Supreme Emperor Asura Chapter 1411

Shi Zhong ?

Shi Hao stunned and almost thought it was wrong.

How is this name again?

People who have same given name and family name?

However, the thousands of real people plus Shi Zhong, the two together, let Shi Hao do not believe in coincidence.

However, when he first fought with Shi Zhong, he did kill the person and was taken into the Spatial Spirit Tool by Shi Huayun. Everyone is clear, only the dead can be included in the Spatial Spirit Tool. .

– If it is not a dead object, it will either become dead or explode the Spatial Spirit Tool.

Therefore, Shi Zhong should be absolutely dead.

This is weird. To say that the real machine of the Thousands of Machines is the ancestors of the Shi nationality, there are naturally a large number of descendants of the stone family in the Qianji Pavilion he founded. It can be so smart, also called Shi Zhong?

How low is the probability?

Shi Hao refused to pay attention to the young people and stood up.

“I am talking to you!” The young people followed up and yelled at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao took a shot, hehe, the young people fainted, disinclined to pay attention.

He strode out of Inn, and at this time the street was full of people, looking up at the sky.

In the sky, there are now nine young people standing, male and female, all of them are Gold Origin Immortal, and all of them are flying in the sky. Some people are rich in dragons and phoenixes.

“Yuhe Jiuying, it’s another challenge.”

“Hey, they used to be the best genius in this fairy field. They are known as the same generation, and they are unparalleled in the world! With Shi Zhong’s appearance, they are all pressed down, certainly not reconciled.”

“Hey, our Shi Zhong Dao Child is a strange figure, and it is an exception to get the summons of Immortal King. Which one is comparable to this nine-inch?”

“Oh, whisper, they are all Dao Child of the Jade Immortal forces. Can we be criticized?”

“Yes Yes Yes.”

On the side of Shi Hao, everyone was talking and brought a lot of information to Shi Hao.

Shi Zhong, are you really Shi Zhong?

Shi Hao looked at the sky and suddenly filled with expectations.

Hey, a daoist silhouette is coming from the sky, the slender body, the beautiful face, the whole person seems to be shining, and Yingwu can’t describe it.

In front of him, Jiuying, who had just shots of light, was immediately bleak.

Shi Hao’s pupil is slightly shrunk, this is Shi Zhong!

Shi Zhong, who died in Fanjie, actually appeared in Immortal World. What a strange thing?

Shi Hao immediately turned over countless guesses in his heart.

Didn’t Shi Zhong die?

Impossible, can be included in the Spatial Spirit Tool, which means that Shi Zhong is absolutely dead, and Shi Hao personally succeeded, he will not count?

Can a thousand real people save the dead?

This is also impossible, Jade Immortal does not have such ability, but to use the big medicine of the living dead…hehe, one thousand machine real people can not be used on Shi Zhong, and secondly, he is even less qualified to own!

– This big medicine, Immortal King will be robbed.

What is going on?

Shi Hao slammed his heart.

Incarnation in the sky!

When he got a Culture Technique, he could cultivate an incarnation, which is exactly the same as the ontology. If the incarnation dies, then it will be re-refined. If the body is dead, the incarnation will replace it. Re-refining incarnation.

Therefore, as long as the main and incarnation are not killed at the same time, it is equal to the Body of Undying, only the power of the years can kill.

Later, it proved that this is a conspiracy of thousands of real people. He moved his hands and feet in this Cultural Technique and deliberately let Shi Hao cultivate, and he wants to make Shi Hao into his incarnation!

In this case, it also shows that the real person in the real machine has mastered the incarnation of the sky.

So, if Shi Zhong cultivated the Cultural Technique before he battled with him, did he also cultivate incarnation?

He naturally won’t really die!

Interesting, a bit interesting.

Shi Hao feels that he has pieced together the truth, and the incarnation of the sky, although it seems that there is no metamorphosis of Myriad Transformations, can be seen as a weakened version, and it is equally incomparable.

This is not something that is created by the real people, but the creation that he got from the monuments.

“Shi Zhong !”

“Finally, you have shown up!”

“We fight again!”

Before the nine Yings shouted, each and everyone is fighting intent.

Shi Zhong serene, said: “Let’s go together.”

This sentence suddenly ignited the enthusiasm of the people underneath, and they shouted in unison, and they were very excited.

Shi Hao is a smile, Shi Zhong is still so proud.

However, his cultivation speed is really scary, but relying on the resources of the Jade Immortal forces, it has reached Gold Origin Immortal so quickly.

You know, with the resources of Jade Immortal, at most, the resources of Bronze Armor Immortal and Silver Spirit Immortal are definitely inexhaustible. However, after going to Gold Origin Immortal, resources will be scarce. .

– The stars of the stars have a stronger foundation.

However, at the level of Jade Immortal, even if the stars are not able to come up with many heavenly materials and earthly treasures, if you want a lot of supply, you can only go to the forbidden place to find.

This is normal. The higher the cultivation base, the higher the required resources, and the fewer the number.

So, Shi Zhong rushed to Gold Origin Immortal so quickly that Shi Hao was very strange.

Thousands of real people, it is really a bloody!

In the face of Shi Zhong’s rhetoric, Jiuying is mad.

Which one of them is not the most genius in the Yuhe Xianyu? They only have to push the same level and the same age, and now they want to besiege a realm equivalent?

What a joke!

They are to prove themselves, not to find humiliation!

“Shi Zhong, I am not me three years ago, don’t underestimate me!” A black clothed man took the lead and rushed to Shi Zhong.

“If you are a guest in the distance, you will be given three moves.” Shi Zhong indifferently said.

Sure enough, he did not fight back, just dodging.

The black clothed man even banged, but could not touch Shi Zhong’s side.

“I don’t need you to let me!” He shouted, looking extremely angry.

“Three strokes have passed, you will not let me say you will not let me.” Shi Zhong indifferently said, reaching out to the black clothed man.

The black clothed man resisted, and then he shot, but he was eclipsed.

Too scary, what great power is this?

Completely unstoppable!


He was forcibly blasted back to the ground, and then a huge palm print appeared on the ground, and the black clothed man was in the center of the palm print.

At this time, all the people know how big the formidable power of Shi Zhong is, and the coverage is still wide!

Be aware that the larger the scope of the attack, the smaller the formidable power must be, which is common sense.

When I think of it, everyone is scalp and numb.

Shi Zhong didn’t lie. The scope of this palm smashed was so large that it was easy to suppress the black clothed man. If it was nine miles, this palm could be completely suppressed.

The eternal arrogance, the world is unparalleled!

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