Supreme Emperor Asura Chapter 1060

Immortal King is a successor!

Rao is a lot of Jade Immortal here, and some scalp is numb.

Can be a descendant of Immortal King, and at least Jade Immortal can be achieved in the future. How amazing?

They all looked at Shi Hao enviously. Now this person is just a little Heavenly Foundation Stairway, but it won’t take long for the other party to become immortal, then rush to Jade Immortal with a ride, let them look up .

Of course, if you can achieve Immortal King, it will be full of suspense, and you will be amazingly talented, but Immortal King will have to look at luck, but also look at the opportunity.

Many people took the initiative to go to Shi Hao and show him good.

Immortal King is a successor, of course, has such qualifications.

Shi Hao thought of the promise to the woman surnamed Wu, and righteously resigned: “You misunderstood, I am not a witness of Immortal King!”

Everyone showed a “I understand” expression.

You have to be low-key, we know.

Thank you, you know!

Shi Hao is speechless, but he has already clarified, but you still have to think so in a wishful way, it is not his business.

Seeing Shi Hao just defended one sentence, then there is no following, everyone is nodding, and sure enough, this Immortal King is a low-key person, but you are so arrogant, can low-key cover your style now?

“Brother Shi, let’s get close to ourselves.”

“Young Master Shi, my name is Tao Ji, I am honored to meet you.”

“Young Master Shi ……”

Young people don’t have to be self-respecting, they all set up a relationship with Shi Hao.

Shi Hao has dealt with a few sentences and is somewhat impatient.

He found Weng Nanqing in the crowd, and she is working with the purple rat.

Fortunately, although the mouse is not reliable, but it is sitting in the town, keeping Weng Nanqing security is certainly not a problem.

“Brother Shi!” A cold voice sounded and saw a slender figure appear in front of Shi Hao.

This is a beautiful and amazing woman, dressed in a strong body, and her perfect figure is fully outlined, the curve is clear and distinct, and the fire is amazing. And a pretty face is also white and red, especially the eyes, clearly charming and sultry, but the temperament is cold, forming a strong contrast.

Rao is Shi Hao’s heart and calmness. After seeing her, she still feels that there is a fire from the lower abdomen, and she wants to ignite her body.

A good woman!

Speaking of the beauty of appearance, she is similar to Weng Nanqing, but the enchanting but charming is very incomparable, so it is so true, but she is a cold route, which in turn makes her more horrible.

However, Shi Hao immediately stabilized his mind and said: “You are –”

“Wen Nianyao!”

“The real life of the drip!”

“The first beauty of Hongwu Xianyu!”

“No, no, no, the first beauty is too exaggerated. After all, there is no beauty contest. Should be just a small person called, and the result is slowly spread.”

“However, it is still beautiful!”

“If you can marry her, I am willing to live less than 10,000 years!”

“Hey, Jade Immortal, you still want to marry, I really don’t know how long!”

A lot of people are whispering, but Shi Hao has a Small Universe, and naturally there is no sentence.

The woman also smiled a little: “My name is Wen Nianyao, the identification of the real people.”

“Oh.” Shi Hao nodded, but did not continue.

He knows that Wen Nianyao intends to be close to himself. However, he is not a descendant of Immortal King. Secondly, he does not have a cold for such a person who values ​​you because of his identity. If you look beautiful again, he will turn a blind eye.

Wen Nianyao did not care, and did not talk with Shi Hao.

She is very good at finding topics, and the ability to look at the color is good, even if Shi Hao does not catch her, the process of talking can make him feel relaxed and casual.

This woman has a set.

Weng Nanqing’s show boxing has been shook, but she believes that Shi Hao, like you, is the most fascinating, and the more you are active, the more you will be disgusted by Shi Hao.

Wen Nianyao’s closeness to Shi Hao also made several young people show dissatisfaction.

They are the pursuers of Wen Nianyao.

“Wen Nianyao’s first beauty is not recognized, but it is really beautiful and beautiful. Secondly, it is Jade Immortal. There are many people who are ambitious to her.”

“Well, in the younger generation, a few of the best are passionately pursuing her.”

“Now Shi Hao is a bit of a kick, and I am sure I will be hated by these people.”

“Hey, what are you afraid of, can they still be bigger than Immortal King?”


Everyone is talking about it. Anyway, they have not pursued Wen Nianyao, and they are gossip.

Wen Nianyao did not blindly stalk, which will undoubtedly reduce her impression points, so after confirming that she was deeply impressed by Shi Hao, she sighed.

No, Shi Hao will go to Sendai next time, as long as he is waiting for Shi Hao.

This Immortal King is a successor, she will definitely win it!

She looks beautiful, but it is not a straw bag. Otherwise, she can’t be drunk by the real person.

She has great ambitions.

If she is to practice step by step, her future achievements are at most Gold Origin Immortal, but if she can get the guidance of Immortal King, then she hopes to achieve Jade Immortal.

Don’t look at just one step improvement, but Jade Immortal is in one domain, it is under one person, and there are billions of people above it. This gap is too big.

Therefore, after knowing that Shi Hao was a descendant of Immortal King, she took the initiative to attack.

As for this, it will make people who have been pursuing her, but she is hanging in the air, she will not care.

Those who are all spare tires, now meet her true life, the mission of the spare tire is naturally completed.

— Shi Hao will not accept himself?

Haha, for his own charm, Wen Nianyao is still full of confidence.

She is obviously hot and charming, why do she have to take a cold route?

Isn’t it just trying to arouse the man’s desire to conquer?

For men, the biggest achievement is to let a cold woman burst into fire, and she can best meet the man’s fantasy.


The three white Academy students set off on the road and went to Dengxiantai.

This is a good decision before the departure of the Shuanglin monument. One is to save time, so as not to toss. The second is to use the transmission array too expensive. The three white Academy is not a super rich power, of course, it can save the province. It is.

A few days later, they have already arrived at the Mount Yushan, and Dengxiantai is at the top of one of the peaks.

The transmission array can only send them to the vicinity of Yushan, so they can only be driven by themselves.

After a day, they stopped to rest.

The mountains are sinister, and there are many dangers at night, so it is better to recharge your batteries.

Shi Hao is closing his eyes and adjusting his breath, but suddenly he feels like someone is calling him.

He went out of the camp and went along with this induction.

After a while, a woman in white fluttering appeared in front of him.

The real Immortal King is a successor.

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