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After a while, the guard led a person.


This is a young man with a face full of arrogance.


The people of Jade Immortal are qualified to be so arrogant.


However, after the young man saw Shi Hao, his eyes could not help but he was slightly tight. He was Silver Spirit Immortal, but he could not see the depth of Shi Hao. What did you say?


The other’s cultivation base is still above him.


This made him unacceptable, but he was a big relegated Dao Child, although in the third sequence, but it was because of his age, it was thousands or even 10,000 years later than the previous two.


If everyone’s time is the same, he will never be weaker than anyone.


However, Shi Hao is obviously younger than him, but the cultivation base is above him. This is naturally a blow to his pride and self-respect, which has greatly affected him.


“I am Chen Yang, Da Da Zong Dao Child!” He said, as for the details of the third sequence, he naturally did not mention it, “Hello?”


Shi Hao lightly smiled : “Shi Hao.”


Shi Hao ?


Which of the big forces’ descendants called this name?


Chen Yang couldn’t think of it. He thought about it and said: “Brother Shi said before, was commissioned by a Gold Origin Immortal, specially sent something?”


“Not bad.” Shi Hao nodded.


“Which one?” Chen Yang continued to ask.


Hey, how do I know who he is?


Shi Hao tells the truth: “He only has time to say that he is your lover, and then hangs.”


Chen Yang couldn’t help laughing. It’s ridiculous, it’s ridiculous, dignified Gold Origin Immortal, how can it be easy to hang?


Moreover, you don’t even know the name?


“Brother Shi, don’t you think it’s ridiculous?” he said blankly.


Shi Hao shook his head. He came over and sent things, and you took it. Is there so much nonsense?


He took out the iron box and showed him the other side: “How, do you want it?”


Chen Yang looked at it and was quite uncertain about it for a while.


Yes, there are no such stupid people in the world. What are the benefits of a boring lie?


“Troubled little friends, not far away.” At this moment, only listen to an old voice, then a purple clothed old man will appear quietly, with a slight golden light flashing.


“Four elder!” suddenly, the guards are all worshipping, and Chen Yang is also a ritual, he is Dao Child, but people are Gold Origin Immortal, as long as their strength does not enter this level, then only respectful Respectfully.


This is the big re-elected four elder Qu Ping, who smiled at Shi Hao and said: “Small friends can remember, what is the appearance of the client?”


Shi Hao described it as a moment, and before he finished, the guards sang together: “Seventh Elder!”


Chen Yang is also astonished, and Shi Hao is really sending things for people.


There are still such good people in the world, not far away to send things?


Four elder Qu Ping slightly frowned, said: “The old seven did not disappear for a while, I did not expect that it was unexpected!”


“Little friends, please also enter the sect, describe in detail the passage of the time.” He said, with a tone of refusal.


You are strong and strong.


Shi Hao slightly indulged, nodded: “Oh.”


He followed Qu Ping into the sect, and Chen Yang was also accompanying him. In his heart, he was full of confession. If he knew it, he would have taken the iron box.


You know, Seventh Elder is so desperate, how can the things in this box be precious?


Unfortunately, no medicine for regret in the world can be eaten.


Qu Ping arranged for Shi Hao to stay, but he was not in a hurry to ask Shi Hao to describe the encounter with Seventh Elder.


What does it mean?


It was night, Shi Hao was lying on the bed, seemingly has entered a deep sleep, but in fact opened the Small Universe, but did not fully open.


There is Jade Immortal here, and in case of this kind of existence, it is obviously looking for trouble.


No need.


On the moon, Shi Hao found the same.


Someone sneaked into his yard and wrapped himself in black clothed, and the whole person was better like a darkness, and the atmosphere was not obvious, even if the domain could not be perceived.


Shi Hao is not a domain, but a Small Universe. I want to marry him?






Interesting, really interesting, he just came to send something, but the fun thing is that things are still in his hands, and, in the middle of the night, this person quietly cover, what is it?


He sensed that this is a nine-star Silver Spirit Immortal, even if it hides the atmosphere, but it does not meet Shi Hao’s Small Universe.


The black-clothed person approached and sneaked into Shi Hao’s house and looked around.


“Are you looking for this?” Shi Hao smiled, and the right hand smashed the iron box.


Black-clothed person See the shape, the scorpion is slightly tight.


He said in a very heavy voice: “Give it to me!”


“Why?” Shi Hao asked.


Black-clothed person No longer speaks, directly grabs hard grabs.


Shi Hao waved his hand, hehe, the man was shocked to fly out, but did not wait for Shi Hao to continue to shoot, he was already fleeing by the night.


This is also the man who cultivated a mystery that can hide the breath. Otherwise, wearing such a way to escape will definitely be discovered.


However, fighting here, even if it was just a move, but also alarmed the inner Sect.


Xiū xiū xiū , a path of silhouette emerged, all released a strong atmosphere, these are Gold Origin Immortal, the golden rays of light are not hidden, and then Silver Spirit Immortal is also coming.


“In my case, there was a small generation, it was a joke!” An old man spoke up and looked very dissatisfied.


“Where is the trot?” said another Gold Origin Immortal.


Of course, no one can answer, the black-clothed person misses a shot, and immediately overlooks, obviously knowing that he has only one chance to shoot.


“Who is this child?” Someone is eyeing Shi Hao.


Qu Ping said, “This child is the person who was met before the old seventh dying, and specially asked him to send something.”


“What, the old seven is dead?” Everyone exclaimed, obviously, the news was shocking.


Qu Ping nodded: “This is what this child said. This seat is going to bring everyone together tomorrow to study the authenticity of this matter.”


“What is the old seven to send this child?” The crowd asked.


“An iron box,” Qu Ping said. “However, for the sake of safety, this seat still keeps this child.”


What is security?


Everyone is nodding, because the iron box may contain a killing intent, such as a powerful poison, and when opened, it will be used by nearby people.


This is unclear, and you can’t be too careful.


“The death of the old seven, also what this child said, may not be true,” said a Gold Origin Immortal.


“Not bad.” Other Gold Origin Immortal agreed. “This child may be the killer of Dark English. The purpose is to bring me together, then open the iron box and release the killing intent.”


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