf’s lineage.

This is very ridiculous, because others have not refining the blood of Vicious Beast, why only the Yang family will become Vicious Beast?

However, the Yang family throws such an explanation, you love it or not.

The Yang family is also one of the main families of Lingtian and Heavenly Palace Academy. Among the Lingtian Academy, the Yang family not only has several ethnic groups as teachers, but also a lot of resources for redemption.

At this point, Yang hits the air in the Academy can have a very special status, and he is also an amazing talent, is one of the most valued students in the boxing palace, the fighting power is incomparable.

Such an amazing presence in the background, if Shi Hao wins him, then he must be targeted in the Academy, and if he loses, then face the face.

Therefore, this is a dilemma.

Shi Hao looked at the little wolf king and smiled lightly: “This is my style, I am used to it.”

“It’s really a big deal!” Yang snorted and slammed into Shi Hao.

Although he is from the boxing palace, he is not using a fist but a claw.

Brushing, a claw swung out, I saw five gold lines crossed to Shi Hao.

This is his trick, the golden wolf claw, very sharp, can break all defenses.

The five gold lines are instantly drawn.

Shi Hao stretched out a finger and waved forward.

啪, 啪, 啪, the five gold lines almost collapsed at the same time, the little wolf king also slammed this blow.

Oh, so strong!

Everyone said in my heart, that is the little wolf king, the cultivation base of the five kings, absolutely crushing Shi Hao in the realm, but still can not get the upper hand.

Strong, really strong.

Yang hit the air and took a deep breath. He hesitated and didn’t want to continue.

Although he only made a move, he has been able to determine that Shi Hao’s strength is unfathomable and most likely not under him.

If he stops now, it can still leave an unfathomable impression on everyone. After all, he just made a move. However, if he tried his best and could not suppress Shi Hao, then he would lose face.

Therefore, he just hesitated and made up his mind.

can not fight.

“Shi Hao, just that blow is just a warning to you, here is Lingtian Academy, not Heavenly Palace Academy! You are here… it’s just a very ordinary student.” He put down a scene and turned away. .

Everyone nodded, and Shi Hao was really clever, repelling the little wolf king in this way.

——Shi Hao won, it must have offended the Yang family. If he loses, his face will be defeated. Therefore, it is undoubtedly the best deal to strike a tie and let the little wolf know. the way.

“Slow!” Shi Hao said, his tone was a bit stunned. “Give me a hand, don’t pay the price!”

Hey, what happened?

Everyone is amazed, Shi Hao, is it necessary to continue to give Yang a shot?

However, what good is this for you?

Whether you win or lose will be bad for you, then why?

What are you doing just now?

Yang hit the air and did not expect that he looked at Shi Hao with amazement, his eyes seemed to look like a monster.

“How are you going?” he asked quietly.

Shi Hao smiled and pointed to his feet: “I am here to give you a place.”


When I heard this, everyone could not believe their ears.

Shi Hao is too mad, and if he really wants to trample Yang under his feet, isn’t that a dead hatred with Yang family?

Yang family But the super power in the Lingtian Academy, so offended the Yang family?

Everyone is shaking their heads, and even if you come back, you don’t need to be so envious of the Yang family for no reason.

Why bother? Why bother?

Yang hit the air even more angry, he sneered twice: “I really licked your dog’s eyes, dare to be so arrogant in front of me! Well, I will teach you to write two words today.”


When it comes to the last two words, he is all in the middle of the “Kakaka” sound, the original white skin on the skin gave birth to golden hair, full length, under the breeze.

At this point, his blond hair is perfectly blended with the body hair, while the five fingers are sharp and long. It is like a wolf claw, and the head is turned into a wolf head. The whole person looks like a person standing up. Demon wolf.

Is this just refining the blood of the demon wolf?

Just kidding.

The refining of the dragon blood, but also the body became tyrannical, and did not grow dragon scales, become a dragon, how come to the Yang family here, as long as the blood, the whole person like a wolf?

So, this truth is definitely not what the Yang family said.

However, the power of the blood, the strength of Yang hit the air has also skyrocketed, at least to enhance the strength of the two kings, plus he is genius, its combat power is estimated that most of the nine kings can be suppressed.

call out!

Yang hit the air and killed Shi Hao.

So fast.

Everyone said in my heart that most people just felt that they had a flower in front of them, and Yang hit the air has already appeared in front of Shi Hao. This speed is really staggering.

If they are replaced by the opposite of Yang’s standing in the air… Think of this possibility, everyone is in the cold.


Shi Hao punches and is careless.

Then, Yang hit the air and rolled out.

He continued to roll on the ground, circle and circle, and rolled more than 50 laps. This finally stopped, and his face and body were covered with dust, which seemed extremely embarrassing.

This is being spiked.

Everyone is speechless, and the contrast is really too big.

Before Yang smashed the air, it was still awe-inspiring, but as a result, it was spiked in a blink of an eye, without a trace of suspense.

They looked at Shi Hao stunnedly. This guy didn’t just step into the Casting King Hall. How powerful it was to this point, and it swept the entire Casting King Hall.

Shi Hao was brewed as usual, so Yang Yingkong became a member of the army of cushions.

“Who else?” He looked around at everyone, his face still with a faint smile, but full of disdain and disdain.

Too ridiculous, too ridiculous.

Everyone is extremely angry, but no one thinks that Shi Hao will be so strong. Today, there is no more powerful master than Yang Yingkong. For those who have changed, they have only been defeated.

Therefore, they can only sigh and glare at Shi Hao.

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