SEA Chapter 636

Shi Hao smiled lightly and said: “No one dares to challenge me any more, then go back to the side, don’t fall here!”

Hearing his arrogant tone, everyone couldn’t help but want to kill him, but the strength gap is too big.

Really miscalculated.

Everyone said in my heart, I thought that Shi Hao had just stepped into the Casting King Hall. They had Jia Li and Yang shot them. They could easily suppress Shi Hao. I didn’t expect Shi Hao to be far beyond imagination.

It is no wonder that even Shi Ze was defeated at the beginning. It was not Shi Ze who had a false name, but Shi Hao was too strong.

However, Ling Tian Academy Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you think that you won Yang Yangkong and others, you can be rampant in Academy?


Everyone was scattered, and Shi Hao jumped down from the chair and was slightly disappointed.

He thought that Ling Tian Academy had a lot of thorns, but I didn’t expect it to be just three people, and everyone else was shocked.

Not interesting.

Shi Hao took the chair back to the residence, and did not care that Yang hit the empty three people have turned into a pig liver-colored face.

For the three of them, this is a shameful shame.

“Shi Hao!” All three are gnashing their teeth and appear angry.

Shi Hao didn’t waste time, immediately applied for the elemental cave.

However, in the Lingtian Academy, there is no mandatory requirement for the students to go to the underground caves, and there is no need to apply before the lower ground caves. It only needs to be reported – if you have not seen anyone for too long, it is dead inside.

It can also be seen that the students of Heavenly Palace Academy are more of a cannon fodder character, which is used to fill the bottomless pit of the elemental cave.

However, Ling Tian Academy’s students are much more expensive, and there is no requirement to force them into the elemental caves. As long as they are not sure, they can stay in the Academy for cultivation.

Of course, this will definitely not get additional cultivation resources.

Shi Hao has not yet left, and sees Little Black, Yue Feifei, and Han Dong to see him.

“What about the big yellow dog?” Shi Hao asked, the hyena should be with Little Black.

“Don’t mention, before we passed a mountain range, there was a silver wolf at the Ascending Saint Position level. After the hyena was discovered, it was necessary to recognize the wolf as a cognac and now stay there,” Han Dong said.

Rely, is this OK?

Shi Hao can’t help but talk, but this is also in line with the big yellow dog style.

“It also said -” Han Dong wants to stop.

“What to say?” Shi Hao laughed. “No problem, I know the virtue of the hyena. There is absolutely nothing to say.”

With the encouragement of Shi Hao, Han Dong said again: “It said that the next time you meet with you, you will be asked to call it a dog.”


Shi Hao wiped the fist and the dog was definitely owed.

Ok, when you see you next time, you must complete it.

“What about you?” Shi Hao looked at Yue Feifei.

Yue Feifei has not spoken, just watching Shi Hao silently, his eyes are somewhat blurred.

Seeing that Shi Hao suddenly looked over, she couldn’t help but be shocked. It seemed that she was caught in a thief, and her heart was like a deer.

“I, I am very good.” She nodded in nostalgia and lowered her head.

I haven’t seen it for a few years. This guy seems to be better read and has a mature temperament that makes her feel at ease.

Shi Hao nodded and regained his gaze: “I will go to the elemental cave tomorrow. Who do you want to be together?”

“I want to attack the eight kings.” Little Black said immediately.

“I am also about to break through.” Yue Feifei said, his head is still low.

How much she wants to be with Shi Hao, but she is afraid that she will make a runaway move when she is alone with Shi Hao, and she is dismissed by Shi Hao, so she can only miss such a good opportunity.

“I can’t do it, only Paramita will drag the boss’s hind legs.” Han Dong is very self-aware.


After Shi Hao sent the Little Black three people away, he took a good rest. On the second day, he walked alone to the elemental cave.

This elemental cave is no different from the previous one, but the elementalization here is higher, there is no trace of air inside, so except for Great Heaven Offering and above, the powerhouse can stay in it for a long, long time, everyone else must Take the Closed Air Pill to get in.

However, the medicinal herbs are all resistant. After taking a few servings in a row, the medicinal properties will be better than a crab. Therefore, people under the Great Heaven Offering can usually stay for two or three days.

Shi Hao is not affected by this because he has immortal mansion.

Although this treasure is not truly self-contained, the isolation of the air inside and outside is naturally a trivial matter, and the more energy source continuously produces air. Even if it is buried deep underground, there is no need to worry about the day when the air will be exhausted. .

Here, the battle is more intense.

The elemental creatures attacked this direction in a concentrated manner. They did not care much about how many troops they would bury. The daily battles were fierce, and the human side also paid a great price. They even needed to ask the teachers of Heavenly Palace Academy to help out.

Shi Hao doesn’t need to go deep, and when he enters the cave, he can let go.

However, there are too many outsiders here. He does not want to use the black hole method in front of many people. Therefore, the more he kills, the deeper he is. Until no one can see him, he releases the black hole method and starts to go crazy. Devouring.

This battle is seven days.

Although the time is far less than the time he used to enter the cave at Heavenly Palace Academy, it can be said that the harvest is almost the same as the previous month.

No way, there are too many elemental creatures here.

Shi Hao didn’t stay in one place to kill, but hit a spear for a place, kill it for a while, kill it there for a while, so that it won’t cause the attention of the powerhouse in the elemental creature. Otherwise, he will be forced to hide. The immortal mansion is in the middle.

When he reached the eighth day, he suddenly felt a terrible breath, so that his body’s cold hair was upside down.

Heavenly Foundation Stairway !

He reacted in the first place, and the direction that exudes this breath is from the depths of the cave.

Hey, in the elemental creature, there is the Heavenly Foundation Stairway!

Doesn’t it mean that there is some kind of tacit understanding between the two sides, and the Heavenly Foundation Stairway will not shoot?

Now, is this tacit understanding broken?

Shi Hao is ready, if the breath finds him, then he will hide in the immortal mansion regardless of the three seven twenty-one.

Just then, another arrogant momentum rose from the sky.


Shi Hao immediately felt that it seemed to be a slap in the face, and it was a shudder.

The human side has also dispatched the Heavenly Foundation Stairway.


Next, it is the sky shaking.

Shi Hao knows that the two Heavenly Foundation Stairway talents have already handed in.

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