After a few moments of discussion, the public looked at Shi Hao with a stern look.

Seventh Elder is dead? This is just one side of Shi Hao’s words.

Send something for someone? This is also a word.

The ghost knows if you are a chess piece of Dark Emperor, and specially sent a killer card.

“No matter how much, take the person first!” Someone impatiently.

A Silver Spirit Immortal, you need to care so much?


“it is good!”

A lot of amnesty agrees, this is chaotic fairyland, Jade Immortal level is the biggest card, so why do they care about other people’s ideas?

What happened to me? What if I am jealous of you?

As long as there is a hint of conspiracy, they must be ruled out.

“First take the person down and torture him to see if he will confess.” They made a conclusion.

Shi Hao is silent all the time. He can’t help but sigh. This is the chaotic fairyland. By contrast, the practice before the four elder is simply gentle.

You are afraid of something terrifying hidden in the box. Wouldn’t you hide a little further, let a person open it?

Is this so difficult?

Chen Yang strode out and said: “Elder elder, please let the discipline take the shot and get this person down!”

Before I saw Shi Hao, I was not pleasing to the eye. It was just that people came over and sent things. He was also embarrassed to take the shot. However, now that Shi Hao may have hidden a conspiracy, he has no scruples.

The public are all nodding, the area is eight stars Silver Spirit Immortal that’s all, although in the cultivation base to exceed Chen Yang, but Chen Yang is their Dao Child, has considerable combat ability, so, and Shi Hao and Not necessarily lose.

Besides, even if you lose, it doesn’t matter, low realm loses to high realm, isn’t that normal?

Just be practicing.

Chen Yang stared at Shi Hao, then slowly approached, with arrogance on his face.

Are you even better than me?

No, I don’t know that’s all, but since I know it, I must remove you.

Shi Hao just looked at it faintly, but he couldn’t tell what was disappointing and what it was. Instead, he had a funny feeling.

“Kneel down, I will be awkward.” Chen Yang told the commanding tone.

“Okay, as you wish.” Shi Hao reached out and pressed an unstoppable attack. Hey, Chen Yang went down.

Nothing in the limit, what is it in front of Shi Hao?

Slag, weak slag in weak slag.


Seeing this scene, even those big cockroaches are taking a sigh of relief.

This is also too awesome.

In exchange for their words, naturally it can be done easily, but what is their cultivation base?

Gold Origin Immortal !

But Shi Hao is just Silver Spirit Immortal, and it’s just eight stars.

Under such shock, no one cares about Chen Yang’s feelings, and no one has tried to save, so that Dao Child, the third serial of the big relegation, is so straight and straight, and his face is red, and he is so angry. dead.

Shi Hao didn’t look at Chen Yang’s eyes. What kind of care does this lowly person care about?


He opened the box directly, and he was always curious before he lost. What is hidden in it?

This shot is too fast, and the public is still in the shock of Shi Hao’s strength, so they did not expect Shi Hao to do this, want to stop it is not.

When the box is opened, only a group of light flashes slightly, turning into a symbol, and the light and shade are uncertain. After a while, the symbol disappears and the brilliance does not appear.

“This is the unique seal symbol of the old seven.”

“If the box is opened, this symbol will not appear again.”

“So, this is indeed the old seven.”

The public said, and then they all have no doubts about the identity of Shi Hao.

This is indeed to give things to the old seven.

This made them even more surprised, even more than shocking Shi Hao’s strength, because there are such good people in the world, really so loyal things, not far away to send things.

Don’t you be curious, what kind of treasure is hidden in it?

“hehe, young people, misunderstood you.” A big man said casually, seemingly admits the mistake, but there is no apology in the tone, still a pair of aloof and remote arrogance.

– Dignified Gold Origin Immortal, can pull down the body, telling you the last sentence, is not enough?

Shi Hao faintly smiled, did not say anything, he is already very bad.

Only he is still inferior in strength, there is no way to hang these arrogant guys.

“Talk about the situation when you met the old seven.” Ninth Elder asked, he was too lazy to cope with it, and Shi Hao was completely a subordinate, not at all polite.

Shi Hao said the situation when he met Seventh Elder, and he didn’t add any vinegar.

“That is a residual flower print!”

“Simply Elder’s Supreme Elder personally!”

“Under Jade Immortal, the old seven can still escape, it is not easy.”

“Don’t forget, the old seven got a high rank Teleportation Symbol in the past, and should be this to let him get out.”

“Unfortunately, there is a residual flower print, unless there is Jade Immortal to save, it is impossible to escape.”

“However, the old seven will actually conflict with the secret Supreme Elder, how important is the thing in this box?”

The public is a smattering of color, which is absolutely insignificant, because a Gold Origin Immortal died because of this, and a Jade Immortal is personally shot.

“Go to Sect Master Lord!”

The public said, “When you get here, you must ask the Sect Master Lord to sit down.”

After all, the public are all closed and calm, waiting quietly.

Chen Yang is still unattended. Although he has climbed up and stood on one side, from the beginning to the end, which one is disdainful to look at him.

I am Matt, but Dao Child!

I am humiliated, it is equivalent to a big return and humiliation. Do you actually think that you have not seen it?

The kid is sending something for Seventh Elder, can you humiliate Dao Child?

Damn it! Damn it!

His eyes spurt and his fists were tight, but he was not the opponent of Shi Hao. How dare he take his own insults?

His heart flashed, thinking about all kinds of vicious thoughts, how to kill Shi Hao, and this bad smell.

After a while, two powerful atmospheres have come.

“Sect Master !”

“Supreme Elder !”

The public swearing and saluting.

Like the Dark Emperor, there are also two Jade Immortal in the re-election, Sect Master Renshan and Supreme Elder Fu Ming.

This is the real mainstay of the Great Relics, and together they have propped up the great relegation of the country. Otherwise, no matter which one is missing, it is impossible for Daejang to have such a vast territory.

Ren Taishan put his hand on the road and said: “Small seven died, and before the end of the dying, is someone sending back a box?”

“Yes.” Everyone nodded.

“Then let’s take a look at what Xiaoqi has sent.” Ren Taishan continued.

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