After a while, Mo yanyun went and returned.

Beside him, he is an old man with a white beard, but full of red light, full of skin and full of spirit.

Moc’s Ascending Saint Position powerhouse, Mo Hong.

The higher the realm, the longer the lifespan, the slower the aging rate.

This Mo Hong has been over a thousand years old. If you convert it, it is almost the equivalent of a normal person in his 60s. He has a lifespan for 800 years. Therefore, although he looks like an old man, he is bloody. Still very strong.

His heart is full of anger.

Whether it is the Lingtian Academy or the establishment of this camp, they are all vigorous and naturally hold great authority.

Now, there is a famous Great Heaven Offering, who has the eyes and no beads, dare to humiliate their children?

Really licking his dog’s eyes, he must let him live a “reflective”.

“Too Grandfather, that’s him!” Mo Yuyun pointed to the past to Feng Yidao.

I, fuck!

Mo Hong’s remarks have not been said, but his face has changed dramatically.

– Mo Yanyun does not know Feng Yidao, will he not know?

He stayed in the camp almost every day, and even if Feng Yidao went deeper, he would definitely have a chance to meet.

Besides, to reach his level, which Heavenly Foundation Stairway powerhouse does not know?

Must know, otherwise, what should I do if I accidentally offended?

This is not a bad thing for yourself, and may even be implicated in the family.


Is Mo Yunyun actually provoked such a presence?

Yes, Mo Jiaqiang is amazing, but it is a nine-star power. But in front of the Heavenly Foundation Stairway, is this different from slag?

Moreover, Feng Yiqi is one of the best in the ten-star power.

“Too Grandfather?” Mo Yanyun saw Mo Hong suddenly stunned and could not help but rush.


Mo Hong fiercely turned around and smoked toward Mo Yanyun.

He is Ascending Saint Position, how powerful the strength, this palm is not a small force, you can see that Mo Yanyun is flying all over, volley has turned over a dozen, and then fell to the ground. On the ground.

Everyone is dumbfounded.

what’s the situation?

Mo Hong not only did not make a fuss for his later generations, but actually gave him a punishment.

However, this is why.

Mo Yanyun did not understand himself. He lay on the ground and looked at Mo Hong with a grievance.

Are you not the most valued descendants of Mo’s family? Moreover, he is also outstanding. The 30th year of the year has already been completed by the Spirit Mending Temple. How amazing is this?

Moreover, Mo Hong has always been passionate about himself. How can he suddenly turn his face now?

“Small animals, you die, you die, don’t get tired of the family!” Mo Hong screamed, and then bowed to Feng Yiqi, “Blade Emperor Lord, this scorpion has no eyes, no Lord, and Lord. crime!”


Suddenly, many people were sprayed out.


The fisherman dressed up is actually Blade Emperor Feng Yiqi?

Everyone can’t believe their ears, but how can Mo Hong admit the wrong person?

Hey, everyone is going down.

Heavenly Foundation Stairway!

Even if it is not true Kneel down, can you see such a powerhouse standing in front of you, can you not be soft?

Feng Yiqi looked at Mo Hong faintly and said: “I am not a Lord thing. I collided when I collided. I didn’t lose anything anyway.”

You are not a Lord thing yet?

This is forced!

Mo Hong couldn’t help it. A Heavenly Foundation Stairway was offended by people. Actually, it doesn’t matter. Isn’t this the opposite?

Hey, Mo Hong also slammed down.

Be sure to let the Blade Emperor Lord be angry. Otherwise, Mo’s family may be destroyed.

Feng Yiqi could not help but shake his head. Although he was a supreme powerhouse, he was born with no shelf. Naturally, he would not have a general knowledge with Mo Xiaoyun. Otherwise, he would not be able to smash a person directly.

However, everyone thinks that the Heavenly Foundation Stairway is simply bes on the shelf, high on the top, so that he is helpless.

He waved his hand and his body was long and disappeared.

Out of sight out of mind.

Shi Hao is looking at Mo Yanyun, faintly said: “Who is who, do you still have trouble?”

Mo wanyun has long been dumbfounded, and he dared to yell at a Heavenly Foundation Stairway. How much is this?

Although the Blade Emperor Lord is not strange, can other people dare to be close to him in the future?

In the unlikely event that the Blade Emperor Lord suddenly made a whim, would you like to settle it?

Will the person with him be implicated?

Even if the Blade Emperor is generous, there is nothing wrong with the protection distance of Mo Ruyun.

What he thinks is because he has to find a problem with Shi Hao, but he has fallen into a big trouble.

Now where he still cares about Shi Hao, seeing Mo Hong’s disgusting eyes, he obviously wants to take him back to the family to accept punishment.

— The Mo family has offended the Blade Emperor. With this light, how many forces will be disconnected?

This loss can be gone.

When it is over, he is likely to lose the position of the heirs of the Mo family. Since then, he has been treated coldly, and it is difficult to see people high-profile.

Mo Hong snorted and pointed to Mo Yunyun: “The obstacles are not given me!”

Mo Yuyun even argued that he did not dare to leave Mo Hong with his sorrow. After returning to the Hui nationality, he did not know what punishment to be imposed.

The crowd slowly climbed up and looked at Shi Hao with a shocked look.

This kid… actually knew about Blade Emperor!

God, that’s Feng Yiqi, the Emperor of the knife, is one of the best in the Heavenly Foundation Stairway.

Who is still daunting Shi Hao?

At least in this camp, Shi Hao can definitely go sideways.

Shi Hao looked at Jiang Quan: “I haven’t found you yet, you have gotten into me!”

Jiang Quan’s heart was so depressed that he was so confused.

How does Shi Hao have valuable help everywhere?

He snorted and said: “Shi Hao, you are just a small Casting King Hall, and I am Spirit Mending Temple. How dare you disrespect me, not afraid of Academy penalizing you?”

Shi Hao shook his head: “This is not the Academy, you and I are just passers-by, I am not happy with you now, I want to marry you.”

Jiang Quan laughed: “You can beat Ba Yan, that is because Beyan is sealed with a cultivation base, not your strength can rival Spirit Mending Temple!”

Shi Hao looked at Jiang Quan and didn’t talk. After a while, he suddenly smiled and turned away.

Picking up the goods!

Everyone is shaking their heads. What is this? If you threaten, you will run.

Also, in the area of ​​Casting King Hall, what can you do in addition to magnifying words in front of the Spirit Mending Temple?

Looking at the background of Shi Hao’s departure, Jiang Quan’s face was very ugly.

The little Casting King Hall threatened him, and he could only swallow this breath.

– Didn’t you see Blade Emperor appreciate Shi Hao?

What a damn guy!

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