SEA Chapter 781

The letter is worth pursuing.

He is the grandson of the double flower sage. If he met Shi Hao but did not take him down, would he still be willing to see the double flower sage?

Not afraid to be photographed as a patties?

Therefore, the letter is a must.

He does have such confidence, because he is the existence of the second sacrifice, and the combat power is comparable to the three sacrifices, both strength and speed, above Shi Hao.

He quickly pulled closer to Shi Hao, and when the distance between the two sides was only within a hundred feet, he shot.


With one palm shot, the big hand turned into a golden mountain and pressed against Shi Hao.

In fact, his domain range can be as large as it is, and within this range, it is his effective attack. However, if the distance is too far, the attack power will be attenuated. If you want to threaten the enchanting Shi Hao, you must bring the distance closer to the limit.

Besides, the attack is played, and Shi Hao is also running. How fast is his speed, it is easy to run out of distance.

This shot, Shi Hao can’t hide.

Shi Hao snorted and kicked his fists and slammed toward the golden mountain.


“Looking for death!” The letter was sneer, and this shot did not stop at all, until the power of the Three Sacrifices was slammed, ensuring that Shi Hao was to be hit hard.

Card, there was a crack in the golden mountain, and then it broke.

Shi Hao turned around and continued to run.


Printed a letter, Shi Hao actually solved his attack?

Moreover, he is still unscathed and alive and kicking?

how can that be possible?

He quickly chased it up, and this must have been used by Shi Hao, and such a big move could never be used.

In fact, don’t look at Shi Hao’s only two punches. In fact, it uses the power of the source, the power of gold, and the guardian of the stars and the black hole to swallow. This will completely resolve this blow and it will be harmless.

However, the Galaxy was broken and the black hole was saturated. It could not be a second time in a short time.

The battle of the Three Sacrifices is really strong.

Shi Hao also had to take it, then he ran faster.

The letter was once again close, but a fog opened his eyes and blocked his gaze.

Nebula law!


The letter rushed out of the fog, but found that he was stunned by the unconscious, farther away from Shi Hao.


His eyes are full of light, and Shi Hao must have hidden many secret treasures. Otherwise, the other party is only a Spirit Mending Temple. How can there be so many means?

If you take Shi Hao’s words, the harvest is probably not as small as the rewards given by the ancestors, and even far exceeds.

For a moment, he was arrogant.

“You can’t run!” He sneered, chasing Shi Hao again.

Not long after, he was close.

Shi Hao re-applied, and released the nebula fog.

The letter opened the domain and carefully sensed it.

Hey, he has already checked the hole.

Hey, his figure flew out of the fog, and sure enough, the direction was correct this time, however, his face was still changing.

Because his distance from Shi Hao has widened again.

– Just now, he was observing the fog with his heart, so the pace slowed down involuntarily, and the result was naturally opened by Shi Hao.

The fog of the nebula is so powerful, even if you can crack it, it still has to be affected.


The letter screamed and continued to pursue.

He followed Shi Hao for the third time.

“Dead!” He shouted, his body leaping high, and all of them were purple lightning.

He was really moving, showing the heart of Shi Hao.

The fog is once again swaying, and the eyesight and the sense of the gods are all lost.

The letter is actually fearless. He is now full of all the fighting power. If there is a humanoid war machine, don’t say that Shi Hao is just close to the sacrifice of a sacrifice. It’s really a sacrifice and a sacrifice. The part that was blasted by him.

Hey, his figure is falling, the purple lightning bursts, and the fog is all coming out of a vacuum area.

However, the distance is only ten feet, and then the fog is revived, and he is surrounded again.

A blow failed.

The letter did not move again, but opened the domain, capturing the whereabouts of Shi Hao.

Find – rely!

Among the domain, he is God, which is opposite to the Nebula law. Therefore, whether he can examine everything or be blinded depends entirely on his strength with Shi Hao.

He is strong, and naturally he can break through the fog, but it takes a little bit of time.

Now, he has re-captured Shi Hao, but to his shock, the other party is actually killing himself.

Distance is only ten feet!

This kid actually uses the fog to cover up and take the initiative to shoot?

Haha, you are looking for death!

The letter went back and slammed it out and slammed it toward Shi Hao.

Between the haste, he couldn’t use the big move, but it doesn’t matter. He is the force of the three sacrifices. The ordinary attack is for Shi Hao, that is the big move!

Boom, a palm shot, terrible inexplicable.

Shi Hao is also screaming, Overturning Heaven Seal.

This is his strongest outbreak.


The letter is also moving, the District Spirit Mending Temple can actually hit the three-level attack, the monster in the monster.

A blow to the bang, the letter was suddenly stunned, and then retreated, the right hand is bloody.

Shi Hao hit him and injured him.

But it was only a minor injury, and some blood was flown. After all, he was the fighting power of the Three Sacrifices, and it was enough for him to injure him with the same level of combat power.

Shi Hao sighed, he attacked with Overturning Heaven Seal, and even smashed a one-powerhouse, but he could write on the letter… No! Even if he does not hesitate to spend time on the liquid, hundreds of hits, even a few thousand hits may not kill each other.

There is not much time for the liquid.

Then don’t play with you.

Shi Hao flashed into the immortal mansion.

At this time, the volatility of the battle force is so strong that it is impossible to detect it.

Therefore, when the fog dissipates and the fighting volatility subsides, only the letter is left alone.

His face was blank and Shi Hao ran away?

No, he clearly did not capture any traces of the disappearance of the other party.

He opened the domain and looked for it carefully, but nothing was found.

After half a whistle, he had to admit that Shi Hao ran away with something he didn’t know.

“I will find you!” he whispered, seeming to say to Shi Hao, and seemed to say to himself.

Hey, he went away and disappeared immediately.

Among the immortal mansion, Shi Hao was lying flat and steady. He didn’t use the time fluid to recover quickly. He was sure to ambush him in the vicinity, so he didn’t have to worry.

You have to wait, then wait.

After a small half day, he has returned to a complete state, but still does not have an immortal mansion, but continues to understand the source.

This doorway, expounding the nature of heaven and earth, is really too strong.

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