Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3050

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Lin Fan hangs behind King Rakshasa and so on, getting more and more shocked!

This is a starry path, and their entire group will continue along this path at this time, and the path will be one big star after another, up and down, left and right!

These big stars are clearly real. They are slowly rotating, reflecting the light of the sun and the moon. Starlight is shining. Where is this going?

Lin Fan carefully sensed that this path contains Supreme’s Time and Space Rule, one step out, you can cross the Star Sea, the step of each step here, the distance traveled, I am afraid that it is comparable to his galloping half a month. .

This is horrible.

It should be noted that with Lin Fan’s cultivation base and Time and Space Dao’s enlightenment, the so-called journey to the North Sea and Cangwu is nothing more than leisure, and then you can travel the horizon and the cape in a flash, but at this time, he has such an intuition, such as Shuttle through the cross-domain battle.

“It is said that this is a world opened up by a certain ancient god.” King Rakshasa said softly.

Lin Fan’s pupil shrinks: “The world opened by the great god?”

King Rakshasa slightly nodded, saying: “Of course, it is not perfect, there is no real day and month, all are made by divine runes.”

Lin Fan was trembling.

The world opened by the deity.

This sentence seems to King Rakshasa and the others, but if so, as it should be by rights.

That is a deity, and naturally it can split heaven and earth apart.

But he doesn’t think so at all.

Only the so-called pseudo-gods will try to open Heaven and Earth. Those so-called True Gods dare not dare to do this and dare to anger Tianwei.

At this time, he actually had some impatient who wanted to enter this world; to enlighten, to explore, to know the big fan of splitting heaven and earth apart.

“This was discovered by an ancestor of a certain Sovereign unintentionally, and then used, gradually, became a place for us.” King Rakshasa said with a smile, “This World, too many natural disasters, The living environment is extremely bad, but for us, it is a blessed place.”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

When it arrived, there was already a dim light coming from afar. It was a huge continent floating in the vast sky.

“what happened!”

Suddenly, Lin Fan exclaimed!

The reason is that he couldn’t stop his figure, and fell in a rapid, uncontrollable towards the mainland below.

The continent, which was originally taken in the entire scene, gradually expanded in his eyes until only a corner could be seen.

“Don’t panic, stop feelings and be calm.”

King Rakshasa smiled, it should be done intentionally, just to let Lin Fan out.

Lin Fan was furious, but the more angry he was, the more excited his emotions were, and the faster he fell.

At this moment, he was sure that he would be beaten to death alive, smashing on that huge mountain and smashing a crushed bone.

Finally, he stopped the panic, depressed the emotions in his heart, and finally stabilized his body, angrily shouted: “Are you going to watch me die?”

“How come, this king has been with you all the time, and will shoot when you are about to die.”

King Rakshasa remained calm and composed while handling pressing affairs, and said: “This is one of the reasons why no one has ever dared to attack this world.”

Lin Fan’s face was ugly, but he didn’t dare to think about it. He kept thinking of the Qingxin mantra and removed all his thoughts from Soul Sea.

“Meet King Rakshasa and met 2 messengers.”

Suddenly, when they were only 1000 feet away from the mainland, 2 killers wearing black clothed appeared.

These 2 killers have no breath leakage.

Even Lin Fan was only vigilant when they bullied him to ten zhang.

This did give him a dismounted horse.

When I first came to this world, I met such a horrible person.

It should be noted that for their cultivator at this level, it is not close to ten zhang, even if it is in a hundred zhang, one strike certain kill can be done.

King Rakshasa glanced at the two killers and said, “It turned out that two patrons were on patrol and worked hard.”

“Should be.” One of them opened his mouth, and then looked towards Lin Fan with a slightly unsearchable look. In his eyes, his eyes were blooming like a sword in a flash.

This look was terrifying, as if to see Lin Fan through.

Lin Fan coldly snorted, a layer of golden light overflowed his body surface, cut off this line of sight.

The tentative gaze abruptly withdrew, accompanied by horror, said: “really strong youngster.”

Rakshasa Wang’s complexion slightly changed, cup one fist in the other hand said: “Sincerely don’t blame, this is…”

Speaking of this, she shouted.

How to introduce?

Before he came, he was indeed ready to let Lin Fan appear as her Dao Companion, so as to pave the way for the future Wang Zhan.


When she arrived here, she couldn’t speak.

Lin Fan hehe smiled and said, “I’ve seen 2 Seniors, and it’s easy to get off in Shimaki.”

“Mu Yi?”

2 The Slayer was slightly surprised, and said at the same time: “Long admiration to Da Ming, do you not know what the Master Muyi is doing here?”

After these words, the 2 killers turned out to be separated in an instant, one after the other, and surrounded them as pedestrians.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “Xia Xia and Rakshasa just became Dao Companion. I heard that Wang Zhan is about to rise, so I came to fight with her.”

The expressions of these 2 killers suddenly dimmed, and then looked towards King Rakshasa.

Needless to say, a little shyness emerged from King Rakshasa’s face, and they knew this was true.

For a moment of silence, 2 cup one fist in the other hand said, “That’s the case, please help yourself.”

King Rakshasa and Lin Fan left, and headed towards the Rakshasa palace.

2 Zun appeared from nothingness again, watching quietly.

“Hey… this kid, but an uneasy Lord, in the outside world, a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain, at this time he enters our world, and I don’t know what wind and rain to set off again. .”

“But he did not violate the rules. Since he is Dao Companion of King Rakshasa, he is eligible to enter this realm.”

“Just… Asura is afraid…”

“Take care of them.”

“I’m still going to talk to my emperor.”

“Go ahead.”


“Who are those 2 people just now? It’s terrifying, one-handed killing is at its peak, Major Perfection.” Lin Fan said with awe in his tone.

King Rakshasa said: “This is the Emperor You sat down and used two envoys. It was terrifying. For most of the world, the Emperor Sen was from the hands of two people.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink.

Just sit down and make such a prestige, then how strong should it be?

After some understanding, Lin Fan knows that this world is named Sen Luo Realm, there are 2 emperors.

One emperor is Luo.

One emperor is a forest.

2 The place where the emperor is located is the only place in the Senrow world that can be regarded as an ups and downs, and it is also at the center of the world, while the 4 kings are divided into 4 parties.

The reason for the king battle and the king ranking is to compete for the best control area.

The reason is that the various terrestrial disaster teroifying in the Senro world, if a real disaster comes, even Emperor is like a ant, even if the master is a careless response, they will body dies and Dao disappears.

For example, the East controlled by King Rakshasa at this time is the best area except for the central area. It governs 1000000 people, all of whom are her children.

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