SEA Chapter 782

Shi Hao has not yet admired anyone.

Even if Old Man Gu was so arrogant, let myriad sects come, Shi Hao is not moving, and believes that if he becomes Heavenly Foundation Stairway, he can do it.

Among the Purple Blue Secret Realm, he broke the record of Old Man Gu and became the first in the ages.

This is also evidence, the same level of World War I, Old Man Gu is not his opponent.

Shi Hao is deeply impressed by the ancestors who wrote this source.

The more he studies, the more he feels that this path is profound and profound. Although he does not teach cultivation, it is one hundred times and one thousand times more than any Culture Technique.

Fighting with the powerhouse, and turning back to enlighten the source, Shi Hao had a little more insight. Unconsciously, he stayed at the immortal mansion for five days and forgot the passage of time.

He is still trying to finish, after the immortal mansion, continue to hurry.

At this point, I believe that there is no patience to wait for the letter, and naturally it is impossible to kill it halfway.

He came to the transmission array, and after paying the fee, he had to open the transmission.

“Asura!” The sound of gnashing his teeth sounded, and only when the letter fell from the air, he had to catch it toward Shi Hao.

Hey, this guy hasn’t left yet?

Shi Hao smiled slightly, his hands were behind him, and there was no such thing as a dodge.


The letter’s attack has not been defeated, and someone will see it and go to the letter.

A loud noise, the letter was suddenly shaken out.

“The empire is heavy, let you let go?” a voice said coldly.

The letter was painted and fell, and it was not frowned. He said: “In the next letter, the double flower is the master of my ancestors. Under the command of the ancestors, I took a murderer and asked the seniors to get together.”

The shot is the Ascending Saint Position, so he is not at all arrogant.

The power did not show up, and there was no pause. Immediately: “This seat is who you are, and you don’t have a hand in the transmission area. This is the rule, no one can destroy it!”

“Read your first offense, don’t hold it to you, but if there is a Passover, this seat will make you regret it.”

– If you change someone, you can never be so cheap, but it is a grandson of the double flower sage, and you can naturally receive special treatment.

Privilege, everywhere.

Although the letter is not bad, can you turn over with an Ascending Saint Position powerhouse?

Besides, this is the imperial dynasty. The royal family also has the Heavenly Foundation Stairway. If he is stubborn, it is also a white death. Is there any reason for the double flower to come to trouble?

Of course, if there is no Heavenly Foundation Stairway, then the Double Flower Supreme will definitely want to say something, because the powerhouse is not to be guilty.

The letter had to wait, when the transmission array could be used again, he quickly entered and chased Shi Hao.

But this time, I have delayed at least the rest of the time. When he came to the new star, he naturally had no shadow of Shi Hao.

“You can’t run!” The letter sneered, opening the domain, capturing the lingering scent of Shi Hao. After a moment, he sneered and immediately pursued.

After half a day, he caught up with Shi Hao again.

“Asura, do you think you are running?” he sneered.

The voice is falling, and the fog is once again open.

Then, Shi Hao bullied, Overturning Heaven Seal blasted and slammed toward him.

Everything is the same as before, he took a hard note, and just got a little hurt in his hand, and Shi Hao?

It disappeared.

The other party, what means is it, why can it suddenly disappear without a trace?

The letter was based on the original place. After a long time, he broke away.

Shi Hao routinely studies the origin of the classics. After each war, he will form a new understanding and understanding of the origin. Therefore, the enemy such as the Indian letter is just right for him.

Not weak, can give him a strong threat, but it is not strong enough to kill him.

He tried to promote the cultivation base with the source and found that it is feasible. Under the essence of the world, it is better to learn the energy of the heavens and the earth and to ponder the rules of the heavens and the earth.

Shi Hao smiled. He was already in the late stage of Spirit Mending Temple. Now the speed of cultivation is speeding up. Maybe half a month, up to a month, he can ignite the incense.

By the time, hey!

He came out of the immortal mansion, but for a moment, he sensed the threat.

The letter fell from the sky and launched an attack against him.

This guy is really tolerant, and has been hiding nearby for a few days.

Sure enough, genius is not lacking in patience, perseverance and confidence.

Yin did not know how Shi Hao disappeared. However, both of them suddenly disappeared from the place. He naturally doubted whether Shi Hao was hidden in some way.

In order to prove this, he has been monitoring in the same place.

For a few days!

If you change someone, I am afraid I will give up long ago and think that I think more.

However, the letter was insisted on.

This is the difference between genius and the average person. Sometimes, breaking the south wall and not looking back is actually an advantage.

Shi Hao laughed and started a fierce battle with the letter.

His fighting power is far behind, but it doesn’t matter. The nebula method opens up and gives him the best cover. If you control the flow of time, it will be even more powerful, although the acceleration and deceleration are extremely ineffective. The suspension is even short, but in such a fierce battle, it is enough to affect the battle.

Shi Hao and the letter of the letter have been circling, clearly falling out of the wind, but the toughness is strong and terrible, that is, unbeaten.

The letter is mad, and when it comes to real strength, Shi Hao can’t compare with him, but the means are too much, so that he has no strength and no help.

– One hit can not hit Shi Hao, how about the strength of rolling?

Shi Hao pulled back and pulled back. After hundreds of moves, he came to the new transmission line.

“Hey, it’s forbidden to fight here!” The powerhouse in the town snorted and looked very dissatisfied.

Both Shi Hao and Yin Xinran stopped their hands. Here, even if they did not dare to let go.

Shi Hao paid the transfer fee, and the same was true for the letter. This time he made up his mind. If Shi Hao fled with a transmission, he would immediately follow up. If he didn’t believe it, Shi Hao could escape his palm.

Shi Hao is not in a hurry to leave, sitting cross-legged here.


“That is Asura!”

“It’s really Asura, I didn’t expect to meet him here.”

“God, I saw Asura with my own eyes.”

When people come and go, some people immediately recognize Shi Hao, and under the yelling, more people are coming around.

Yin Xin was originally sitting next to Shi Hao, but everyone was surrounded, but he was forced to push him aside.

– You can’t use force here. Can he kill someone who pushes himself?

Then he saw the transmission array start.

Shi Hao is in it, and he waved at him.

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