Chen Jiutong could not let the power of this finger continue to strengthen.

He had to go back and face the blow.

“Breaken!” He screamed and ran out of all power.


A big bang occurred in the sky, and the power of terror oscillated and turned into a wave of shocks that radiated into the sky.

Chen Jiutong’s appearance is awkward, his clothes are ragged, his hair is messy, and his mouth is still bloody, but this big move is finally blocked.

Great Heaven Offering, it’s too strong.

Shi Hao feels that unless he launches Overturning Heaven Seal in close proximity, it is possible to kill Chen Jiutong. However, if he is so close to the bomb, he may also eat the other party’s desperate blow, which is not a joke.

The key is, will the other party give him a close opportunity?

The higher the realm, the less likely it is to give opponents a close chance, because like Talisman Soldier, you need to be close to you to play, so that unless you are a Heavenly Foundation Stairway, you are not a powerhouse. It will make people close.

This is not timid, but the caution that Martial Artist should have.

“Damn little pawn!” Chen Jiu-tong gnashed his teeth. He already knew that the Great Heaven Offering of Ji and Hong were watching the battle, and the bottom of the story was estimated to be in the eyes of the whole city.

He was so stunned by a hairy boy, what majesty is there in the future?

Be sure to kill this kid.

Chen Jiutong’s body is full of boiling light, as if the whole person is burning.

He killed Shi Hao, and he did not hesitate to pay for it. He also wanted to kill Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn’t mean to pick it up again. His body flashed and he killed the Chen family.

He does have a lot of tricks, such as Fire Burning the Firmament, such as manipulating time, but these don’t kill a Great Heaven Offering powerhouse.

Without him, the realm is really too low.

In this case, he will not waste time with the other side.

“You dare!” Seeing Shi Hao staring at his own junior, Chen Jiutong suddenly angered and rushed to the crown, screaming and chasing Shi Hao.

He was faster, and immediately caught up with Shi Hao.

Shi Hao is also not afraid of him, he is against him, while he continues to approach the Chen family.

This makes the Chen family people scared.

They are all normal people, which one can withstand the aftermath of Great Heaven Offering?

This kid is so insidious that he has to kill them in this way.

“The ancestors saved lives!”

“Old ancestors!”

They all shouted, can only expect the ancestors to block Shi Hao and protect themselves.

Although Chen Jiutong is superior in combat power, he can never crush Shi Hao’s strength. If he wants to stress Shi Hao and protect the people, it is completely impossible.

He immediately said: “Ji brother, Hong brother, you are holding the juniors for the old man. When the matter is over, the old man will have a thank you.”

He said that Ji Xiong and Hong Xiong are of course the Great Heaven Offering powerhouse of Ji and Hong.

The two had planned to watch the drama, but since Chen Jiutong had asked for help, they could not be pretending to be dumb.

However, before they acted, Shi Hao’s voice rang.

“Two, this matter has nothing to do with you. If you have to intervene, then I will kill your family immediately, and see people kill!”

When the words came out, the two men stopped the action.

This is a big threat.

Chen Jiutong quickly said: “I will wait for the three to join hands and will kill this child forever.”

Shi Hao laughed: “You can try it, but if you can’t kill me, then I promise that except for the three of you, all of your family will be killed by me.”

Ji and Hong are hesitating again. They want to kill a Great Heaven Offering. Even if it is slag, it is very difficult. And a Great Heaven Offering, if you ignore your face, put down your body and start assassination, then you have How many Casting King Hall, Spirit Mending Temple, and iron will die.

The key point is that this has nothing to do with the family. Why do you have to smash this drowning?


Ji and Hong have another layer of thought: If Shi Hao kills the Chen family, then there is only Chen Ji’s same person, can the other party continue to mix in the city?

The bachelor commander has a wool thread.

Therefore, by then Chen Jiutong will only have to leave, and the business that Chen family is now controlling will be divided into quarters and Hong. What kind of beauty can anyone refuse?

Thinking of this, the thoughts of Ji and Hong are even more determined.

Do not shoot, resolutely not shot.

Chen Jiutong was angry and helpless. Although the Chen family was a ten-star force, he could not move out of the rescue.


A family can’t resist it, and it was smashed by the aftermath of the power of the two powerhouses.

This is Chen Jitong’s grandson and has been repaired to Casting King Hall.

Chen Jiutong issued a wolverine roar and shouted: “The erect, Chen family and you complain about why you hate, why are you so aggressive and killing?”

Shi Hao stunned: “In order to keep the family scandal, you will not hesitate to slaughter a town. What kind of resentment do you have with the townspeople? Why do you want to kill these innocent people?”

“District people, can you compare with my Chen family?” Chen Jiutong gritted his teeth, just because of such a reason?

The noble blood of their Chen family, actually want to pay for these people?

Shi Hao snorted: “The townspeople are the untouchables in your eyes, and you Chen family, these hangmans, in my eyes, what is the difference between mele crickets and ants? I will not wrinkle my brows when I die.”

“You are not afraid to chase for my Chen family?” Chen Jiutong can only make a killer.

The main family Chen family, the ten-star power!

“Oh.” Shi Hao just sneered, if he said that there is a Heavenly Foundation Stairway, I can’t wait to eat his flesh and blood, I wonder if Chen Jiutong will scare him to death?

More debts!

Besides, even if the Chen family is alarmed, will the Heavenly Foundation Stairway be able to chase down a Spirit Mending Temple and kill Great Heaven Offering?

Not afraid of shame?

– Double flower sage is certainly not afraid of shame, because his face has already been crushed by Shi Hao.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

As the Chen family people hold their heads and squirrels, Shi Hao’s speed is faster, easy to catch up, and the aftermath of the battle is lifted to ensure death.

After a while, the big Chen family has been razed to the ground, and the Chen family… as long as the cultivation base exceeds the Reaching Limit, all dead.

“Old man, don’t play with you.” Shi Hao shouted and turned away. “Your head will be sent to your neck first, wait for the less cultivation base to go further.”

Chen Jiutong’s eyes are red, and the Chen family is almost killed. You still want to run?


He broke out and followed Shi Hao closely.

However, Shi Hao’s means of getting away too much, going to the forest and drilling into the immortal mansion, how could Chen Jiutong catch up?

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