Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3054

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“Star Soul Array?”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly, and he looked up towards the sky.

At this time, 7 bright big stars came down, all hung a beam of starlight, suspended above Lin Fan’s head, that beam of light was connected, with 7 colors, covering the entire small mountain village.

Talking to Lin Fan, he said that he wanted to slaughter the only laying hen in his family to entertain Lin Fan’s old kneeling on the ground.

The old man, with tears in his eyes, kept knocking, and behind him, his descendants, all kneeling on the ground, knocking and praying with him, begging these killers for mercy and guilt.

This made Lin Fan feel bad.

Why are they innocent?

Struggling to survive on the edge of survival, fighting with the harsh environment in this forest, and surviving under the bloody and brutal repression of these aloof and remote cultivators, this has exhausted all their strength, but why suffer this tribulation again ?

Just because of his arrival, just because he talked to the boss, did he hold the little girl on his lap because he felt cute?


Lin Fan screamed, and he cut forward with one finger. With the sound of Keng, a golden sword glow cut away, trying to cut these 7-color stars and break the cage.

The result is not good at all. This is enough to cut the golden sword glow of the Old Ancestor Level battle body. It turned into a quagmire and did not play any role.

“Hahaha… even trying to break through this starlight prison cage? Are you dreaming?”

“Waste! Trapped in Xinghui’s cage, you will only have a dead end and will not have any vitality anymore.”

“Mu Yi, you are waiting to die, this starry formation, even if Peak Old Ancestor is trapped in it, there is no way to go. Do you think you are stronger than Peak Old Ancestor?”

A group of killers sneered.

More killers, no longer hidden, appeared in those stars, grinning, joking: “Or………are you an ancestor?”

His provocative words caused another burst of laughter.

“Let’s talk, if you are really an ancestor-level creature, our brother can immediately kneel down and beg for mercy.”


Lin Fan broke out, and he pulled out the residual rainbow. He cut a sword at the killer who appeared in the starlight. With a sound of Keng, the starburst burst into a black gap, which was too obvious under the blue starlight. , And the killer who just ridiculed Lin Fan, a blood mark appeared between his eyebrows, which has spread all the way down, pu’ sound, he split, and was cut in half by a sword.


This sword, which surprised all the killers, changed color.

“You… put down that sword!”

The killer who clamped the cute little girl’s eyes was fierce, and the killing sword in his hand reached the delicate neck of the little girl, and a stream of red blood flowed down.

Then he grinned, greedy and greedy: “no! Send this sword over, otherwise I will kill the girl.”


There is a woman crying sorrowfully, she kowtows like pounding garlic, but in an instant, there is a red blood between her eyebrows: “Fairy, please forgive the little girl, the concubine is willing to work extremely hard for you.”

“Fairy, do you want to ask for life? I gave you this old life, or crashed on this bluestone, I just hope you can bypass the poor great-grandson of the old man; she is only 3 years old…”

Lao Zhang also spoke. The gully and waxy face was full of sad demands.

“Shut up for Lao Tzu.” The killer grinned, and then said: “Whether she can live, but depends on this wooden Yi master, not willing to hold a sword in her hand.”

People in the entire mountain village are looking at Lin Fan.

Their eyes were blank, but, in their eyes, they were all desperate.

For example, in front of these killers, they dare not have any resistance, they can only accept it in general.

How dare you beg for Lin Fan?

Also aloof and remote cultivator.

“Hehe.” Lin Fan smiled, and he walked forward: “Do you want this sword? His name is Can Hong.”

The killer’s eyes were bright, and he licked his pale lips greedily: “Take it! Otherwise I will kill this untouchable.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he took a step forward.

The killer stepped back, shouted: “Enough! Just where it is.”

“Okay.” Lin Fan shrugged, then he gently gave the sword out, the killer laughed, and then raised his hand, holding Can Hong in his hand.

“Now, can you let him go?” Lin Fan’s eyes were cold.

“Release?” The killer laughed, ridiculed, joking: “Untouchables like ants, we can’t think of our Muyi priest, really mournful.”

All killers laughed.

“His… is the ultimate device?” The killer was surprised, then suddenly looked up: “You are dead!”

He abandoned the killing sword in his hand, and then held a residual rainbow, raised high, to cut off the head of this cute little girl, and the other killers even saw bloodthirsty smiles.


“Fuck… my daughter…”

In the small mountain village, weeping and crying for a while.


Suddenly, the remnant of the cut rainbow rewinded, killing the killer directly, Lin Fan rushed over, holding the little puppet with one hand in his arms: “Puppy, it’s fine.”

He comforted softly, and used the strength of Divine Soul to appease her uneasiness and fear, and let her sleep.

“She’s okay, and when she wakes up, she will forget everything.” Lin Fan returned the little boy to her mother’s arms with a guilty look.

“Start a large formation and kill him.”

There are killers yelling, they feel the crisis.

The reason is that, since the start of this star formation, Lin Fan hasn’t seen it in a panic.

“Are you impudent like this? This starry burst is launched, and 100 people here will also die, are you afraid of the condemnation?” Lin Fan violent Hah!

These people can’t be overstated in terms of human life as grass.

In order to punish him, he did not hesitate to kill the entire small village.


Lin Fan moved. He first took out the Zhenshen Clock to protect all the people in the small village, and then he slayed the ring.

The shit array of shit is not seen in his eyes at all.

When Zhutian swept away and killed a human-level killer alive, this so-called king-given formation suddenly collapsed.

Next, it was very bloody and cruel. The head of the place flew everywhere, the red blood splashed everywhere, and the quiet and peaceful mountain village was suddenly shrouded by a pungent bloody smell.

At this moment, Lin Fan stood quietly in the middle of the small mountain village. He was looking down at the villager who was terrified.

Then, the old man knelt down without saying a word, his head pressed against a convex stone tightly.

“Lao Zhang, why is that?”

Lin Fan rushed over and lifted the old man up.

“Master Xian, can you take away the youth of our village?”

The old man cried, begged, and bluntly, these young men have been judged not to be innate talents of the cultivator, but they all have the strength to win hardships and hardships, and they can do the cheap and dirty heavy work, just ask Lin Fan take away.

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