Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3056

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The levels of heaven, human, ghost, demon, and killer are insurmountable, and their ranks are so strict that they scare people to death.

At this time, many human-level (Chaos Realm called Earth Grade) killers all killed Lin Fan, and the sword pointed to his whole body. There is also a Heaven Grade killer, looking around, which is too bad.

Heaven Grade killer, who dares to underestimate?

Not even the first ancestor of a family!

It should be noted that the most fundamental reason why the Imperial Family’s first ancestors failed was Rakshasa’s knife from the left.

Moreover, in the history book of Chaos Realm, there is no shortage of Heaven Grade killers, who annihilated the ancestors of the ancestors.

“Sky Thunder Realm!”

Lin Fan drunk, taking him as the center, a horrible thunder morals suddenly expanded, and arrogantly expelled most of the killers out of the thunder.

And the killer who is still in the Thunder Realm will force out True Form.

This is what he deliberately did.

It’s showing weakness, making people think that his power stops here.

In the Thunder Realm, the killers can’t see the true face, but they are all gloomy, like the fierce ghosts coming out of hell, carrying the killing sword, and on the face covered by the fierce mask, there are 2 bunches of cold and quiet pupil light.

The little puppets who had been sheltered by Lin Fan were all pale, and she cried: “Big Brother…is this a group of ghosts?”

Lin Fan sneered: “It’s a human, but always lives in the dark night, it’s not much different from ghosts.”


At this moment, there was a killer drinking lightly, he took a step forward, you can see, that space is empty, he wants to hide again.

But soon, a scream came, and the killer, who had just been hidden in the air, fell out of nothingness, twitching violently, and there was a golden arc all over his body.

“Oh, in my thunder world, still trying to hide?”

Lin Fan sneered, he rushed past, and stepped on the killer’s head with one foot. When Zhutian fiercely pressed, a head suddenly rolled out.

“wu wu.”

“wu wu.”

All the killers changed color and then attacked Lin Fan at the same time.

It is not good to be invisible in this thunderous, Domain-like environment. This is awful. What they cultivated from childhood is only killing skills. They cannot be invisible, just like a tiger without teeth. Formidable power is reduced to the extreme.

All of them are terrible killers, immediately confirm the situation. Only by working together to attack forward, and only by severing the Mu Yi deity, can you get through this tribulation.

“Tsk tsk…I’m just like the god of darkness in the night, killing is invisible, today’s deity, let’s wait to try this taste.”

Lin Fan laughed. He raised his hand, and the little boy was used by him to show his means, which was reduced by many times, and he held it in his palm. Then, he disappeared the whole person.


Suddenly, a heavy halberd emerged from the back of a human-level killer, and he was killed before the human-level killer had any time to react.

When hearing the companion’s scream, all the killers changed color, and then beheaded at the same time.

Too very ruthless, in order to kill Lin Fan, he did not hesitate to slash his companion’s body.

The sword is in full swing, and the sword intent is so monstrous that the thunder world is full of turmoil this day, like it is going to explode and can’t bear the full strength attack of several human killers.

But when everything subsides, it means nothing.


Suddenly, a killer was bombed.

It was a golden fist, like a sacred mountain, and it was exploded into the bones and minced meat.


The killer growled.

But useless.

At this time, Lin Fan seems to be the real killer, they are the targets of the attack, there is nowhere to escape, no place to hide, no place to avoid, can only passively wait for those punches from the dark Or halberd.

They were frightened and trembling.

This is too abnormal, they are killers, and they have long left life and death aside, but now, each and everyone are roaring, wielcely wielding swords and soldiers in their hands, killing an airtight killing net; they can only passively defend, apart from this , They really can’t think of a better way.

It’s a pity that it still doesn’t work. The fist too terrifying, the halberd is too sharp.


A killer shouted, despair in his eyes.

Why hasn’t the big thing that aloof and remote hit yet?

Soon, a killer smirked.

They understood and understood the meaning of that aloof and remote.

Use the lives of these people to find out the truth and truth of this wooden Yi.

“Kill it…”

They have no choice.

This is the killer world, the rank is strict.

No one dares to refuse the command or demand of the superior, even if this command is to let you die.

One killer after another died, until eventually subsided.

Lin Fan’s clothes are not stained with blood, he appeared, and the last drop of blood fell from Xueliang’s halberd blade: “You can’t hold your breath.”

He holds the halberd, still looking towards which side.

“The deity likes to hit in one blow.”

That Heaven Grade killer finally made a noise, with a sense of indifference.

“Hehe …… The lives of dozens of subordinates are just to discover my truth and reality? The question is, are you sure you see through me?” Lin Fan sneered.

“Oh… you have hidden, but useless, under my 9-Heavenly Eye, you have nothing to hide.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink.

9 You Heavenly Eye.

This is one of the innate innate talents, it is terrifying, no weaker than Martial Dao Heavenly Eye.


At this moment, the surviving killers appeared in unison, but it was only momentary. They appeared only to worship the Heaven Grade killer who came out.

This killer didn’t hide the true face, it was a very pale complexion, but his lips were as bright as red just after drinking human blood, the whole person looked weak and could not help but wind, but inadvertently, when the eyes stood up, blooming black nether glow, it was It was terrifying.

“The world has miscalculated you, but it only ends here, send you off.”

Heaven Grade killer opened his mouth and took a step. It turned out that the images of thousands of thousands were so vivid that Lin Fan was so confused that I didn’t know which one was his real body.

“You can hide and kill, then the deity will let you kill enough.”

Heaven Grade killer sneered at the same time, at the same time, thehundreds of thousands respected the residual image, and then disappeared, all the vitality and other things disappeared, just like this World Root did not have this person.

“Oh.” Lin Fan sneered, glancing at Rune’s eyes, and he saw the voids one after another.

“weng! ”

A long needle, at least one foot long, pierced suddenly from the sky dome to pierce his top of the head.

Lin Fan took a step forward, and it was so good that it was just to avoid the attack of this stitch. Another chopper came across. To cut him, Lin Fan’s toes lightly touched the ground. Lying in the air, just let this blade pass.


At this moment, dozens of horror punches were bombarded from Lin Fan up, down, left and right!

I have to say that the Heaven Grade killer is really terrifying. He turned Lin Fan into the Danger Land he wanted step by step. From beginning to end, this battle rhythm seems to be firmly controlled by the Heaven Grade killer. , Lin Fan can only accept passively.

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