Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3057

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Those murderous intentional murderers are boiling!

All roaring, all shouting.

This is their chase level in this life.

This is the existence of their killer pinnacle.

It is so powerful and domineering!

How about you Muyi even in the wind and rain?

When I came to Sen Luojie and met Heaven Grade, I had to be discreet and obediently obedient, otherwise I would die.

“Mu Yi…I see how you don’t die.”

“Sovereign, slash this Mu Yi to avenge his dead companion.”

They were still roaring, and they were all very excited, as if they were now in control of the battle and the rhythm.

However, this Heaven Grade killer does have the cost of pride.

The way he walked is different from that of ordinary killers. In the strangeness, there is a hint of light. In that case, dozens of punches are all shining, and suddenly burst out of nothing and lay flat for the body. Lin Fan stagnation arrived.

This is uncomfortable, people are stuck in the air, it is difficult to avoid these terrible fist prints, and they are sealed off the way and return.


Lin Fan was shocked. From his body, one thunder spear was killed, and the stabs left and right, up and down.

Wu wu.

But at this moment, the fistful of fists that fought away was merged again, and then light flashed, turned into a black lacquered rope, and came to Lin Fan’s neck sleeve.

The rope, black and lacquered, was dim and dull, and seemed to be able to absorb all the light, so that the side of the sky was dark.

“Kill the God!”

A killer exclaimed: “Heavens! How can the emperor’s ultimate device appear in Venerable Hands?”

A group of killers are shiver coldly.

There are 2 big ropes in the world, and the inheritance number is set at 100000000 10000;

One of them is called Shed God, and the other is called God of Slaughter!

Unexpectedly, Lin Fan encountered all of them, I don’t know whether to laugh or anger.

“Okay! As soon as the killing god comes out, this Mu Yi must die, impossible is in an accident.”

“Wait… This is not a killer, it should be an imitation.”

An old voice appeared, and then he sucked in a breath of cold air and said, “This is an ultimate weapon made by Sen Huang himself, and only rewards the most powerful and loyal.”

“Hmph! What if it is an imitation? It was made by the Emperor Mori’s sacrifice, can this Muyi still escape?”

A group of killers argued, and then grinned, staring at Lin Fan with cruel eyes.

This Heaven Grade killer is really different.

Generally speaking, like this kind of Peak killer, it won’t hit 1000 miles away.

But he is different, the attacks are endless, step by step murderous intention, step by step trap, and the target he wants to cut, step by step to the road he wants to die, and slowly die according to the rhythm he sketched.


Lin Fan howls!

This bleak and dull rope, too terrifying, had just appeared, imprisoned the world for 4 hours, sealed his Spiritual Consciousness, and trapped his Soul Sea!

And, when the rope came head-to-head, there were countless fine but sharp barbs in the inner circle of the rope, which was to tear off his head.


Zhu Tian appeared, leaning straight in front of his neck, Lin Fan’s feet kicked into the sky, the whole person bowed slightly, and then backed away sharply.

“Hahaha…In front of Venerable Lord, this Lin Fan is like a ant, but it was between 3 strokes and 5 moves, so he was killed and thrown away.”

“Okay, Yangwujie divine might, so that this wooden Yi know, there is always someone who is better than us.”

“Happy! At this time, even his weapons are deprived, I see how he is still struggling! Why rebel.”

Ka-cha 嚓.

Zhu Tian was trapped, the sharp barb in the inner circle rubbed against his halberd blade, the horrible fire star splashed, very horrible, a drop of fire star only, fell below, even lit the land of ten thousand zhang, let The grass, trees and rocks suddenly turned gray.


The silhouette of the Heaven Grade killer is steep, with ten statues, each holding a sword, separated by ten squares, and then suddenly turned into a sharp line, blasting to Lin Fan!

Throughout Heaven and Earth, only one word cry was heard, and then ten terrible cracks were cut into the sky.

“This is… the ten swords!”

There are killer words with hardships, speaking here.


Lin Fan was so angry that he reached into the sky dome and picked up a large dark cloud, turning it into a black heavy halberd, and slamming ten enemies.

“You are pretty good.”

The Heaven Grade killer said: “There are not many people in the whole Senro world who can stop the attack of this set of deities.”

Is this a compliment?

From the appearance, Lin Fan can only passively dismantle the move and be crushed by the opponent.

“But… it’s time to stop here, I know you’re real and real, and I have no worries, this time you will be born a soul.”

The Heaven Grade killer words suddenly froze, and then, his thousand thousand illusory shadow appeared everywhere, densely packed and filled with the sky, have nothing common with each other, there were war drummers, there were silver long spears, and there were resistance in the hands. Horror wolf fang club.

Just like a sky soldier, siege Demon to the center.

“Oh.” Lin Fan sneered shortly: “You have taken the initiative to kill so many times, and you deserve the deity.”

“Then… you come.”

Heaven Grade killer taunts.

It turned out that a thousand thousand illusory shadow sounded at the same time, even the slightest joking sound turned out to be like thunder.


Lin Fan drew his scepter and drove away.

Where to control the real body or illusory shadow?

No need to look at all, no need to use the eye of rune, just crush it all.

He summon out the thunder cloud of ten thousand zhang, in the thunder cloud, thunder and thunder, and then split another bunch of white lightning!

These lightnings have thick houses and are as long as mountains.

All the illusory shadows one after another were all destroyed under Thunder, and countless beasts were shot by Lin Fan, and they were attacked together with Thunder.


After a raging storm, all the illusory shadows on the sky dome are scattered, and only the Heaven Grade killer deity stands in midair.

He never thought that someone would break him this move in such a brutal way.

He really saw it.

Hundred thousand illusory shadow, it is too difficult to exterminate, there is no terrible group killing power, it is impossible.

“You are again beyond my expectations, but you are still dying.”

He spoke, his face colder.

“God is coming!”

Lin Fan shouted, both of his hands pressed forward, the beast shape that wiped out countless illusory shadows, flew suddenly, bumped into one in the sky dome, and then a majestic silhouette appeared!

This majestic silhouette, which is exactly similar to Lin Fan, is just too huge, ten thousand zhang high, he lifted his foot, just like the Heaven Grade killer fiercely stomped.

Heaven Grade killer made a strange roar, and photographed a mountain of 10000 people. He buckled into the photographed mountain with one arm, and he fell up.


At this moment, the actions of the Heaven Grade killer suddenly froze, and then many killers shouted violently and fled into the distance.

“Illusory shadow? Dao Body? Are you worthy to play in front of me?”

Lin Fan sneered.

That was his past body, abruptly appeared, nailed the eyebrow of this Heaven Grade killer with Palm Blade.

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