Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3052

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With the strength of Divine Soul of Lin Fan, how can you not find those hidden killers?

Since leaving the Rakshasa palace, there have been at least dozens of killers staring at him.

But what about it?

These killers are nothing more than waste materials, too lazy to take care of that’s all.

Lin Fan will learn more about the origin of this World every step of the way.

after hundred thousand li.

Lin Fan stopped in front of a huge crater-like crater.

brows tightly knit, the eyes of rune shine in it.

For a moment, his pupils contracted sharply, which was left by the war. Until this time, when he looked at it with Rune’s eyes, he could still feel the strong coercion.

“The lowest is also left by Yu Dao Realm.” Lin Fan’s expression was solemn.

I don’t know how much this big pit was left 100000000 million 10,000 years ago, but I can’t smooth it out any time. Fist pit.

He raised his hand and photographed a handful of soil, which was taken from at least 10000 feet below the ground.


Lin Fan confirmed again that this was indeed a punching pit, and then he flew up, inferring from the angle of the impact of this big pit, and wanted to build a battle that once happened here in Soul Sea.

After a moment, he seemed to see the picture.

There is a supreme powerhouse approaching this star, and the star’s most powerhouse flies up, heading towards the sky, and the powerhouse punched out from the Foreign Domain suddenly bursts on the ground. This is the big pit.

“It’s terrifying.” Lin Fan whispered.

Prestige of this Fist, I am afraid that it is enough to destroy him more than ten times, far away in outer space, just raising his hands and fist casually can leave traces that cannot be erased by years.

When he discovered it, he could still feel the fist of the fist from the thousand thousand zhang.

Suddenly, Lin Fan froze and was shocked by his guess.

“This world may not be developed by the deities, and it hasn’t reached a step yet, it’s just cultivating Dao Realm.” Lin Fan whispered, and then he spilled the soil.

These soils are crystallized as a result of being melted at high temperature in an instant.

Go forward and continue to pursue this big problem.

Because of this, his mood is difficult to calm down.

If the world developed by a God is still so imperfect, then the confidence in him is a big blow.

Where has the Supreme creature gone, but he can’t succeed, so, what realm does he want to perfect his world?

In the legend, is the realm still chasing even if it is a medicine god?

He never undervalue oneself, but he didn’t dare to talk wildly about which step he could reach.

It should be noted that the various Gods of the past, who are not amazing in ancient and modern times, can walk out a statue at random, and can easily cut off 10000 ancient time and space, suppressing the long river of these years, all invincible count millions of years.

Strong as Thor, proud as Thor, are still looking for it.


Suddenly, there was a killer.

Just before he frowned and stopped again, when he wanted to search again.

This is a long needle. It was suddenly killed from the void. It was thrown out by someone. The long blue needle flashed a glorious blue flower. At first glance, it was smeared with high poison. I am afraid that I can see the blood and seal my throat. Divine Soul can be ashed if you enter the body.


However, this long needle exploded half an inch outside Lin Fan’s body and was destroyed by a ray of lightning that spilled within his body.

Lin Fan sneered: “If you want to take action against me, you have to send some characters. With such temptation, the deity can kill you.”

His big hand was suddenly raised and when he withdrew it again, he already caught a lean killer wrapped in a black robe, whoosh sound, and the killer shuddered, and then his 4 limbs softened, he died and was Lin Fan The lightning that overflowed in the palm of the heart grilled Divine Soul and cooked Soul Sea.

hundred thousand li outside.

A silhouette sits on a huge ancient pine, laughed: “It’s not bad, it’s a shame to kill me.”

Then he stood up from the ancient pine and took a step. The void suddenly cracked a gap, and he disappeared.

Before disappearing, a smile came out: “I hope you will not let me down and let me have fun.”

If anyone knows who this person is, it will shake.

Because he is in the killer world, and his reputation is probably not weaker than the Left Envoy and Right Envoy of the King.

It is even more praised by the Emperor, bluntly saying that this is the only character in this world of Sen Luo who can fight against that big thing that awakened the shadow of the void.

Of course, the premise of the Emperor is that as long as this person grows up, he will surely become a shining moment with that great thing.

Boxing next to the pit.

Lin Fan stared at the dead body in his hand, and after a while, said: “Good means, through at least hundred thousand li, manipulated Divine Soul of this saint, let him take action.”

He threw the dead body into the fist-printing pit, smiled and said, “I haven’t shot after trailing for so long?”

No one answered.

In the dark, at least dozens of killers have sullen eyes like hungry wolves, but they are killers and the most good at forbearance.

If there is no opportunity to die, they will remain silent.

“You don’t move…the deity moves.”

Lin Fan sneered.

“Jié jié … Master Muyi, don’t pretend to be pretentious here, we are all killers carefully cultivated by the great kings, won the inheritance of the kings, know how to hide, you can’t find it, there are so many reasons Words, but just want us to self-disorder, so as to reveal the clues of hiding.”

A killer sneered and said, “But…what are you like? Can you be scared by your fake prestige?”

The killer spoke, and suddenly there was a joking sound.

It has to be said that the men trained by the kings are extraordinary, at least more than the killers raised by the Divine Race.

Even if he is talking, even if the killers are laughing, but the voice is suddenly left and suddenly, suddenly left, suddenly right, people can not lock the source of the sound.


It was at this moment that there were footsteps and rhythm.


A blood spattered suddenly from a taupe stone in Lin Fan up ahead.

This gray-brown stone squirmed for a while, which turned out to be the killer change of Lin Fan.

Lin Fan glanced at him.

The killer’s eyes were full of twisted pain, and he turned back hard to see who killed him.

But it was useless, Lin Fan’s ray of lightning incarnation only, and killed him.

“Don’t kill them, a group of wastes that are difficult to enter into the Earth Grade, even wanting to use my head in exchange for monstrous wealth?”

Lin Fan sneered, and suddenly blood spattered from his surrounding zhang.

Whenever there is blood splashing, there will be a ray of lightning rewinding back to Lin Fan within the body.

In hundred zhang, all the killers were emptied, but Lin Fan still didn’t leave, but looked towards Zhengxi: “What about you? Don’t do it?”

He spoke to nothingness, but his eyes were sharp, even with a hint of joking.

“Well, if you don’t come, I will go.”

Lin Fan shrugged, raised his hand, a thunder spear appeared between his palms, and pointed finger towards the dead vine outside three hundred zhang.

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