Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3049

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“Are you worthy?”

Lin Fan’s words were still alive, and Rakshasa grinned to the left. He raised his hand and pointed at Lin Fan, contemptuously: “What cultivation base do you have? What identity? This one can be crushed by one finger, so dare to be a fool. lie!”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and King Rakshasa’s face was ugly.

“Detailed talk.”

Lin Fan suppressed the anger in his heart and looked towards King Rakshasa.

King Rakshasa said: “2 Sovereign, want to bring the whole killer world from darkness to light, and want to bring everyone to live under the Yangguan, so he is happy to accept anything new, including this so-called Dao Companion battle. “

The left messenger stared at Lin Fan, but after a while, he said: “The bidding is to think that the emperor’s decision is right, the killer, this is the omnipotent, why Dao Companion can not be counted as part of his own strength ?”

King Rakshasa glanced at him, ignored it, and continued: “Underground World, the king of the double emperors, 4 kings, 4 kings, 8 envoys, and 8 envoys. This is the power structure of the entire Underground World.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

King Rakshasa said: “But in this world, we only pay attention to powerhouse as the king, strength is respected. Therefore, every 100 years, there will be a war of kings. In fact, the so-called war of kings, of course, is not just the war of kings, including the war of kings. Including missions.”

“Imperial Warfare?” Lin Fan’s pupils shrunk sharply.

King Rakshasa is nodded.

“Oh.” Rakshasa smiled again: “Emperor, how does that exist? Being able to enter and leave the Celestials without loss, even the first meeting of the Celestials, would not dare to be half-arrogant, and, since hundred years of thousands of years, the underground king For 100 ten statues, only 2 emperors survived.”

“Don’t always provoke my patience.” Lin Fan said sensibly.

It’s really a bit too much.

“Then… come and kill me.” Rakshasa left suddenly laughed, wantonly and arrogant.

“Shut up.” Rakshasa Wang was furious, and then looked towards Lin Fan, said: “Don’t worry about him, you know a lot of things…”

“My king!”

Rakshasa shouted to the left: “Are you asking me to plead for me? What is he, and why is it worth my king’s attention? If you let him come, the deity is holding the knife here, and seeing he can help I am.”

He was so angry that the murderous intention rose from the sky!

This made him more uncomfortable than being cut a dozen times.

Goddess in his own heart, actually facing another man, pleading for him?

Moreover, this man is still far inferior to his own waste!

Is it because of preference?

So what is his company for so many years?

“What is he? He can’t help you?” King Rakshasa smiled and sneered coldly. Her money went to Rakshasa’s left envoy and said, “Small left, when you are in the 4th realm of God, you may kill Old Ancestor?”

Rakshasa left slightly stunned.

Somehow, King Rakshasa would suddenly ask this question.

However, honestly replied: “When you are in the 4th realm, when you get the sky, you can punish Old Ancestor.”

“Really?” King Rakshasa smiled playfully, then pointed to Lin Fan and said, “What is his cultivation base.”

Rakshasa sneered at the left envoy: “4. Not worth mentioning.”

“Hehe…” King Rakshasa smiled: “It’s this ant in your eyes, chopping Old Ancestor Level like slaughtering dogs, are you credible?”

Rakshasa left his pupils dilated, saying, “Impossible! 4 realms and 5 realms, although they are only one different state, but they are no less than cloud mud, just like the fireflies and the bright moon, how can someone break the barriers of such great realm !”

King Rakshasa glanced at Rakshasa’s left envoy, sighed, and said, “It seems that you shut yourself down for too long. If you don’t believe…you can ask Xiao Zuo.”

Rakshasa’s left envoy’s vision suddenly looked towards Rakshasa’s right envoy.

Rakshasa smiled bitterly on the right, and then said, “No one can tell the truth, sorry.”

Rakshasa left; staggered 2 steps!

He confessed that he was Heaven’s Chosen.

It can be said that apart from the 2 Sovereign and the King Rakshasa, he refused to accept anyone. The world-famous all kinds of Heaven’s Chosen, demon, etc., in his view, are all jokes, and they are all scraps of slaughter.

The world is inferior to him except these three.

This is his perception.

but now……

For a long while, his face was distorted and ugly, and then said with a malicious smile: “What if it can kill the Old Ancestor Level? In front of this seat, it is still weak like a ant, and can be easily killed.”

“Easy… kill it?”

King Rakshasa repeated a sentence like a whisper in a dream, and then she looked poorly towards Rakshasa, and said, “You know, to save me, he first ancestored the Imperial Family, and then he designed it underground, and beheaded him. ?”

Rakshasa’s left eye widened abruptly, and then, angrily roared: “King! Are you lying to me? How can these ants, such as these ants, slap you like me? Is he worthy? Is he okay?”

King Rakshasa smiled bitterly and said: “If you haven’t seen it with your own eyes, if you haven’t experienced it yourself… this king will be like you, and will be a joke.”

Rakshasa left his eyelids twitching, and then, when he looked towards Lin Fan, the scoffs in his eyes were gone, the killing intent was gone, but… Taboo, doubt!

Lin Fan laughed and said: “Brother Zuo, I am different from you. Most of them are tricks and tricks. They can be directly incomparable with you.”

“I understand.”

Rakshasa left Lin Fan alone, but grinned: “It turns out…you are so demon.”

Lin Fan shrugged and said: “You are interested, I am not interested, everything depends on her choice, so you don’t need to aim at me, really not necessary, I always have to leave.”

Rakshasa left his head suddenly looking up.

In the eyes of King Rakshasa, there was a trace of loneliness undetectable, but soon, that trace of loneliness was replaced by a strong force. She became majestic again and said, “Oh… Asura thought that in this way, this king Persevere, and… let him succeed? This time… he slapped him.”

“Asura King?” Lin Fan raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Rakshasa, Asura, Yaksha, and Qingmu are the 4 kings in my killer world.” Rakshasa opened his right hand and said, “This name is ranked according to the previous battle.”

Lin Fan’s eyebrows are slightly picky.

“Messenger war, this king does not want to hear defeat, nor do you want to see your blood stained chaos station.” King Rakshasa said.

“Gan Wei died for my king.”

The messenger left and right suddenly knelt down.

Lin Fan, etc., walked out of this cave and walked in the void all the way, but they were overlooked by Gao, and they saw a lot of chasers who were still digging for 3 feet in the ground.

Lin Fan’s eyes are slightly cold: “After the king’s war, let’s solve this kind of grudge!”

Lin Fan was gradually surprised.

Passing along the road, I was afraid that it was enough to speed up for half a month, so Lin Fan wondered whether it was at the edge of the universe, King Rakshasa looked back and said, “This is the entrance to our session, you have to be careful, Be cautious, the rules of our world… there are no rules.”

Rakshasa left silence for a moment and said, “That is, any softness in your heart may become your Death Tribulation.”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “I see.”

King Rakshasa saw that Lin Fan really understood it before it was relaxed, and then she took out the Rakshasa order that Lin Fan had seen once and gently pressed it into the void.


The void was distorted, and a huge Fiendgod face appeared, and then a dark passage emerged from the big fangs of that face.

3 King Rakshasa stepped in.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed and he slowed down deliberately. After a while, he followed closely.

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