Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3051

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“The more people there are, the more powerful they will be.”

Rakshasa Wang said lightly: “The world’s cultivator 1000 10000000, but it really has the potential to become a killer with innate talent, but very few.”

laughed, Rakshasa said: “If I say that there is a potential to become the evil of the Peak killer, it is more difficult to find than the so-called Twin Martial Spirit. Are you credible?”

Lin Fan was silent for a moment and honestly replied: “I don’t know, I never knew about the killer, I didn’t dare to comment, but for me, the killer is the same. As long as you can find his trail, there is nothing. Strong killers, as long as they are peeped through, the formidable power and deterrence must be weakened by at least half.”

“Huh…that’s the Sky Slayer you have never seen to awaken the Void Shadow to Martial Spirit.”

Rakshasa left a sneer and said, “I am not targeting you at all.”

“Void Shadow Martial Spirit?” Lin Fan was slightly surprised, and then said with a smile: “It is really the world, there is no lack of strange things. If you really awaken this Void Shadow, you will be a natural killer.”

Rakshasa made his face ugly and said: “It is indeed a natural killer, that is, because of the existence of this person, then Asura King jumped from the 4th weakest to this position.”

Lin Fan’s pupil shrinks and says: “enemy?”

King Rakshasa is nodded.

Suddenly left and right, one-knee kneels said, “It is incompetent.”

King Rakshasa waved his hand: “No matter what you do.”

Lin Fan said: “Have you ever encountered him?”

Both are left and right nodded.

Rakshasa smiled bitterly on the left, he turned around, and lifted off a little armor. Lin Fan immediately saw that from his right earlobe, there was a fierce scar that had been cut through his neck, like a fierce centipede lying on it. .

“He killed?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

Rakshasa nodded to the left: “In the last battle of the king, I had to defeat him in my hands.”

Anxiety appeared in King Rakshasa’s eyes and said, “This battle of Kings…I’m afraid it will be more dangerous.”

Lin Fan didn’t speak.

You have arrived at Rakshasa Palace.

There is no maid or servant in the whole palace. Very quiet, the whole is made of black tungsten steel, baleful qi and majesty, but it is too cold, like a black giant beast creeping.

King Rakshasa returned to the Senrow world and brought back Dao Companion.

This Dao Companion, it was during this time that the Legendary character of the name shakes the whole world-Mu Yi!

This shocked the entire Senrow world.

You know, until this time, this Mu Yi is still high on the list of the killings of Sen Luo Realm, and still ranks first!

The reward that belongs to him has reached a thrilling degree. Even Sovereign has paid attention to this matter.

Rakshasa Palace.

“Be careful.” King Rakshasa sighed and said, “They will not be scrupulous because of your current identity, even, they will be excited and excited because of your current identity.”

“So?” Lin Fan sneered: “Before I came, I had thought of all the possibilities.”

“It’s better not to walk out of this Rakshasa palace before the war.” King Rakshasa opened his mouth with solemn eyes and said: “No matter how arrogant and arrogant those people are in the dark, they dare not sneak into this palace after all, otherwise, they are right The provocation of the king, but if it is out of this palace…”

at this time.

Asura Palace.

Asura King, this is a robust man, at least about one zhang high, at this time, he grabbed a bloody thigh, gnawed and swallowed, sweating, and had thick black hair on his chest, like a chimpanzee .

“Damn! Damn woman! Dare to go to Dao Companion without the permission of this king!”

Asura King grinned, with crazy killing intent in his eyes and said: “Mu Yi? I really hope you haven’t taken the soup, otherwise… this king will devour you alive.”

In fact, it is not just Asura King. It is shocked that Lin Fan entered the world of Sen Luo as Rakshasa King Dao Companion.

The same is true for the remaining 2 kings.

Yaksha King 4 was at the bottom of the table. After hearing the news, jié jié smiled: “It’s interesting, Asura always regards Rakshasa as a ban. This time, this Rakshasa brought the kid who was the highest in the list of killers. Her Dao Companion, this king seems to have seen Asura’s ugly face.”

He was silent for a moment, and then laughed, saying: “Right envoy, as an Asura Palace, to invite Mu Yi to the banquet.”

Yaksha’s right envoy complexion slightly changed, saying: “My king, Ruomu is easy to die, King Rakshasa is furious, and then…”

This simply cannot withstand scrutiny.

2 When Wang confronts, it is natural to know that Mu Yi simply was not invited by Asura Palace, when the time comes, and his Yaksha Palace will of course be ordered.

“Relax, Asura’s ordinary man, he disdains excuses.” Yaksha King’s eyes sneered and said, “This king has been sitting on the throne of the fourth seat for too long…too long…I’m tired of it.”

Qingmu Palace: “Asura Palace invites Mu Yi to feast?”

He was a little surprised, then laughed and said, “This is indeed Asura’s style. It depends on whether the kid has the courage to go to the banquet, and how much Rakshasa loves the kid.”

He stopped, said with a smile: “But anyway, we can watch a good show, of course, we have to come out in person.”

The blue-eyed king looked towards the blue-eyed ambassador: “Go, let your best hand go down for a while. If it is killable… kill it, that wealth, I have also been greedy for too long.”

Rakshasa Palace.


King Rakshasa coldly shouted: “I will go to fight with him and kill him directly.”

Lin Fan waved his hand and said: “Aren’t you going to the banquet, I’m going to be.”

“You know…”

Lin Fan coldly snorted, said; “feast at hongmen? Eat more and taste better.”

Mu Yi walked out of the Rakshasa palace alone and left for the feast.

This news suddenly detonated Sen Luojie.

However, one of the protagonists in the incident-Asura King.

It turned out that it was at this time.

“Who is using the reputation of Ben Wang?”

He coldly snorted: “Don’t be detected by this king, otherwise you will not die well.”

But soon, he smiled: “Since someone has made up this matter, then treat it as the king, what is the right one.”

Asura envoy appeared and said, “My king.”

“Go for a while, kill him, bring his head back, this king is going to smash this head in front of that slut in the battle of the king, let her know, but when she does not follow me, she cuts my joy Of it.”

Asura left instantly.

At the same time, the entire Senrow world, rising winds, scudding clouds, and many Peak killers all came to the Rakshasa domain. These killers, like ants smelling honey, are all over the Rakshasa domain, and even more, hidden On the way to the banquet, he waited for Lin Fan to come and kill him.

Lin Fan yuzaiyouzai, even, even put a tender grass in his mouth, he walked alone, looking to do nothing, but in fact, every step he took, there will be a ray of golden lighting glow, deep into the ground.

He wants to measure the Senrow realm with his footprints, trying to find a clue of splitting heaven and earth apart.

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