Supreme Emperor Asura Chapter 1533

Purple squirrels sneak out of the harvest and, on the other hand, it looked at the Immortal King of the Mountain.

– It is true that this Immortal King has not gone far, but has opened up a consciousness and is observing a move in the wider region.

However, Shi Hao is not worried.

Because even if he walks out now, Immortal King of the Mountain is almost impossible to find him.


Small Universe, cover the breath, no one can feel Shi Hao.

Maybe Immortal Venerable may, but the Mountain Immortal King is not Immortal Venerable.

Of course, it would be different if the Immortal King of Hiroshima saw him personally, and Shi Hao’s Small Universe had not been able to isolate the Immortal King level, but as long as his strength continued to escalate, that day was not possible.

– Two Immortal Venerable messengers were Jade Immortal, not Shi Hao?

Shi Hao continued refining fairies, and cultivation base was also rapidly upgraded.

One, two!

After two raw fruits were completely refining, Shi Hao’s cultivation base also jumped to the peak of 11 stars.

We can breakthrough again.

Shi Hao just slowed down a little bit, and he started breakthrough.

No way, Soul’s strength has reached Immortal King’s level, and what does it matter if breakthrough’s short time?

He went well into twelve stars.

The purple mouse returned again, but it was a particle forfeiture.

Shi Hao didn’t care. Is it not enough for them to get six?

Can’t be too greedy.

Time to go.

Shi Hao sneaked out, and Small Universe covered his breath perfectly, and as long as it wasn’t seen, it was Immortal King, and it was just when he didn’t exist.

Shi Hao did not go to the tree of origin, which must be the area in which Immortal King King of the Mountain focused.

He went deeper and deeper, and the region was so vast that too many places could be explored.


few days later, he naturally left the Mount Immortal King behind far behind, even if he was not covered by Small Universe, and he had nothing to worry about being discovered by the Mountain Immortal King.

However, in order to insure, and the Immortal King class is growing, Shi Hao did not withdraw the air cover of Small Universe.

“Why can there be so many immortal King’s beast here?” Shi Hao is unconscious and asks for purple gold mice.

“First of all, the embargo is huge, and perhaps it’s not smaller than the 3,000 fairies out there? So, there are 3,000 Immortal King here, too.” Ultimas say it.

“Hey, is there a total of 3,000 in the fairy area?” Shi Hao astonished, for the number of cafeteria, the external speculation is thousands, but much of it has not been statistics.

Because Immortal World is really too big.

Ultraviolet nodded: “Nine major sources derive 3,000 pathways, and one of them is likely to achieve Immortal King. And every fairy area has specific attribute, some fire, some water bias, or some golden wood mixture.”

By that reminder, Shi Hao Nodded immediately.

After the first crossing of the wall, he found that there were delicate differences in the geological environment and macro fairies next door, and that different fairies corresponded to different pathways.

“But there is one area where Immortal King can reach two!” Shi Hao said.

“Immortal King is not like Immortal Venerable, but only one Immortal King.”

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Shi Hao nodded, the forbidden area is large, perhaps not smaller than 3,000 fairies, plus heavenly materials and earthly treasures here, so that so many immortal King’s beast can be created.

But it’s still too much.

Outside, one Immortal King, survived two, some fairies even showed up Immortal King’s layer, and it could be said that Immortal King was really aloof and remote, but here it is. Immortal King almost walked around!

– Can’t you just split up a little bit so big that you can concentrate on the inside?

Shi Hao spit in his heart and meet Immortal King’s beast is a big man, and he will surely be killed, so it’s hard to get rid of it, and he won’t give him much time to find treasure.

Somehow, he came to that rock.


the past few years, rocks are still.

Before it, there was a large number of fossilized creatures, basically Jade Immortal, but there was also an immortal King level beast, which, although for so long it had not been trapped.

At the next moment, the stone looks like the right eye, liberating all the creatures from the state of rochemy.

At the end of the day, the beasts ran away.

That Immortal King was hit by the Beast, whose goal was those of Jade Immortal Vicious Beast.

Is it still eating?

Shi Hao astonished, why don’t you run?

Don’t you?

After he had a single thought in his head and rochematically, these Vicious Beast had completely lost consciousness and had not found himself at all at the moment before, so the Immortal King Beast had returned and remained conscious of hunting.

And then the stone looks like a left eye, sweep through, and all Vicious Beast is again fossilized.

That’s a little interesting.

Shi Hao, move forward.

“Little rock, what do you want?” Purple golden mouse is busy.

“I’m going to be rocked and tested personally.” Shi Hao said, “Don’t worry, I’m just touching the edge, and I’m gonna stop, and I’ll be back in the first time, when I break the rocks.”

“hehe, really ignorant, fearless.” “As long as you enter that area, even if you’re released from fossilization, your consciousness remains, and you think you haven’t walked into the rochemical zone, go on!”

“Otherwise, do you think those Vicious Beast are stupid?”

The memory of fossilization is non-existent, so as long as it goes in, it doesn’t even realize that it has actually entered the region, and it keeps in its first state of view that it is going on.

This is a constant repetition until it comes to stones like recently, and it is never possible for the world to get out of it.

Otherwise, why would Stone look like that many Vicious Beast before?

It’s definitely accumulated for years.

Shi Hao groans and says, “I’ll be outside, and once the fossil state is lifted, you pull me out.”

“Little rock, why are you so risky?” Purple gold mouse doesn’t understand.

Shi Hao smiled: “This capacity is interesting, and I want to try to be able to handle it.”

He’s got a fight, Yue Ying, and that’s Quasi Paragon Treasured Artifact. It’s really a critical moment, and should be able to save his life.

Purple squirrels are useless. You’re too much to fight for strength.

“Well, Grandpa will try not to let you die.” It says, “It knows Shi Hao can’t listen, so it’s not bullshit anymore.”

Shi Hao nodded, he walked a long way. Soon, the fossil region left only one step away.

He didn’t have the slightest hesitation, crossed his feet.

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