Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3055

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Lin Fan sighed.

He looked towards Lao Zhang and knew what he was asking for.

In fact, not far from this small mountain village, there were traces of tribes that existed in the past, but eventually disappeared. The traces of existence were almost covered up.

Along the way, he found more than one such ruin, and some of the remains of the tribe, the bones were torn and crushed under the collapsed ruins.

“Okay.” Lin Fan said, and he looked towards the people in the village, saying: “Forget it, I’ve been in your small village for so long, I’m afraid…”

He sighed.

How can we guarantee that after he leaves, no killer will come to clamp down these people and use them to threaten him?

“You wait.”

Lin Fan sighed, and then, with one hand, he sketched in the void and turned into a bright butterfly.

This is a creature outlined by his visual method, which is good for communication.

“Wait here, wait, King Rakshasa will send someone to take you away, and will settle you well.” Lin Fan said.

“Big Brother…”

It was at this moment that the embarrassed timid opening.

Everyone in the small village changed color.

As we all know, Lin Fan is a great cultivator; so many aloof and remote cultivators can be killed by him alone.

At this time, this naughty name is so called, so that they are so fearful that they might offend Lin Fan.

The naughty mother suddenly knelt on the ground and apologized to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan slightly smiled, a soft breath lifted him, he bent halfway, leaned in front of his eyes, said: “Little Brat, is there something wrong?”

“Big Brother, can I be as powerful as you when I grow up?”

The little boy is not afraid of birth, and speaks with a milk voice.

Lin Fan carefreely smiled, stretched his hand and scraped on the little nose of the little boy: “I can.”

“That’s great.” Xiaonan waved his arms vigorously, pretending to be domineering: “I will be as powerful as Big Brother in the future, and then protect father and mother.”

Lin Fan looked at the little boy.

At this time, he suddenly remembered Fluttershy.

The woman, who was very sticky to him when she was young, hung on his shoulders for a long time, but as she grew older, she became more and more silent, and closed herself in the courtyard, enjoying flowers and planting grass.

“Big Brother, you are distracted.” The little boy bulged, as if annoyed that Lin Fan was distracted when he talked to her.

“Big Brother thinks of someone who has the same breast name as you.” Lin Fan smiled.

“That must be a beautiful elder sister.” The little boy said.

Lin Fan’s eyes were far away, and he said: “It’s beautiful, it’s a starry sky.”

“Is she Big Brother’s lady?”

Lin Fan suddenly looked towards the little girl, shook his head and said with a smile: “No.”

“Since she is so beautiful, why doesn’t Big Brother get married to her and looks together?” Little boy frows frowned.

“Ghost Spirit Essence.” Lin Fan scraped her nose, then looked towards Lao Zhang and waited, “I’ll wait for her to play a bit, see you later in Rakshasa Palace.”

Lao Zhang and the others, of course, did not refuse, nor dare to refuse.

The echo of King Rakshasa was very fast. At most one hour, the right envoy of Rakshasa arrived, and there were many Monster Beasts available for riding.

Lin Fan’s shoulder held the little boy, and turned into Changhong.

Until this time, these talents knew who the man was.

Then, how terrifying that identity is.

The reason is that cultivator’s society is too high for them to touch a little, so until now it is not known what the name Mu Yi stands for.

“Big Brother, where is that beautiful elder sister in your mouth? Can I see her?” The little boy was on Lin Fan’s shoulder, and all the oncoming winds, etc., were isolated by Lin Fan.

“I can’t see you.” Lin Fan said.

The little girl said sadly: “Is the pretty elder sister gone a long way?”

Lin Fan didn’t speak, and the words of the little boy sank down, and whispered: “Brother is gone, father and mother said that he went to a far place, where he watched the boy grow up happily, but in fact , Well, my brother is gone.”

Lin Fan didn’t speak, Divine Soul swept away, easily understood who was the brother in his mouth, and what happened to him.

That was when the young king Wang came to choose people. The brother of this boy was selected, and he has not returned since.

Only three pieces of broken gold and a blood-stained rag were thrown outside the door of her house.

“Big Brother…Would you teach me okay? I want to avenge my brother.” The little boy said: “Brother loves me and brings me bright red fruits every day… He himself is often hungry and wants to give me He was full, and he missed him.”

Lin Fan was silent.

But the speed of swift action slowed down, saying: “If you want to avenge your brother, it will be very hard.”

“The boy is not afraid of suffering.”

“Meet a lot of blood.”

There was a hint of fear in his eyes, but he bit his lips very stubbornly and said, “I am not afraid.”

“I’ll find you a Master that suits you very well. She’s very fierce and stern, but overall, she’s a very good person with a knife mouth and tofu heart.” Lin Fan smiled.

In his mouth, the Master to be found for the emperor is of course King Rakshasa.

“Then Big Brother, can you give me revenge?” The little boy added for a long, long time: “I want to take revenge on my brother, but I’m afraid that the man will die, I’m afraid he won’t wait for me to grow up.”

Lin Fan looked back towards the little 囡囡: “I can’t avenge you. You need to know that hatred needs to be retaliated by hand. That is revenge. If you fake others, it is not revenge.”

“Oh.” The little boy was a little low.

Suddenly, Lin Fan raised his eyebrows: “Wait, aren’t you going to cultivate? Are you not afraid of blood? Then you open your eyes and watch.”


Suddenly, a sword suddenly thrust into Lin Fan’s chest.

The sword was green and bright, and as soon as it appeared, the little boy’s face turned pale, and there was a deep sleep in his eyes.

“Do you guys like killing your weapons with these rateless things?”

Lin Fan Li Qiao, grabbed forward with one hand, grabbed the sword in his hand, then rubbed it directly into a ball and threw it fiercely to the side.

pu’ sound, a group of blood stains burst directly.

But there was another deep cold sword that broke through the blood mist and continued to beheaded to Lin Fan.

Moreover, the attack is far more than this sword. At least there are 7 terrible murderous intentions blooming at the same time, aiming at all the key points of Lin Fan, and wanting to nail him to the sky.

Lin Fan a long whistle, the whole person spins up, 2 golden Divine Dragons follow him to the sky, countless swords are coming, but they are all blocked by those 2 Divine Dragons.

“Dignified Heaven Grade killer, also need to cooperate with people?”

Lin Fan was angry, he went down with one hand, and a female killer was shocked on the spot, but his eyes were like a knife to the front.

He looked very dignified.

This is the first time I met Heaven Grade killer.

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