Supreme Emperor Asura Chapter 1410

For the entire Apex Cloud Star, thousands of real people are deadly enemies.

– This guy wants to refine the Apex Cloud Star to become immortal, completely ignoring all the creatures above, so this is naturally the public enemy of everyone.

False is not the right to bring Apex Cloud Star to Immortal World. Otherwise, all the above creatures will be the victim of thousands of real ambitions like Apex Cloud Star.

Therefore, Shi Hao said that he was going to find a thousand real people to settle accounts, and Weng Nanqing immediately moved.

“However, you have not broken through Jade Immortal!” Weng Nanqing is somewhat worried.

Shi Hao swings his hand: “Don’t worry.”

He did not have breakthrough Jade Immortal, but with the support of the 11-star cultivation base, his combat power is as high as 19 stars, close to the power of two-star Jade Immortal, and his Soul is terrifying, even if For Jade Immortal, you can use it in a cold, and you can also let your opponents take advantage of it.

Of course, in order to be on the safe side, he can come to the Thousand Machines Pavilion after the breakthrough Jade Immortal. It must be foolproof.

Now he is not too far away from the breakthrough Jade Immortal, so you can go to the Thousands of Courts first.

Su Manman will definitely not object, she does not care where to go, as long as Shi Hao is enough.

The question is, where is the Thousand Machine Court?

Yuhe Xianyu or Yunmaxian.

Before the Xuan Bingxian domain, Shi Hao had a very comfortable day, he used the intelligence department there to search for the location of the thousand machine.

To the surprise of Shi Hao, the entire Immortal World actually has five forces called the Thousand Machines Court – and of course it is also distributed among the five centuries.

However, three of them are not Jade Immortal, so only two of them need to be selected.

“First go to Yuhe Xianyu.”

The three men set off and headed for the Yuhe Xianyu.

Why choose Yuhe Xianyu first?

Simple, because Yuhe Xianyu is next to the forbidden land.

– Old Man Gu was a real-life disciple. He went to the forbidden place very early. He said that this guy was so lucky that he could find the gap on the domain wall again and again, and Shi Hao absolutely did not believe it.

Therefore, since Yuhe Xianyu is adjacent to the forbidden land, it has become the biggest possibility.

let’s go.

Although the forbidden land is adjacent to the Yuhexian domain, Shi Hao is now separated from the Yuhexian domain by three fairy fields. Therefore, he has to break through the three domain walls to reach the Yuhexian domain. .

Going from the forbidden land?

It can be, but just out of it, Shi Hao does not want to go again in a short time.

Let’s go from the outside. Anyway, Shi Hao will wait for the breakthrough Jade Immortal to really appear in front of thousands of real people, not to fight for such a time.

The three men traveled all the way to the mountains and spent more than a month before coming to the last domain wall.

Shi Hao dug a hole with the Immortal King, and with two women drilled, and finally came to Yuhe Xianyu.

This fairyland is very special.

Why do you say that?

Because there are rare double Immortal Kings here!

The old Immortal King titled Da Yan, said to have been degraded in the 20th ten thousand years ago, and later in the ten thousand years ago, Yuhe Immortal King stood out and ended the era of no king. Since then, Da Yan Xian domain has also become Yuhe Xianyu.

However, in eight ten thousand years ago, Da Yan Immortal King was born again!

It turned out that he lived alive again, but this life was very difficult and it took him ten thousand years to return to Immortal King.

Therefore, here is the situation in which the two kings stand up.

Fortunately, Da Yan Immortal King did not want to compete with the Immortal King. It does not care about the renaming of Xianyu, which is very low-key.

The world has said that this is because the Great Immortal King is no longer able to live the next life, and the Immortal King is different. He has a good life and has endless possibilities.

Therefore, Da Yan Immortal King simply gave way to the Immortal King of Yuhe. As a result, after he turned the road, the Immortal King of Yuhe was seen in this sentiment and he would take a little care of his lineage.

Of course, the truth is that only two Immortal Kings know, and the rest of the family is only qualified to guess.

Shi Hao looked at the sky, his eyes narrow.

When he flew to Immortal World, he was attacked by Immortal King. It seems that this person is probably the Immortal King.

– Of course, it may be the Yunma Immortal King, if the real person here is not the one he is looking for.

Why did you later Yufu Immortal King stop?

Now that Shi Hao knows, it must be cheap for the Senior Brother Zhang Tianyi to shoot. The Senior Brother was always behind him to protect him.

Therefore, if he avenges a thousand real people, Yuhe Immortal King should be not involved.

Ok, the biggest obstacle is solved. Now I just need to confirm whether the real person here is the one he is looking for.

Shi Hao The three people continued to wander all the way, not in a hurry, and slowly came.

Ten days later, they came to the site of the Qianji Pavilion.

Shi Hao began to inquire about it, whether the thousand Pavilion Lord was up from the world.

However, the real person is a Jade Immortal. His origins are not all qualified. In a few days, Shi Hao did not have any gains, but it caught the attention.

Only five days later, someone came to the door.

“Who are you, why do you want to find out about real people?” A young man appeared in the Inn who lived in Shi Hao, and shouted to Shi Hao shouted in a proud tone.

Shi Hao gave him a look at the area, Silver Spirit Immortal that’s all.

“You are a disciple of grand disciples?” he asked with a smile.

The young man was furious and slammed the table: “I am asking you!”

He was so angry that he suddenly scared the people in Inn to run out.

The gods fight, the little devils suffer, they don’t want to be innocent.

Shi Hao lightly smiled: “I am asking you too!”

Young people can’t help but laugh, but they are extremely incomparable: “Are you stupid? Don’t you know that this is the site of Qianji Pavilion?”

“If you have nothing to do with your eyes, you can see it, I am Gold Origin Immortal.” Shi Hao indifferently said.

The Martial Dao world is very strict. Even if you are Jade Immortal’s pro-disciplinary disciplinary, if the realm is not as good as it is, then it should be respected by Gold Origin Immortal. Otherwise, it is a slap in the face.

Why is this person so arrogant?

It must be customary. It is estimated that this life has not left the site of the Thousands of Courts. So, is it that you are Gold Origin Immortal? Here, even a common disciple of the Thousands of Courts is coming from Gold Origin Immortal. Big!

You are not satisfied?

Oh, it’s directly suppressed.

Therefore, this young man is only squinting with Shi Hao, indifferently said: “If you are Gold Origin Immortal, you dare to spy on the information of your ancestors, it is nothing to kill you.”

It’s arrogant!

Shi Hao shook his head. It seems that this is a person who owes a lesson.

He just wanted to shoot, but he heard a loud noise from the outside, and he was very incomparable.

what’s the situation?

“Shi Zhong, get out and fight with me!”

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