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“No!” Chen Yu Hui shouted desperately, and as long as Shi Hao repeated a knife, he must be finished.

Shi Hao wouldn’t be in love with him, a knife.

brush, blade light goes through, flash Ninth Heavenly Layer.

“Huh, dared to hurt my son?” A cold laugh, and only a pal hand came by, and it was fascinating, with no pressure.

Nine Stars Immortal King!

Chen Yu Fei showed a surprise, and his old man did it!

Help me.


Nine stars, Immortal King. What time is this terrifying?

Shi Hao immediately activated the heavens and the earth, bombarded and fired a blanket light column.


Under one shot, there was an immense slum in that hand, and the power of the heavens and the earth rotation was depleted.


Such a change, whether Chen or not.

Nor did Shi Hao have the ability to dissolve the Nine Star Immortal King?

– Do you have a chance to escape if you get it out of the first time?

But for Shi Hao, it’s not a big waste of heaven’s wheels to cope with a life-threatening crisis, with Immortal King on a small step?

brush, a knife has been cut.

Chen Yu Fai’s head flew up.

Shi Hao left no battle and ran away immediately.

“Dead!” Mount Immortal King was angry, filmed again, bombarded, if the dome collapsed, a landscape of the end.

Heaven ships are no longer available, and Shi Hao can only be used instantly.

He appeared far away, but the nine stars Immortal King was too horrible, even if he had brought the immediate distance to a very high degree, it was still wiped out, and his face was white and bleeding.

Shi Hao, for his part, continues to move quickly.


Immortal King of the Sun Mountain stretched his hand and spelled his son’s body up, but how could he be alive if he was cut off by the Immortal King? Soul has long been wiped out and entered the Asura community in a manner that is not known to anyone.

“Ah -” The Immortal King of the Mountain of eternal Mountains was angry, although he had a child, but that was his best son, and he was sent with great hope.

If not, how could he risk taking his son into this forbidden place?

However, the son was killed by Shi Hao.

“evil thing, you have to die!” He coldly said, deaf, shaky, chased to where Shi Hao disappeared.

You can move again, but he’s nine stars, Immortal King, at a rate that doesn’t know how much more than you are, can you run?

However, after a while, he found out that there was no trace of Shi Hao anywhere.


breath belonged to this kid, completely disappeared.

How could it be?

Before he wanted to try to save his son, he didn’t have the first time to chase, but the gods opened up and locked Shi Hao, but the breath of the man was now suddenly gone.

Like, he suddenly went to another world like that.

This makes it unacceptable for nine stars Immortal King to stop his body and open his mind to extreme proportions, but there is still no discovery of Shi Hao.

That’s it!

“Wherever you go, the King will find you and kill you!” The Mountain Immortal King gnashing teeth.

Son of a bitch, no revenge.

How did Shi Hao escape?

Simply, he just dug a pit and bury himself.

He hid his breath with Small Universe, and then nine stars Immortal King couldn’t understand him, and then he buried himself in a pit, so that he was so special, and nine stars Immortal King wanted to see him on the ground.

Who left Mountain Immortal King with no first time chasing him and giving him a chance to hide himself?

Soon, Immortal King’s breath disappeared.

But Shi Hao didn’t come out immediately, and he could be Immortal King of the Montenegrin Mountain once, and who knows if the Mountain Immortal King would be obsessed with him?

Maybe the other side also took the breath, hidden in the dark, waiting for him to show up.

Safety first.

Shi Hao directly swallowed a source fruit and started refining up.

“Little rocks, Grandpa help you find the raw fruit, and you’re here to refine it.” Purple gold rats say, sneak out immediately.

It’s just a stomach, and it’s found by Mount Immortal King, and it’s just thought to be ”indigenous” here, so it’s safe to worry.

Therefore, Shi Hao has not stopped.

He focused on refining’s origins, and it was true that this could be crowned with the word “source”, and indeed cows, in which there was an abundant abundance of far-reaching principles, but it became apparent in a direct way that Shi Hao could easily be remembered.


It is not possible at this time to wait for him to step into Immortal King, and that silk origins will serve as a guide to him.

However, the energy contained in the raw fruit was too helpful to his current cultivation base upgrade to allow him to start taking off again.


painful searches of the previous months have finally been rewarded.


heavenly materials and earthly treasures produced here are more valuable, as can be seen from refining’s time, and Shi Hao has absorbed the energy of the fruit in full seven days.

Hey, how come he doesn’t match a purple mouse?

Also, this guy was supposed to be nine stars Immortal King all the time, so even Shi Hao had stones, and it was not possible to have such a presence faster than refining.

When the essence of the raw fruit was fully absorbed, Shi Hao’s cultivation base also arrived at the end of the tenth star, and it was only a slight distance from peak.

Even without heavenly materials and earthly treasures, he will have to repair it for more than a dozen days, and should be able to push it into eleven stars.

Shi Hao is not worried, how could this guy be so smart?

It’s just that the raw fruit is too hard to find, and naturally it takes a long time to be able to do it.

It was 17 days ago.

Shi Hao showed a slight smile, and he had repaired ten starpeak, and he could hit 11 stars.

Come on!

He started immediately, and this time it went very well, and after just a few hours, Shi Hao did a great deal.

Eleven stars!


‘s getting closer to Immortal King, and as long as he repairs to King become immortal, even one star, he believes that his strength can reach at least seven stars, and then, with the Immortal King, he’s the Nine Stars Immortal King’s battery – and he has the Earth’s wheel, both of which are being carried out simultaneously, equivalent to two nine stars, Immortal King!

Immortal King would be able to operate the spaceship without any effort, and the energy would naturally be instant.

“Little Stone, Grandpa’s back.” And suddenly the Purple Gold Rat came back, and it donated two raw fruits, and passed to Shi Hao, “What’s up, Grandpa?”

“Well, you really hit bullshit luck.” Shi Hao said with a smile.

“Oi, give you shit.” Purple gold mouse has lost its origins.

Well, that smells good!

Shi Hao picked up the fruit of the origins without the slightest hesitation.

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