Supreme Emperor Asura Chapter 1412

The remaining eight Ying are all in vain.

It’s been a long time since I saw it, and Shi Zhong is so powerful!

Your progress is too horrible. Is this really the strength of Jade Immortal’s successor?

“Who wants a fight?” Shi Zhong looked at the eight people faintly, and looked cold and smug without a big win.

– His vision, should be far beyond the level of Jade Immortal.

Shi Hao nodded. Although he won Shi Zhong, he didn’t win very easily. From the innate talent, Shi Zhong is really horrible. He has the ability to devour other people’s Physique, and it seems that there is no limit, so his Powerful does not seem to have a limit.

However, Shi Hao is not very optimistic about this ability.

You devour more Physique, that is something else, and it is the path that others have gone through and cannot be surpassed.

Unless you are the leader of a hundred, get out of your own path.

Can Shi Zhong do it?

Difficult, very, very difficult, but not impossible.

Black clothed

The man has stood up, like the other eight British, and does not reveal the gloom.

As a genius, nature can better see the gap, and their gap with Shi Zhong… is big enough to go to the horizon.

Such a gap makes them have no confidence in catching up.

“If you don’t have it, leave it.” Shi Zhong’s voice is still indifferent.

Jiuying turned and left, but after a few steps, one suddenly turned around and asked, “Why are you so strong?”

Hearing this, another eightying also stopped at the same time.

They are also very curious, how can Shi Zhong be enchanted to such a point?

Shi Zhong didn’t answer immediately. After a while, he faintly smiled: “There are too many enchanting people in this World. I am not so amazing. You will make a fuss about nothing, but you have not reached this level yet. Can’t see it.”

This is very hurtful. You must know that Jiuying is a descendant of Jade Immortal. Is this level enough?

Don’t you want Immortal King to pass it!

However, this is the declaration of the winner. Even if Jiuying is dissatisfied with his heart, he can only accept it.

“Hahaha, Shi Zhong, are you cooking again?” In a laugh, only three people fell from the sky.

It’s a black person who speaks white, and there’s an unspeakable pride.

Shi Zhong slightly nodded ,said with a smile :”Pang brother!”

When he heard the white clothed young people, Jiuying was furious.

They did a bit of cooking in front of Shi Zhong, but they are still the strongest younger generation in Yuhe Xianyu, but Shi Zhong is too enchanting, so that they can only look back, but it does not mean they will not work.

Do you dare to mock us like this?

“Apologize!” Among the nine Ying, three people stood up at the same time and shouted toward the white clothed young people.

White clothed young people shrugged and then laughed: “Hahaha, have I got it wrong? Someone wants me to apologize? Is it what I just said offended you? But you are indeed a group of chickens, but I To be honest, that’s all.”

After that, you are too far!

Immediately, a British murder came out and slammed toward the white clothed young people.

“overestimate one’s capabilities !” white clothed young people coldly smiled, then waved.


That one is like the one just now.

The black clothed man, like Shi Zhong, was easily photographed and hit the ground.

Seeing this scene, everyone is a tongue.

Hey, is the enchanting like Shi Zhong not be the unparalleled in the world? How do you run another one now?

Who is this white clothed young people?

The remaining eight British are also cold and cold, and even more unacceptable.

How is this going?

Do they always live in another World, and they don’t know that there are countless enchanting people in this World?

“Pang brother, are you looking for something?” Shi Zhong is directed at white clothed young people indifferently said.

White clothed young people laughed, pointing to two people around, said: “Hey, these two guys have heard that you can tie me with me, why don’t you believe it, you have to come to meet you.”

Shi Zhong glanced at the two and shook his head: “I don’t play this meaningless frame!”

“Don’t dare?” white clothed young people, on the side, the purple young people step forward, suddenly, terrifying momentum, he has a god, rays of light, very fierce.

It is this imposing manner that makes Ba Ying all have difficulty breathing and can not help but retreat a few steps.

They can’t help but stunned. Just a momentum makes them chilly. What is the purple clothed young people?

Are they really a frog in well?

Shi Zhong’s eyes flashed a fighting intent, and the purple clothed young people were a bit strong.

However, he still shook his head: “No interest!”

“I am interested, you have no interest, too!” Purple clothed young people laughed and then killed Shi Zhong.

Bang! bang! bang!

He shot like a power, and he was so aggressive that Shi Zhong had to fight back. Otherwise, the attack was too terrifying, and he could make him fall.

Shi Hao glanced at it and couldn’t help but astonished.

This purple clothed young people should be a twelve-star cultivation base, and the combat power is up to fourteen stars, the standard Immortal King descendant template, and also belongs to the excellent Immortal King descendant, the general level, the cultivation base rushed Ten stars is not bad, it is impossible to reach twelve stars.

However, Shi Zhong is also very horrible. Under such a violent bombing, he has been so relaxed and has no signs of defeat.

After hundreds of rounds, the purple clothed young people took the initiative to fight, said with a smile: “Pang brother did not say wrong, you are strong enough!”

Shi Zhong is just faintly smiled, and he is also proud of unyielding in the face of Immortal King.

However, this made the three young people of purple clothed and white clothed look high, because they were much more savvy, but they were so unruly people, let them shine.

Shi Hao looked in his eyes and couldn’t help but smile.

Shi Zhong Is this a true character, or is he deliberately pretending to be proud, let the three men look at each other?

“In the next Hook, from Fenghua Xianyu, I have seen Brother Shi!” said purple clothed young people cup one fist in the other hand. The more powerful Immortal King is, the more he knows how to be modest, unlike those who are second. Generations, arrogance, and hate to see the background.

Shi Zhong nodded, also cup one fist in the other hand: “Hu brother!”

The last young people are also said with a smile: “In the next Zhaoyuan, from the cold star fairyland.”

I heard that the two people reported themselves to the door, and those who responded slowly were unaware of it, but those who responded quickly were all clever.

what does this mean?

These two are the descendants of Immortal King!

Otherwise, what cross-domain?

It’s no wonder that the strength of these two people is so strong that it was originally passed down by Immortal King, which is acceptable.

– In the hearts of ordinary people, Immortal King represents invincibility, so it is normal for Immortal King to pass on the enchanting.

Oh, as such, is this white clothed young people also a descendant of Immortal King?

God, the original Shi Zhong mixed circle has jumped out of the Jade Immortal level and can deal with Immortal King.

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