Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3048

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It was a long time, 2 months.

During these two months, Lin Fan did not go out of the cave for half a step and concentrated on healing. Of course, he also assisted King Rakshasa.

In the end, both of them recovered completely, but it still takes time to adapt.

The reason is that during this February, Lin Fan not only focused on healing his and King Rakshasa’s injuries, but also refined a lot of Baodan, so that the strength of the flesh of the two people will be higher.

“Xiaoyou, you are beautiful again.”

Lin Fan teased and looked at Rakshasa’s envoy from the outside.

Rakshasa blushed right, even the ears were red.

In fact, this is the reason why Lin Fan loves to tease Rakshasa’s right envoy most.

It’s hard to imagine that a killing firmness, in the entire Chaos Realm, has the famous Peak killer, so easy to be shy.

“Mu Yi, you are teasing Xiaoyou.” Rakshasa’s right is so ashamed.

“Hahaha…… This is not a ridicule, but really, some people, it’s blind, so you can’t see you.”

Lin Fan spoke, and at the same time, his eyes turned inadvertently to Rakshasa’s left envoy.

Over the past two months, this Rakshasa left envoy, indeed, did not speak wickedly to him, nor did he carry a knife and shoot a gun.

2 The portrait is caught in a strange peace.

Of course, Rakshasa’s attitude towards him is absolutely can’t be called good.

But finally this kind of apparent calmness was maintained.

“Shut up.” King Rakshasa approached. She changed her black stand-collar dress, embroidering a huge Resurrection Lily with gold silk on her long skirt, perfectly displaying her figure and waist.

Of course, in addition to that, the queen’s breath is more intense, enough to make all men in the world look dumbfounded.

Even the left ambassador of Rakshasa, who was standing like a wood, raised the pupil light slightly.

Lin Fan laughed.

King Rakshasa said: “In the past two months, we have suffered heavy casualties. My Rakshasa Palace suffered a loss of 2, and 100 Sovereigns died, and I also lost a few hundred.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink.

In the middle of February, he already knew that the Underground World’s rating of the killer was shocked.

A killer at this level, who cultivates one, will pay the price of blood.

But it has damaged so much. It seems that this time, Underground World has also been seriously damaged.

But soon, Lin Fan reacted and said, “So, what about the loss of the major ethnic groups?”

King Rakshasa coldly snorted and proudly said: “I have lost so much in Diablo World, how can they be better?”

“How much damage is there?” Lin Fan asked, “I want to know the exact number.”

“It’s about ten times ours. The first ancestor of Chaos Divine Race was killed by a Sovereign and lost half of his life. Old Ancestor Level creatures of this family also died of 3 or 5 people.” Rakshasa Wang Jingjing said quietly.

But Lin Fan was really shocked.

This seems like a good opportunity, this chaos started Divine Race, but the loyalty of the Celestial Clan, can…

“Of course, it is not just this one that has lost money, but the Haijia…but also suffered.” Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan.

Of course she knows something.

Lin Fan was silent for a moment, and sighed a long time, saying: “Sea Madness Senior…”

“He was strong, Sovereign attacked, but he was almost killed by him, the sea god cover too terrifying, offensive and defensive integration, and the illusory shadow of Sea God Trident was photographed by him.” King Rakshasa was apprehensive in his eyes.

You know, for her, the so-called Celestial Patriarch, the ancestors of Deity Clan, etc., in her view, are all jokes.

Only the 2 Supreme emperors of Underground World were in awe.

But this madman almost killed one of the Supreme Sovereigns.

Lin Fan relaxed: “So… what about the rest of the Hai family?”

After all, he has a deep affection for the Hai family, and this family is indeed not thin for him.

“2 old Ancestor dead.”

Lin Fan’s heart tightened.

It was really fear, and the person he knew died.

“But it seems to be the foundation that is about to survive.” King Rakshasa said with a smile.

“Can you speak without breathing?” Lin Fan hated.

“It’s time to shoot.” Wang Rakshasa sneered and said, “We hid here for February. Although this place is a forbidden place where Xiaoyou risked his death, everyone in the world is looking for you and me. I am afraid that this place also hides It won’t be long.”

“It’s really time to strike, but I don’t know how to go.” Lin Fan sighed.

He really wanted to try to destroy the Divine Race.

He is 100% sure that if there is a real war, this family must be willing to serve as the pawn of the Tian family, and then the family will not know how much blood will cause.

But how easy is it to destroy a Divine Race?

It is not possible to benefit from the right place and the right person, but also to have an opportunity for its use.

“This King’s Rakshasa Palace is not as strong as Divine Race, but…” King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed, said with a sneer: “But if you really want to start a Deity Clan, at least dare to guarantee that they The Peak battle strength must be lost by 99%.”

Lin Fan waved his hand.

Rakshasa left, suddenly showing a murderous intention in his eyes, and then gradually disappeared.

“My king.” The right envoy said, “4 king battle…”

King Rakshasa’s face froze and said, “Those 3 wastes, this king has not put them in his eyes.”

Rakshasa asked right: “This competition is different from the past…”

Rakshasa leftly coldly snorted and said: “What are those wastes? My king and I joined forces, and naturally they can cut them back on their own.”

“4 Wang Zhan?” Lin Fan frowned: “What is that?”

King Rakshasa glanced at Lin Fan, his eyes complex.

“Say.” Lin Fan dashing eyebrows stood.

King Rakshasa coldly snorted, said: “This is the guard of the king, the promotion of the lower ones is the prosperity of the dark world.”

“My king has been the leader of the 3000 kings for 4 years in a row.” The right angel opened his mouth, and his eyes were full of worship.

“Then you said this time is different from the past, what is the difference?” Lin Fan asked.

He was too aware of King Rakshasa’s methods. In particular, after being promoted by his targeted medicine pill, his strength at this time, although not exploding, should be a little stronger than before.

However, he was actually in the eyes of King Rakshasa; he saw a trace of worry.

This is not normal.

“The killer world, the rank is strict, the superior has absolute ownership over the inferior, if…then…” Rakshasa’s right envoy clearly said something, but the result was terrified by Rakshasa Wang Yinsen’s eyes. go back.

“It has nothing to do with you. After leaving this cave, we parted ways. My king has something to do, and I bear it myself.”

Rakshasa’s indifferent opening left his voice, without warning.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed. He looked towards King Rakshasa, with a bit of sternness in his eyes: “You don’t say anything?”

“Except the king, the rest are men, so this time they proposed to Sovereign, Dao Companion battle.” King Rakshasa said, and then the murderous intention flashed in his eyes, saying: “How can this king fear these clay chickens and pottery dogs?”

Lin Fan was silent for a moment and said, “Then I will accompany you to fight.”

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