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Chen Jiu was stunned at the disappearance of Shi Hao and refused to leave.


– The Purple Rat also scored 30%. When Shi Hao was evacuated, he had already followed.


Two days later, Shi Hao stopped.


Taking another step, he can ignite the incense and ignite the incense. This is called the real Spirit Mending Temple, and the combat power is completely different.


At that time, he really has to fight against Great Heaven Offering. At least one sacrifice, or even two sacrifices, can be suppressed, not just rivals.


The phoenix grass has been refining, and it is time to go.


Chen Jiutong naturally left, and within these two days, he dug the area three feet, and the search was extremely careful.


“Will the maiden gun run?” said the Purple Rat.


They set off and headed for the town.


One day later, Shi Hao found him in the old house of the gun.


“Thank you.” The enchanting man took a sigh of Shi Hao, then took out a box and handed it over to Shi Hao.


“I want to follow you, even if you are a cow, you must also see Chen Jiutong and the old man give the first!” The enchanting man suddenly said.


“You don’t have to, I promise you, as long as the cultivation base goes further, you must kill Chen Jiutong for you.” Shi Hao quickly fled.


Just kidding, every day against such a enchanting man, his eyes will be smashed.


The purple rat is laughing, the wicked have their own evil people, and this is Shi Hao’s weakness. Well, it understands.


Shi Hao turns and meets Shifeng.


– Why does Shi Hao not trade directly with people?


In fact, if he publishes a message, the spread does not know how many times larger than Little Black.


The problem is that he has offended the double flower sage in the dead. Once he publicly appeared in Void Realm and talked about business with people, wouldn’t he let him ambush him?


“If you know it, you will be lighter at the beginning.” Shi Hao muttered.


However, even if he can come back again, Shi Hao will do the same.


Going all the way, he felt the pressure of getting stronger, but the Soul force flowed, and he slammed down.


Rao is so, he is also very hard, even if the Soul body has sweat.


Although Void Realm’s name carries a “virtual” word, it is actually very real.


– But now, this weak slag actually has to be on an equal footing with him, and it is naturally a shame.


“Where is your name written on the road, can someone else go?” He is not the one who is willing to suffer, and immediately retorted.


The young man laughed: “Hello, you are so courageous, even I dare to marry? My name is Ba Pengfei, now you dare to be arrogant?”


He is not only the first person in the younger generation, but also in the Void Realm. He is ranked 91st in the battle list under the age of 100.


Although it is only ninety-one, and there is a limit of one hundred years old, this statistical range is the whole star, which is enough to prove that he is strong.


How does Shi Hao know how much he ranks?


Besides, even if you know what it is, even Shi Zhong will have a battle. Can you be more competitive than Shi Zhong?


You are arrogant, how is the person who breaks the record is not you?


Otherwise, he can completely ignore the Great Heaven Offering of a sacrifice. How could it be so difficult?


Ba Pengfei could not help but blow up. You are a weak scum, actually dare to ridicule me?


By that time, this guy didn’t know how many people were going to be jokes.


Yes, he began to call friends and friends, let everyone come to see the fun.


– In Void Realm, as long as you are friends, then both parties can communicate easily in Void Realm.


The exchanges like Shi Hao and Shi Zhong were the most stupid, but of course they were the most shocking.


Not long after, many people ran over.


Therefore, this possibility they do not consider at all.


“Weak slag!”


“Hey, maybe it will be defeated by Spirit Mending Temple, creating an age record.”


“Hey, how can such a person sacrifice a success?”


“It can only be said that God has no eyes.”


Shi Hao ignored it, but walked step by step. Although the pace was difficult, it was calm.


Near, near!




Suddenly, a huge monument descended from the sky and appeared in front of Shi Hao.


“The first person in the high realm area, Asura, with a low level.”


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