SEA Chapter 637

Unlimited swords are filled with horror.

I saw a piece of knives coming over, along the way, all the elemental creatures fell like straw, and no one was spared.

Shi Hao fangs, quickly hid in the immortal mansion.

The knife is smashed, and the grass is not born.

So strong, this should be just a flying knife, but still has such a terrible lethality, the strength of the person who made the knife is strong.


The battle continued, and Shi Hao quickly came out of the immortal mansion, savoring this knife.

He is also a knife-cultivator, but he has not yet reached the third realm of the knife. One is that no one is pointing, and the other is the lack of time for research.

Now this horrible knife is on the side of the swing, which is equivalent to the practice of casting a law, personally pointing to the general.

Shi Hao If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, it is really a waste.

In the distance, a knife is swaying, if you can open this world.


Shi Hao looked at it for a while, but he was born with a sense of familiarity.

At the time of the Eastern Fire Continent, a fisherman borrowed a knife from him and took Xu Guan’s hand. At that time, he found that it was a good knife. It was not owned by an ordinary fisherman.

However, he did not abuse the habits of others, and did not have a trace of greed. He returned the knife to others, but only a distraction, he lost the whereabouts of the fisherman.

He knew at the time that he should have encountered Expert.

But never imagined that the Expert was so high.

Heavenly Foundation Stairway!

After a long half-day battle, the Heavenly Foundation Stairway on both sides was all close, and obviously no one fell. Otherwise, the death of a Heavenly Foundation Stairway will definitely make a big difference.

Shi Hao felt that it was almost the same, and he retired.

When he returned to the camp, he heard everyone talking.

“Have you heard that it was the Blade Emperor Lord who personally shot it!”

“You mean…Feng Yidao?”

“Oh, in addition to him, who else is called the Blade Emperor?”

“I was really scared to death. Who thought that the elemental creatures actually didn’t keep the agreement, and ran out of a Heavenly Foundation Stairway! Fortunately, we are also prepared here. Blade Emperor Lord promptly shot, blocked the other side and let the other side suffer Some small creations.”

“Blade Emperor Lord is so extraordinary!”

“That is, Blade Emperor! Even if the Heavenly Foundation Stairway is powerful, how many can you seal the emperor?”

“Well, I really want to be a presence like the Blade Emperor Lord!”

“You don’t want to think about it. I just want to see the Blade Emperor Lord. It’s worth it in my life.”

Shi Hao listened, my heart was awkward, just shot Feng Yidao!

To put it bluntly, he was able to step into the second realm of the knife path or because he tried to figure out the other’s knife. If he could enter the third realm of the knife, he could not do without the help of Feng Yidao.

When I thought of borrowing a knife from the other side, the two sides really had some origins.

“Shi Hao!” someone suddenly cried.

This made other people turn around and look at the poor.

They are all students in the Lingtian Academy, and naturally they are all hostile to Shi Hao.

Shi Hao is looking at the person who called his name.

Jiang Quan.

Shi Hao’s eyes condensed, showing a chill.

The other party apparently deliberately smashed his identity and gave him hatred.

Jiang Quan is chillingly gazing at his gaze. He is Spirit Mending Temple. Even if he hasn’t lit the incense, why bother Shi Hao?

– Before Ba Yan defeated, it was because the cultivation base was sealed, he would not be so stupid, tied his hands and feet to fight, and still a life-and-death battle.

And he will never deal with Shi Hao himself. You see, Shi Hao is almost all in the Lingtian Academy, so he only needs to push the waves slightly.

Sure enough, the people of Lingtian Academy are eager to try.

There are various rules and regulations in the Academy. If you are outside, where are there so many restrictions?

Of course, it is definitely not murderous here, but it does not affect them to put Shi Hao on a meal.

How big is it, this is not Academy.

At this moment, I saw a fisherman dressed up, walked ordinary, looks medium, the whole person is mediocre, and even has a fishy smell.

This has caused many people to hide their noses and avoid the smell of the other person.

The “fisherman” took the opportunity to come over and parked in front of Shi Hao.

Shi Hao quickly bowed his hand: “I have seen my predecessors, thank you again for your previous knives.”

This is the Blade Emperor, Feng Yidao!

Can you get Blade Emperor to borrow a knife? What kind of person is this?

Feng Yidao smiled and patted Shi Hao’s shoulder: “You are very courageous, dare to go deep into one person, very good, very good.”

Shi Hao knows that Blade Emperor’s sword has been lifted, and if he sees it, he knows where he is.

He naturally has to be modest.

Seeing the two chatted, everyone was exposed to contempt.

Shi Hao What is this taste, actually made a piece with a fisherman.

“You, let it go!” Someone couldn’t help but interrupt, pointing to Blade Emperor.

Shi Hao has to admit that this person has a species.

Feng Yidao didn’t care, how he existed, even in the highest level of Heavenly Foundation Stairway, he was one of the best.

The word “Blade Emperor” is enough to explain the problem.

Seeing Feng Yidao didn’t pay attention to himself. The man was naturally furious before. You a fisherman, dare to force it in front of me?


He rushed over and took care of the fish. He had to throw Feng Yidao out and avoid it.

This person is Spirit Mending Temple, so he is confident that once he is shot, this inconvenience is of course only lost.

However, he has not touched Blade Emperor, but the whole person has been shaken out by an invisible force.

The Blade Emperor apparently had a very good temper. Although the man was shocked out, it was unharmed.


Everyone was surprised. I didn’t expect this ugly fisherman to be a master.

— Being able to fly a Spirit Mending Temple like this is definitely the Great Heaven Offering powerhouse.

No wonder this person is so embarrassed.

The person who was attacked by the earthquake was furious. He said with a sigh: “Well, as a Great Heaven Offering, can you bully people at will? I am Mo Yuyun, the son of Mo’s family, you got the wrong object! ”

He knew that he could not be the opponent of “Great Heaven Offering” and immediately turned away.

It doesn’t matter, there is a powerhouse in their camp, and it is the existence of Ascending Saint Position. The big cockroach is moved out and can’t scare the “fisherman”.

Mad, actually forced in front of him.

Everyone is sneer, waiting to see the excitement.

Don’t know that Shi Hao is already the public enemy of Lingtian Academy?

You are still so close to the other side, isn’t it your own?

In front of the many students of Lingtian Academy, anyone has to shun the share of the three, because the forces behind them are too horrible.

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