Rely on, and broke the record.

Shi Hao is stunned, is there such a record?

The people around are all stupid, and all of them are open-mouthed. If they are not Soul now, it is estimated that there will be saliva.

Fuck, how is it possible!

This is really a record of destroying the past ten years, and a low-level Martial Artist has actually entered the high realm area.

No, maybe not a million years, but a million years!

Throughout history, I have never heard of such a monster!

And, Asura!

This guy who has disappeared for a long time has actually appeared again.

Yes, it is said to break such a long-term record, and should be Asura such a demon genius, how could it be a cat and a dog?

Ba Pengfei’s face was red and white. Here is the Void Realm. The body is formed by Soul, so the mood changes are unobtrusive.

He Mad.

He actually mocked Asura.

You know, even if his reputation is not weak, genius is incomparable, compared with Asura, the gap is not one and a half points – even if he is Great Heaven Offering, Asura is only Spirit Mending Temple.

At Void Realm, it is only Shi Zhong that is recognized to be able to compete with Asura.

Obviously, Shi Zhong is even better, and people are already Great Heaven.

But does he fly?

Not worthy!

Therefore, his previous irony of Shi Hao has naturally become a joke.

Yes, it is very difficult for people to travel, but the problem is that people are just Spirit Mending Temple!

People don’t have to pay attention to him, just break a record and make his face red.

Brush, a glowing fruit falls in the sky.

Shi Hao reached out and took it, hey, this is too fruitful.

Don’t give iron books?

Shi Hao really wants to get a powerhouse experience like “On the knife road”, but he didn’t give it to him when he wanted it.

He immediately slammed his mouth open, or let the purple golden rat know, this guy will certainly not give up, how to share some benefits.

“Asura is here!”

“Hey, how did you change the look?”


“Oh, I think it is because I have offended the double flower sage, I dare not show up in the true face.”

“Unfortunately, it is estimated that he himself did not think that there is such a record, directly exposing his true identity.”

“It is estimated that he is also very depressed.”

“Hey, if I can break the record, I don’t care about this kind of depression.”

“You can try to break the record of the thickest face.”

After the shock, everyone said it. Anyway, everyone here is Great Heaven Offering. It is much stronger than Shi Hao. Naturally, I am not afraid to make jokes.

Is it difficult for Shi Hao to challenge them?

Shi Hao sighed and restored his original appearance.

– The identity has been dismantled, what is the meaning of disguising it?

“Asura, can you dare to fight?” Ba Pengfei suddenly called.

Shi Hao is amazed, you have a Great Heaven Offering to challenge me this Spirit Mending Temple?

Are you so funny?

“Do you not feel guilty?” Shi Hao laughed.

“What is my guilty conscience?” Ba Pengfei sneered. “This is the Great Heaven Offering area. If you stand here, it means that you are Great Heaven Offering, the same level of war, why not?”

Rely on, underestimate your shamelessness.

If there is no embarrassment in your eyes, there may be a monument here. It clearly says that Shi Hao entered the high realm area with a low level.

Have you turned a blind eye?

If you have an informed person, everyone will understand.

It turned out that Ba Pengfei ridiculed Asura before, but the result was terrible. Now it must be too late to face, so it will deliberately provoke, if Asura is defeated, he is not likely to recover any face, but the image of Asura invincible must also be hit.

It’s really a low person, and my heart is narrow. How did such a person get to the Great Heaven Offering?

Shi Hao… How to pick up?

“You refreshed my lower limit on shameless cognition.” Shi Hao shook his head. “I am stupid to play with you.”

He was embarrassed about the Great Heaven Offering of the last sacrifice, and the other side entered the Great Heaven Offering so young, obviously genius level, so if he fights with the other side, he will naturally lose.

“But!” Shi Hao’s eyes swept away, but he smiled. “I can send a servant to compete with you.”


Ba Pengfei could not help but be furious. You are a Spirit Mending Temple. I am not worthy of a challenge?

Shi Hao waved to a place: “Blood bat, you come to play for this!”


Among the crowd, the blood bat looks strange.

Feelings, are you a servant who is me?

He is a fairy, is you a small Spirit Mending Temple that can be accepted as a servant?

However, Xian Wang!

He immediately glimpsed in the heart, what is the existence of high above?

If you can have a good relationship with Shi Hao, then he can not only return to Immortal World, but even arrogant, killing the enemy!

If he said that he had only doubted the letter, there was some doubt, but he did not want to risk the slightest risk of the king. He certainly would not give in. He was blackmailed by Shi Hao for a spiral medicine, but now he entered the Void Realm. I have a good understanding of Shi Hao.

– If you are not a descendant of the immortal, dare to slap a Heavenly Foundation Stairway?

Ok, this person he sold.

The blood bat strode out and said: “The little mortal, and dare to challenge the Asura Lord, is really daring!”


Everyone is a glimpse, and Shi Hao does not brag. There is really a servant of Great Heaven Offering.

This… is amazing.

Great Heaven Offering breaks through the original level of life, and it is not an exaggeration to call it a mortal in the eyes of mortals. How can such a existence be a servant?

It’s not enough to beat it. At most, it’s a subordinate, but a servant?

Only the true giants have such a profound heritage that Great Heaven is a servant.

Therefore, Shi Hao is also a descendant of the Heavenly Foundation Stairway, even at the absolute level, so there is no fear of double-flowered people, all the face of the other side is destroyed.

Then he is a brilliant and powerful descendant. The secret kung fu has done so well, I have never heard of it before.

Ba Pengfei looked at the blood bat, his brow was slightly wrinkled.

This opponent, he can’t see through.

Although they are all Soul bodies, they don’t have the breath they should have, but reaching his height will have an intuitive sense of the strength of the opponent.

But in the blood bat, he can’t sense anything.


He didn’t dare to care about it. The challenge was initiated by him. If he lost, it would be too shameful.

“Come on!” Ba Pengfei strode out, he must first smash the bat, and then “kill” Shi Hao, even if it only hurts the other’s Soul force, he also feels happy.


Just kidding, you are still being chased by the double flower lord, first solve this big trouble.

The blood bats are disdainful. Although the cultivation environment of Immortal World is much better, the difficulty of rushing to the Heavenly Foundation Stairway is ten times smaller than that of the real world. The difficulty of becoming immortal is not diminished.

Therefore, he is able to achieve immortality, how is his talent?

This kind of weak slag, he can play ten.

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