Moreover, if the double flower sages do not dig up the real body of Shi Hao and Shi Zhong, it is conceivable that Shi Hao and Shi Zhong will arrive at the Ascending Saint Position and the level of the sky. In Void Realm, he still has to be violent. beat.

Waiting for the Heavenly Foundation Stairway?

Oh, no matter whether it is Void Realm or the real world, do you double dare to appear in front of this pair of brothers?

Looking for death.

Standing on the side of the isolated section of the two areas of Void Realm, Shi Hao and Shi Zhong look at each other.

“After more than 20 years, is the family brother still okay?” Shi Zhong asked, his tone was strong.

Others listened, and I must think that Shi Zhong’s brotherhood is very deep and I miss Shi Hao very much.

Shi Hao smiled a little: “I am fine, let you down.”

“What disappointment do I have?” Shi Zhong laughed. “You brother, you have always regarded me as an enemy. In my heart, you are just a child who is not sensible. Brother, you and me are all forever. The strongest genius, the eyes are not allowed to be confined to this narrow place.”

“Do you know how big Immortal World is?”

“That’s where my generation is going to gallop!”

Shi Hao shook his head: “Immortal World, I will go naturally, but before that, I need your life to pay homage to my mother!”

Shi Zhong sighed: “Even if you want the Shi Country, I can also give up, but… Hey!”

He is a wayward Shi Hao, and he is a humiliating and serious brother.

Shi Hao laughed and pointed to his feet: “Shi Zhong, don’t talk about these nonsense, dare to come over, we will fight in the same rank, see who destroys who!”

Shi Zhong is still in the air: “We are a family, and when we are friendly, don’t do foolish things that make loved ones hurt and the enemy is fast.”

“Don’t dare not dare, there are so many nonsense!” Shi Hao said.

Shi Zhong is no longer tolerant, and the hair is fluttering, and it looks wild and uninhibited: “You still have a good cultivation, I am here waiting for you to challenge! However, you have to hurry, after I finish the five sacrifices, I will break through Ascending Saint. Position.”

This person can bear it!

Shi Hao immediately made judgments in his heart. In fact, Shi Zhong was also enchanting and broke all the records of Great Heaven Offering. Therefore, if he is a war of the same level, he will not lose.

Shi Zhong is obviously not willing to take risks. He waits for Shi Hao at Great Heaven Offering, and Shi Hao enters this area, and he will make a sacrifice to Shi Hao with the cultivation base of the Fourth Festival or even the Five Festivals.

The same is a peerless enchanting, he has three or even four times the advantage of sacrifice, is it still uncertain?

So why bother to take risks?

Genius like them, they are all invincible. When the same level of war is swept across all opponents, if they lose, their confidence is a huge blow.

“If you are confident that you are invincible, why are you afraid of a fight now?” Shi Hao continues to provoke.

Shi Zhong smiles: “You brother, you still have a good cultivation, I hope that your cultivation base can catch up with me.”

When it comes to such a thing, naturally there is no meaning to continue.

Shi Hao stared at Shi Zhong for a while, turned decisively and strode away.

He wants to upgrade the cultivation base as soon as possible, then enter the Great Heaven Offering area and catch Shi Zhong 揍 until he finds the other person’s true body and kills the person.

Killing the mother’s hatred, not wearing the sky.

Also, Shi Zhong will enter Ascending Saint Position after five sacrifices?

Shi Hao doesn’t believe it!

For others, the five sacrifices are not good. You see, the Heavenly Foundation Stairway can only be completed four times.

Five times, naturally it broke the limit.

Shi Hao knows that Shifeng is a five-time sacrifice, and Shi Zhong’s talent is still on Shifeng. The five sacrifices are not necessarily the limit.

Originally he was only skeptical, but now Shi Zhong said so, he was definitely.

– The goal of the other party is more than five sacrifices.

Six or even seven times.

But why does Shi Zhong want to deceive himself?

This is why he wants to paralyze Shi Hao and let the other party reach the Ascending Saint Position after reaching the fifth festival.

This of course has a premise, before they have not played, or were born and died.

As a result, Shi Zhong has an advantage.

This person is really not to be underestimated.

Obviously, it is a fascinating eternal eternal sorrow, but it is cautious and unremarkable. It does not play with the unpredictable ambiguity. Moreover, it is better to have a clear realm, but it still has to dig a hole for Shi Hao. What kind of deliberation is it, and the mind is deep?

This made Shi Hao think of a person.

Thousands of real people.

These two people are quite similar.

It is no wonder that Shi Huayun wants to help Shi Zhong. Is this a gift from a thousand people?

But why not let Shi Huayun directly kill himself and solve a hidden danger for Shi Zhong?

Is Shi Huayun the Heavenly Foundation Stairway that cares about Shi Country?

Shi Hao thought a little big and decided to come out of Void Realm first.

I think that so much is virtual, only the promotion of strength is king.

“Young Master Shi, we found out the whereabouts of a spiral medicine.” Just when he was about to quit, Yue Feifei contacted him and sent a message.

“Which one is it?” Shi Hao asked.

“Guiyuanguo!” said Yue Feifei.

Shi Hao nodded: “Send specific information.”

After looking at the information, Shi Hao decided to leave.

Target, including moon stars.

One seller is willing to sell the returning fruit, and the request is a Cultural Technique, eight Star level.

This asking price is not low, but Shi Hao has a lot of High Level Cleaning Technique in his hands, not to mention the eight stars, that is, he does not care about the ten-star effort.

– Give you the high rank Cultivation Technique, can you really repair the corresponding realm?

If it’s that simple, then the world is full of Heavenly Foundation Stairway.

Want to climb to Martial Dao peak, talent, Culture Technique, resources, luck, all indispensable.

Or Shi Feng father and son plus purple gold rats, they crossed the stars, two days later came to the moon.

The mysterious person who slammed the double flower sage in Void Realm was naturally Shi Feng.

Shi Hao is easy to change, went to wear Yunlou.

Although the name is domineering, it is actually just a restaurant, but its background is really extraordinary.

Because the Master of the restaurant is a great man.

This powerful hobby is to eat, not only to eat by himself, but also to cook for others.

Therefore, he simply opened a restaurant.


It’s not hot enough.

The sky is great, what kind of person is this, who doesn’t want to hold a thigh?

Therefore, if you want to go through the cloud building, you can do it without spending money. You have to make an appointment a few days in advance, otherwise there is definitely no place.

Since the other party about Shi Hao met in the Yunlou, it was definitely an appointment, Shi Hao entered the door, and immediately a small two greeted him.

“Guest, do you have an appointment, or do you have an appointment, come to the appointment?”

“I came to the appointment, Master surnamed Valley.” Shi Hao said.

“It turned out to be a friend of Gu Shao.” Xiao Er quickly said, “Please, please.”

Xiao Er took Shi Hao upstairs and entered a box.

After he invited Shi Hao in, he closed the door and left.

Shi Hao’s eyes swept away, hey, isn’t that right?

There is actually a person inside the table.

Talking about this kind of transaction, people don’t be be less, the better, the better?

Moreover, this table is obviously a scorpion, one by one.

“Who are you?” A young man stood up and asked Shi Hao.

Shi Hao smiled a little: “Sorry, I went wrong.”

“Wrong?” The young man did not follow. He sat in the main position, a blue suit, and sneered. “This is a box. You don’t quote a few names. Will you take you over?”

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