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This makes sense.


Not stupid.


Shi Hao knows that he must have been counted by others, but he can’t explain this misunderstanding.


In Void Realm, communication can be anonymous, such as the September fruit of the previous transaction, Shi Hao does not know what the enchanting man called.


Of course, he is also completely uninterested to know.


He smiled a little: “Do not bother you to eat.”


After that, he quit the box.


But the other party clearly stated the appearance of Guiyuanguo, so the other party has at least seen the returning fruit.


However, he just walked out of the door of the restaurant and saw all the scorpions in the box before they ran out.


“Kid, do you want to run?” The black clothed Chinese man snorted. “You don’t bother to ask, who is Gushan?”


Shi Hao sighed and said: “I am disturbing first. It is indeed that I am rash, but I have already said hello, you have to be aggressive?”


“What about that?” Gu Shan sneered with a cold smile. “You disturbed the interest of Ben, how can you leave such a good thing! Kneel down, sincerely apologize!”


Shi Hao raised his eyebrows and revealed a smile: “Do you have to make small things big?”


“Hey, you still threaten the valley to come!” Another young man opened his mouth and was in red. He strode toward Shi Hao. “I will wake you up!”




A burst of sound, but Shi Hao shot, after the first and foremost, drawn on the face of the red youth, forceful, directly let the other’s head turn around the neck for more than a dozen.


This bone, skin, where there are so many circles, suddenly broken.


A man fell to the ground, stopped after a few laps, his face sneered, and a hint of surprise and fear that had just arisen.




The whole audience is dead.


This person is very good at not only taking people’s lives, but also in such a hegemonic way.


“You, you, you-” Gu Shantong pointed to Shi Hao, but he was guilty. His strength is similar to that of the red-shirted youth. Therefore, if he is against Shi Hao, he will not escape the fate of being killed by a blow. .


The key point is that the scene just was terrible. The head turned around for more than a dozen laps on the neck and then fell. Every time I remembered, I had to have a nightmare.


“You are dead!” Gu Shantong finally finished talking, but he is the Young Master of the Valley, how can it be lost?


Boom, he waved his fist. Under the attack, Gu Shan immediately collapsed and turned into blood rain.


“Dare!” At this moment, only heard a roar from afar, and then saw a person leap, the speed is amazing, hey, a few ups and downs, it has already come to Shi Hao.


This is a man who looks like a 30-year-old man. The looks are similar to those of Gu Shan, but the strength is not comparable to that of Gu Shan.


“How dare you kill my brother!” The man said, murderous.


Shi Hao shrugged: “The killing is killing, is it nonsense to say such a nonsense?”


“Good! Good!” The man sneered twice. “You not only make a fate, but I will never let you die so easily, but try to make the most pain in the world!”


At this point, there have been a lot of people gathered in the streets, and there is no point in talking.


“This man is so courageous that he actually killed Gushan.”


“I don’t know if he is a younger brother of Gu Jianyun?”


“Although Gushan is the same, his brother is a super genius. He is worshipped by the four waters. The future is boundless. It is a great thing for Great Heaven Offering. Even Ascending Saint Position is expected.”


“So, this young man is too stupid! It is said that the strong dragon does not crush the head snake, he not only provokes trouble, but also makes Gu Jianyun.”


Gu Jianyun shouted and killed Shi Hao.


He wants to take this madman and then use the most cruel party –




As soon as he heard a sound, Gu Jianyun saw an iron fist and slammed it toward himself, and then he suddenly lost consciousness.


Around the crowd, everyone was scared.


What did they see?


Gu Jianyun was shot by a fist, and the whole person turned into blood rain.


This young man is too strong.


Although the Gujia brothers were killed, Shi Hao was also used as a spear.


Before Hao Gu’s family had not reacted, Shi Hao was already far away.


He did a little understanding of the Gu family.


Then I got more information from Yue Feifei. I was in contact with a man who called “Little White”. Because in the Void Realm, everything can be disguised, so there is no clue.


Gu Jianyun has already run very fast, but he can’t stop the death of Gu Shan.


Therefore, this Little White wants to use Shi Hao to kill Gu Shantong. As for whether Shi Hao is killed or killed by Gu Jianyun, he will not care at all, and it is impossible to expose him anyway.


Unexpectedly, Shi Hao was too fierce, and Gu Jianyun was bombarded, and this made big things come.


Not only is he unwilling to be used by others, but also the returning fruit!


The problem is that the Void Realm gadget is really good for hiding the identity. How can he find this Little White?


First of all, this person must have a hatred with Gu Shan, and he will kill him with a knife.


However, when Shi Hao investigated the enemy of Gu Shan, he was straight.


This is a jealousy, and what are the characteristics of the deaf children?


This Gushan’s enemies can be said to be everywhere, and only if they are motivated, at least half of the people in the city are suspects.


I took the rub.


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