The young man suddenly became murderous.

His name is Chen Mo, the leader of the young generation of Chen family, and the woman on his side is Ji Xiang, which is the daughter of another seven-star power house in the city.

He has been pursuing Ji Xiang, and today he is invited to come to his home to be a guest. Who knows that he just sent the other party to the government, but he has encountered such a thing.

Dare to go to his own door to make trouble, Chen Mo has been very angry, not to mention, the woman he saw is actually because of Shi Hao’s pretty face, a fascinated appearance, how can he endure?

Little White face, this damn Little White face!

Could it be that Hong’s family did not want to see the Chen family marrying the Ji family, so specially sent this Little White face to seduce Ji Xiang?

No matter what, you are dead!

Chen Mo walked toward Shi Hao, and he said: “Who are you, is Hong Jia sent you?”

Shi Hao smiled and said: “I was commissioned to kill all the people under the Chen family Great Heaven Offering and Reaching Limit. You, um, just stepping into Paramita, it is in line with my murder. Let’s talk about it. How do you want to die?”

Chen Mo laughed: “Are you crazy, you dare to kill the Chen family alone! Well, then I will choose steaming.”

Shi Hao shook his head: “Sorry, I can’t agree with such a perverted request. It’s still simple, just headshot.”

“You are coming to try!” Chen Mo snorted and killed Shi Hao.

Boom, he slammed his stick to Shi Hao, under the force of perfusion, which can be used to flatten a building.

Shi Hao raised his fist and hit the iron bar.

Hey, the stick rebounded and squatted on Chen Mo’s body, and suddenly his head blossomed and died.

“Are you satisfied?” Shi Hao shrugged.

The four guards at the door were all shocked, and Chen Mo was killed! Just at the gate of the Chen family!


The four people rushed out to inform other people in the government office.

Shi Hao does not stop, just wait quietly.

After a while, I saw a lot of people in the government office.

“What, this bastard actually dared to kill Chen Mo?”

“Great courage!”

“killed him!”

Everyone is yelling, and one is angry.

Chen family is the first giant in the city of Jiuqu. Now, some people dare to go to their homes. How daunting?

“However, it is possible to kill Chen Mo in one shot. He is at least Paramita.”

“Hey, can Paramita be murderous in my Chen family?”

“Let me do it!”

A middle-aged man came out. He is Paramita Nine Islands. In this realm, it is naturally the strongest level.

“Boy, who are you?” he asked as he walked toward Shi Hao. “I advise you to be honest, or you will face severe torture after being taken down by me.”

Shi Hao said faintly: “I am coming to represent the 1,006 people who died in Qingpei Town and ask you Chen family for justice.”

As soon as this was said, the Chen family had a strong expression and a fierce light in their eyes.

This kid actually knows about the town of Qingpei!

That can’t keep his life.

The middle-aged man immediately walked out and rushed toward Shi Hao.

This time, he only wants to destroy.



He just rushed to the front of Shi Hao, but immediately turned into a bloody rain.


Chen family All the people are shocked, this is to know that it is not the Raptors but the river, this young man can not look down on him because of his age.

“Come on, please ask a few ancestors to come out!” The crowd yelled, this young man is most likely a master of Lokeśvara and even Casting King Hall.

Shi Hao started to move and walked toward the gate.

Block or not?

Block it, Shi Hao’s performance is terrible, and everyone is afraid of death.

Can you stop it, let an outsider easily break into the family, can the Chen family still lift his head?

“Block him!”

“Yes, support will come soon, we just have to wait for a while.”


A dozen people suddenly rushed toward Shi Hao, but they were all Paramita, not even a Lokeśvara.

–The government office has a master, but where do you expect that there is a powerhouse dare to come to the door?

So, now Paramita is the strongest person here.

Shi Hao smashed his hand, hehe, the people who rushed over were not smashed, and turned into a bloody rain.

These people created a small town massacre, and the purpose was simply not to let the family scandals be exposed. Such cruel behavior made Shi Hao also kill.


He walked all the way, leaving the blood of the land.

After a few steps, he didn’t even have to do it. Under the domain, as long as he was moved, all the Spirit Mending Temple had only exploded.

“Let’s let go!” After killing hundreds of people, the Chen family finally had a master.

Casting King Hall and Spirit Mending Temple, a total of seven people, are all angry.

Since Chen Branch set up a branch here, why has it been so severely damaged?

The younger generation of people died nearly half.

“You damn a hundred times!” said a master of Casting King Hall.

Shi Hao looked at him: “When you slaughter the town, why don’t you think about it, people also have parents and children? Now I know it hurts?”


He gave a punch and went to the Casting King Hall.

The shape of the force has formed an iron fist with a large sand.

“Get out!” Seeing that Casting King Hall still wanted to pick up, and a Spirit Mending Temple was quickly intercepted and slammed toward the iron fist.

He has already sensed that the atmosphere that Shi Hao exudes is the Spirit Mending Temple.

Therefore, this shot is not a hard-wired Casting King Hall.

Hey, he took the iron fist and suddenly retired, and after he stepped back to the Third Thid Step, it stopped, and the floor left two rows of deep footprints.

This made the six masters look so eye-catching, too horrible, even Chen Kangmin is not the opponent of this young man.


At this moment, I saw that Chen Kangmin was all divided and turned into blood.

This time, the six people will be mad.

Chen Kangmin was not only an opponent, but even a fist could not stop, and was directly bombarded.

Is this young man still a person?

They are all shivering, and they can’t breathe.

“Small Spirit Mending Temple, you can actually repair such a share, you are really extraordinary!” An old voice sounded, I saw an old man stepping into the sky.

Chen Jiutong, Chen family ancestor, Great Heaven Offering powerhouse.

“Old ancestors!” The six people suddenly had the backbone of the heart, and they all overjoyed.

Whatever you are, it’s just the Spirit Mending Temple.

Chen Jiutong looked at Shi Hao coldly: “You are covered with the blood of my people, and you will die today!”

Hey, Shi Hao is skyrocketing.

What, what!

Under the circumstances, the Chen family are stunned. What is the situation?

Can Spirit Mending Temple fly?

Chen Jiutong is also half-opening, only to feel that his face has been slapped and hurts badly.

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