Can’t people fly if they don’t reach Great Heaven Offering?


So if you can fly, it must be Great Heaven Offering, this is the iron law.

Chen Jiutong has just despised Shi Hao but is Spirit Mending Temple, but now?

Great Heaven Offering !

This slap in the face is not heavy?

Chen Jiutong’s old face is red and hot, but more of his eyes are doubts.

This Great Heaven Offering… It’s so weak, it’s just the Spirit Mending Temple level.

If this is really Great Heaven Offering, how weak is the sacrifice of Heaven and Earth from his sacrifice?

No matter what, this child must die!

Chen Jiutong also rose from the sky and confronted Shi Hao.

Boom, he opened the domain, within the area of ​​the tens of thousands of places, everything is not checked.

Shi Hao smiled lightly, his hands were behind him, and he looked very chic.

“Really loaded!” Zijin Rat sighed. “If the sky is now thunderous, and this kid is beaten down, it will be fun. This black man can laugh him forever!”

It is a pity that there are no clear clouds in the sky, and where is the thunder?

“So young Great Heaven Offering is rare!” Chen Jiutong said with a bang, “However, such a weak Great Heaven Offering is really slag! The old man understands that you must be a realm of greed, and the foundation is unsteady and forcibly sacrificed. The strength of Heaven and Earth is very poor.”

Shi Hao laughed: “It’s you who said that I am Spirit Mending Temple. I said that I am Great Heaven Offering or you! Old man, are you funny?”

“The daring is bold!” Chen Jiutong shouted and reached out and grabbed Shi Hao.

In the domain, he is the existence of God. As soon as he is moved, the big hand with the strength and the elements condensed has caught Shi Hao and shook his head toward him.

Power is strong, runes shine.

Great Heaven offers powerhouse, the level of life is different, terrible.

Shi Hao shouted and slammed his fists.


Just a blow, he was shocked and flew out, sliding more than 3,000 feet in the sky, which stopped his figure.

Just fighting strength and Soul strength, Shi Hao is really far behind.

No way, the transition from Spirit Mending Temple to Great Heaven Offering is too big, and Shi Hao? It is only the beginning of the Spirit Mending Temple.

This is barely able to fight against Great Heaven Offering. It is already a miracle. There is absolutely no one who believes it.

“Weakly exploded!” Chen Jiutong was disdainful with his face. He gently pressed and slammed into the air. A big hand appeared and screamed at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao also opened the domain, and hardly forced Chen Jiutong’s domain to go out, but he could only open more than a hundred feet.

From this point of view, Chen Jiutong’s strength is not as good as Peng’s.

Shi Hao immediately made a judgment in his heart. This person was a sacrifice. The quenching of strength of Heaven and Earth was not as good as that of Peng.

Also said that others are slag, they are themselves.

Hey, Shi Hao unfolded his body and rushed toward Chen Jiutong.

“The old man, also eat me a punch!” Shi Hao punches his fists, and his eyes flash with a magical light. At this moment, he has a clear understanding of Chen Jitong’s attacking origin.


The punching power is turned into a golden light, which naturally uses the power of gold and is invincible.

In the face of “the same level”, Chen Jiutong naturally could not be attacked by Shi Hao, but he is also disdainful. So weak Great Heaven Offering actually wants to fight back?

I licked your dog’s eyes.

He slammed Shi Hao’s attack with one click, and then defeated Shi Hao with a Thunder attack.

Hey, Jinguang opened, and the scene of horror appeared. The golden fist was actually the big hand of Chen Jiutong, and he went to his body.


Chen Jiutong was incredible, and his eyes were round and round.

However, as the Great Heaven Offering powerhouse, he has fought many battles in his life, and his instinctive reaction has even surpassed consciousness, and his right hand is in front of him.

Hey, the golden fist hit, but it was impossible to break Chen Jitong’s hand.


However, Chen Jiutong’s face is ugly.

Because of his hand, there was a bloody mark.

Boomed out by Shi Hao.

This weak scum in his eyes actually hurt him!

How can you feel it?

I was beaten again.

what happened?

Chen Jiu-tong stared at Shi Hao. The breath that this person exudes is the Spirit Mending Temple. It can fly and have a domain. This is clearly Great Heaven Offering. So, is it Great Heaven Offering or Spirit Mending Temple?

If it is Great Heaven Offering, then this power is too weak, but if it is Spirit Mending Temple, this power is outrageous.

And, why does Spirit Mending Temple have the power of Great Heaven Offering?

Also, the other party was able to penetrate his defense, which was terrible, and he could not understand.

This kid is a mystery.

I saw my own ancestors wounded and bleed, although the injury was very slight, but the Chen family people underneath were shocked and numb.

Was the old ancestor actually injured by Shi Hao?

The sky will collapse.

Is the Chen family going to die?

When the war broke out, the two giants of the city and the floods were naturally discovered. The two Great Heaven Offering powerhouses were all in the air, watching the battle.

“Hong brother, is this kid a Spirit Mending Temple… or Great Heaven Offering?”

“This, the old man can’t say it.”

The two powerhouses exchanged opinions, but they did not understand Shi Hao’s cultivation base.

How can there be such a monster in the world?

Shi Hao is somewhat sighed. Great Heaven Offering is a qualitative change in the level of life. This attack hits Chen Jiutong and does not prepare it. He also uses the two treasures of the source and the mother of gold, but still only Chen Jitong. Wounded a little bit.

The power of Great Heaven Offering is evident.

Come again!

He shouted and killed again.

Purple Thunder Spear.

He raised his right hand and blew a purple thunder.

Chen Jiutong sneered, no fear of welcoming.


Purple Thunder Spear burst into shattered light, but it was impossible to break Chen Jiutong’s defense. Under the brilliance, Chen Jiutong had a god, and it was unstoppable.

Really so powerful?

Shi Hao reached out and a mysterious force condensed at his fingertips, turning into a light spot, bright and dazzling, so that everyone’s eyes must be smashed in general, and only one such light can be seen.

God of War refers!

Chen Jiutong stopped suddenly. He sensed that if Shi Hao slammed, he had the ability to hit or kill him.

God, what kind of freak this is, obviously weak, but with all kinds of means and tricks, can actually threaten him!

Hey, Shi Hao is out.

Suddenly, the terrible light beam hits, and the heavens and the earth seem to be illuminated.

Chen Jiutong, who dared to harden, quickly wanted to hide.

Can you hide so easily, is this still a fairy?

When Shi Hao’s Soul locked him up, he was doomed to be unable to avoid it.

Ren Chen Jiutong changed his body shape, and this beam of light was accompanied by shadow, and it was getting closer.

Even the longer the time interval, the power of this finger has not weakened, but it is still strengthening.

I took a rub!

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