Hey, how did you suddenly change the conditions?

Shi Hao has some understanding. If he is replaced by him, he will also seize any glimmer of hope for revenge.

“Tell me in detail.” Shi Hao said, “I can’t talk about good people, but I won’t kill innocent people for my own personal gain.”

The enchanting man wiped his tears and said: “I screamed Chen Luo, my mother is Chen Peipei, they were originally Chen family.”


Shi Hao reveals the color of doubt, your parents are actually a family.

“My mother… is the father’s sister.” The enchanting man said again.

Holy crap!

Shi Hao fangs, this is taboo love.

Rao is such a person who is open-minded, but he will never accept such things as brothers and sisters.

“This is a taboo love. When things were exposed, my parents were chased by the Chen family.” The enchanting man continued, “My parents have been wandering around the world until I was born, and this was settled.”

“In the past few years, we have been living here, and it is safe and sound.”

“But I don’t want to live a life without seeing it, so I will enter Void Realm and want to buy High Level Cleaning Technique to get enough strength. After that, I don’t have to live in the shadow of Chen family.”

“did not expect–”

I didn’t expect the Chen family to find it so cleverly, killing his parents, even to cover up the scandal, and killing the villagers in the whole town.

In this way, Chen family should be a big family, so it will be so face-to-face.

Shi Hao nodded: “Talk about the strength of the Chen family.”

“Seven-star power.” The enchanting man immediately said.

Only seven stars?

Don’t look at Great Heaven Offering, which is another level of life, but now it’s not very in Shi Hao’s eyes.

— Great Heaven Offering has almost all the capabilities he has. Except for strength and Soul, he is not good enough to say that he is Great Heaven Offering.

“However, this is only a branch of the Chen family, and the family of the Chen family is a ten-star force!” The enchanting man added another sentence.


“Kid, you are pitted!” Purple Rat opened.

The enchanting man smiled bitterly: “I am not Martial Dao genius. If I want to take revenge by my own strength, then should be lifeless hopeless. So, if you want September fruit, go and kill me Chen family. !”

At this time, you are not a bit of a gun, and you are very bachelor.

“Ha ha ha, you have come back with this obstacle!” At this moment, a side of the Yin side sounded, and only three people came from the west.

The enchanting man immediately showed the color of fear. He was just a Nurturing Soul Realm, and his strength was really low.

“Is this what you are doing?” Among the three men, the costumed man in blue was picking up an eyebrow at Shi Hao. “I really don’t understand these young people, what is not fun, you have to play!”

As soon as this sentence came out, the enchanting man was a white face, and Shi Hao was also showing an unpleasant color.


Shi Hao had no nonsense, and directly punched a punch. Suddenly, his power was transformed into a golden fist, and he was beaten toward the blue-colored man.

“A rabbit, my temper is a big temper!” The blue-colored attire male shouted and pulled out the knife.


The fist hit the knife, the big knife immediately collapsed, and the punching force did not decrease, hit the body of the blue-colored men, and instantly squeezed him into a patties.

Oh, then the blood is sprayed.


The smiles of the two people stopped abruptly, and they shivered and shattered.

After a moment, the two immediately turned and ran.

Run it?

Shi Hao shot and then punched two punches.

Hey! Hey!

The two immediately fell and their heads burst.

“Ah!” The enchanting man rushed up and waved his sword at the bodies of the two men.

Shi Hao did not dissuade, said: “I will go to the Chen family. You are waiting here. However, I am only a Spirit Mending Temple. I can only promise that I will make the Great Heaven below, and the Reaching Limit. Family people kill a clean.”

He is willing to take action, not only because of the relationship between the September fruit, but also because of the innocent people who died here.

What is this with them?

Just because I live in a place with the Chen Luo couple, is it possible to reveal the scandal of the Chen family, so that all of them must be executed?

Such evil behavior made Shi Hao angry and murderous.

“Well, if you kill the Chen family under Great Heaven Offering, I will give you the September fruit, but I will go with you.” The enchanting man said.

Shi Hao shook his head: “I am just a Spirit Mending Temple. I can’t be distracted to see you when I see Great Heaven Offering.”

“I will hide far away and will never let the Chen family discover it.” The enchanting man insisted, “I must see the Chen family first!”


Shi Hao and the enchanting men set off and headed for the Chen family.

Chen family is not in this city, but it is far away. Otherwise, Chen Luo and his wife can’t hide for so long.

For Shi Hao, this distance is naturally a small point. He is stunned by the enchanting man, but he only came to the place one day.

Jiuqu City.

There are three seven-star forces in the city, but because the Chen family’s main family is too strong, it is a ten-star force. Therefore, Jiuqu City is also respected by the Chen family, and the other two must give three-point face.

After entering the city, the enchanting man hid, and he would stare at the Chen family in a faraway place.

Shi Hao is a big swing, all the way to the front of the Chen family.

“Walk the crowd, wait for you to get out!” There were six guards at the door, and Shi Hao, a countryman who looked at the curiosity of the country, immediately spoke.

“Hurry up, or you will get your dog!”

These six people are extremely arrogant. Obviously, they are usually in such an attitude, and they do not know the convergence at all.

This is true even for those who are watching the door. It can be seen how far the Chen family has been overbearing.

Shi Hao sighed and strode toward the door.

“Looking for death!” A guard immediately slashed his knife.

Shi Hao grabbed it and grabbed the guard and then went out.


The second guard had just rushed up and was suddenly slammed. Coincidentally, the two men’s knives smashed each other’s body, one was wiped the neck and the other was smashed.

Both of them were screaming, but the voice was getting lower and lower, and soon there was no sound.

This is a big courage.

Actually dare to go to the Chen family to commit a crime?

The remaining four guards were all furious, and they pulled their swords and pointed at Shi Hao.

“Well, what happened?” At this time, a pair of men and women came out of the government office and they were very young.

The woman’s gaze immediately stopped on Shi Hao’s body, her eyes lit up, and her pretty face seemed to be shining.

This man is so beautiful!

The young man saw it and his face could not help but have a hint of haze.

“Back to the Young Master, this person is daring, and went to the government to make a living!” The four guards all pointed to Shi Hao.

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