Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3053

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This is just a thunder spear.

Cast with thunder and thunder only, but full of amazing texture, the murderous aura is too surging, so that people hidden in the dark are shocked, I feel have one’s hair stand on end!

“Don’t ask, please.”

The withered vine wriggled and the black silhouette came out.

Like other killers, he was wrapped in black all over his body, and he couldn’t see the true face.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and then said: “What are you doing?”

His murderous aura suddenly disappeared.

This is the person of King Rakshasa.

“Master Zuo let him come down and follow the servant,” the killer said.

Lin Fan’s eyebrows are slightly picky.

The killer said: “Master Zuo Shi let me bring you a word.”

Lin Fan said, “You said.”

Killer said: “If you have the ability to cut a messenger, I will not compete with you for the king, or else…”

Lin Fan laughed: “It’s his tone, well, the deity is known, you retreat.”

The killer changed, saying: “Master Zuo let me…”

He didn’t finish it, because Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly stood up, and he threw lance in his hand with a bang.

This killer is frightened!

Because the spear came to him, imposing manner like a rainbow, killing the sky.

The killer screamed in horror.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to hide, or that he didn’t want to struggle, but he couldn’t even move under the pressure that thrilled him.


Suddenly, the thunder spear rubbed his scalp, where the time and space exploded, the thunder spear wu wu ming, wearing a corpse on it, and flew it tohundred zhang, then exploded with a loud bang Too.

“You can really leave. Your existence, without half the benefit, will even distract the deity from you.” Lin Fan glanced at the man.


The killer sighed and left.

Between the kings, it is not easy to do it, but the forces under it are mutually compromising. The forces of different kings often regard the king’s command as the goal of practicing hands.

To kill is to kill.

Wang will ignore it, and even often, it will help.

Think of this as an excellent method of refining, allowing the killer to grow quickly.

And, if you can kill the killers under the other kings, you can get corresponding rewards.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes slightly, confirming that no one was lurking in his three hundred zhang, and then he moved on.

Along the way to the Asura field of Asura King, he saw too much, fist prints, sword marks, sword intentions, etc., distributed on this earth.

Only 30000 li, he found more than one place of engagement, the land 1000 sores 100 holes.

He had a deep understanding of the harsh environment of the Senrow world.

It has been far enough since Rakshasa Palace came out.

Even if it is placed in Chaos Realm, it is quite a big clan area. However, there are very few people he saw, only some of the most desperate weeds, and evil beasts survive in these Danger Lands.

“It’s no wonder that these 2 Sovereigns want to go to the land of sunshine.” Lin Fan sighed. He saw the human suffering and survived in this area. For ordinary people, it is too harsh and too harsh. Tormented.

After understanding, Lin Fan knows that these ordinary people are the aborigines of this World.

While resting in a small village, he talked to an elder. From his mouth, Lin Fan knew a lot of news.

If we deduce from the above, their family, fortunately, has 80 generations.

The life of a mortal, the elder of life, but 100 years old, and the short life is only a few dozen, Lin Fan took an average, 70 for a generation, so this calculation is also more than 5000 years.

But the elder bluntly said that his family was only photographed here. In this world, there are families that have lived with the world and lived in it since the beginning of the day.

However, these families are all emperors and cannot be reached with his realm.

Lin Fan said goodbye to this small mountain village, and randomly took the Gold Rule as broken gold, leaving this small village with poverty and backwardness, struggling on the edge of survival.

“Should I go to the kingdom of the dunya, to know the variety of this world, I’m afraid it is the only way.” Lin Fan sighed: “Does King Rakshasa know these things? Need to ask if she doesn’t know , I will hide my identity to understand.”

He walked forward, suddenly turned his head and shouted: “Dare!”

Angry roar, the entire Heaven and Earth roared, and the sky exploded. The rolling Sonic Wave turned into an invincible fist, and the booming suppress and kill moved forward.


This fist landed over the small mountain village and bombarded a grinning killer into blood mist.

Lin Fan rushed in one step: “You are looking for death!”

He couldn’t help but not angry.

This is just the mountain village where he settled down, and no one in this mountain village has anything to do with it, but there are killers who want to kill people in this mountain village.

“Big Brother…help.”

A dirty little girl opened her mouth and cried, her tears gleaming in her bright eyes, her delicate little face scared pale.

The reason is that a sharp blade is placed on her neck, and the owner of this sharp blade is behind her, looking towards Lin Fan with a smile.

“The thief also has a way. If you want to come to your killer world, there should be rules.” Lin Fan stared at the killer with a somber look, saying, “Are you doing this, are you not afraid of being sneered?”

“Sneer?” The killer smiled weirdly: “It’s king to do everything you can.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

He found that the killer who restrained the little girl he had held on his lap when he talked with the old man was actually just to hold him back, and he was not allowed to walk out of this small village, while the rest of the killers were actually building a large formation!

This is a group of killers who do not reach Earth Grade. Only 2 of them are king-level.

In front of him, this kind of character is afraid that there is no chance of shooting.

They think they are doing it secretly and hiding very well, but how can they know that Lin Fan has long known everything.

Just as Lin Fan and King Rakshasa said, the reason why the killer is terrifying is everywhere, hidden in the dark, and he will hit a lore at any time.

But when you can peep through his whereabouts, there is nothing terrifying.

“Let her go, I can make you die.” Lin Fan spoke eerily.

“Jié jié … Although not talented at the time, but also know your ability, after letting go of this baby girl, I’m afraid it will die in an instant?” The killer grinned.

“It’s the same as letting go, but I just don’t want her to see blood.”

Lin Fan sighed.

“Hehe…is it?” The killer sneered, and at the same time, his eyes looked at him from time to time.

After a while, he suddenly haha ​​grinned and said: “What Muyi, is not a fortune? At this time I see how you do not die!”

“weng weng! ”

One side covered the entire Killing Formation in the small mountain village, and it suddenly rose!

“Desperate? Was it trembling? This is the Star Soul Array sent by my king! Only 20 people can lay out. You can die in this array, and you are proud.”

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