Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3058

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This Heaven Grade killer is dead.

When the Palm Blade retracted in the past, he planted a cloud head and smashed the earth into a humanoid pit.

“I still want to escape?”

Lin Fan was angry.

Since these killers have already dealt with him, don’t even want to live anymore.

However, he did not pursue.

It’s just the trifling ghost-level killer, it’s not worthy of his attention.

Lin Fan flicked ten fingers, and a bunch of golden lightning glow shot from his fingertips, and then there was a scream.

All the killers who came to kill him were criticized, and no one could continue to live.

“Big Brother… They have escaped, they have conceded defeat, why did you must kill them.”

The little boy opened her mouth, and her small face had a strong fear.

Lin Fan laughed, saying: “Don’t bear it, you are still young, have enough time to grow up, just vomit if you want to.”

Suddenly, overturning the river.

Lin Fan gently patted the back of the little puppet, helping her to relax.

“Big Brother…I really work hard, but I cannot to bear.”

Xiaonan was timid. Obviously, she was afraid that Lin Fan would be disappointed with her because of her poor performance, so she would not pay her ability.

“It’s okay.” Lin Fan rubbed her head pettingly.

“Big Brother, you haven’t answered the questions of the emperor. The wicked people have escaped. Why should they kill them?” Her words were full of doubts. “Grandfather told me to be kind, to be kind. Heavens.”

Lin Fan sighed: “Fuck, kindness is a noble and beautiful character, but it also needs to be separated.”

He stooped, looked towards the little boy, and said, “You have called them wicked, so naturally you want to kill to the last one.”

Xiaonan’s brows were already tightly frowned, and it was obvious that Lin Fan’s education was refuted by her grandfather’s education.

“For the enemies, we can’t be merciful, do everything except evil, kill them all, because you let them go, they will not be grateful, and they will return in a swirl of dust, and they will be more scary when they come back, making you more terrible. In crisis.”

Lin Fan said slowly, “However, for the weak, we have to sympathize and have mercy, which is the kindness you said in grandfather’s mouth, so do you understand?”

Little boy frows frowned, and it took a while to unwind: “That is, grandfather is right, Big Brother is right, too. Do you want to listen to Big Brother and grandfather at the same time, right?”

Her big eyes blinked and looked at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smiled: “Yes, have you heard the legend of Bodhisattva?”

This World used to have Buddhist Sect.

But in the end, the strange and inexplicable disappearance, Lin Fan is really not sure, there is also the legend of Buddhist Sect in the forest world.

Who knows, the little boy actually heard it and said, “Grandfather said, Bodhisattva is the greatest kindness in the world, compassion for the people…”

There was a sneer smile on the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth, but it was still nodded, said: “But does he know? Even if it is Bodhisattva, even if it is a Buddha, there is also a means to demonic.”

“Does the Buddha make evil?” The little boy frowned again: “The boy doesn’t believe it, grandfather said, the Buddha is a compassionate person.”

Lin Fan hehe smiled: “Vajra with angry eyes, Luohan with tigers, and Venerable Dragons. Without these, how can the Buddha consolidate the faith of the ignorant?”

The little boy obviously couldn’t understand what he said.

Lin Fan laughed and scraped her little Qiong nose, said: “You only need to remember what I said, one day, you will understand.”


The little boy is very clever.

It made Lin Fan think of Xiaoxi when he was a child.

At that time, it was often hanged on his shoulder ask all sorts of questions. In the small head, there were always hundreds of thousands of why. He was always asked to search the stomach every time. The last one was 2 big.

But after all, he was too busy and missed the companion Xiaoxi.

Strictly speaking, he has three children, who has grown up with him?

Nothing seems to happen.

Even at this time, Xiao Nuo, who had become his pride, just lost some skills and methods arbitrarily and violently, and only allowed him to grow.

“Big Brother, you are distracted again.” The little boy coldly snorted, said: “You are talking to the boy, the result is always distracted, do you remember the beautiful elder sister?”

Lin Fan couldn’t help laughing, and said: “That beautiful elder sister, if by seniority, but my Junior, what do I want her to do?”

indeed so.

Xiaowu is his discipline.

Fluttershy, Xiao Wu’s sister, count it like this…

Lin Fan sighed.

During this time, how do you always remember these old things?

Is he escaping like this?

That woman…

He walked forward, and after ten steps, he stopped abruptly, and then his heart jumped!

Could it be advanced?

According to reports, there is no Heavenly Tribulation in the 4th to 5th in the Shenshen, there is no Heavenly Tribulation in the breakthrough, but there is no doubt, but it is just a day, he always thinks of the past and is frustrated from time to time. , Worried that the future peeping in the future will happen, just because, where did he go?

Lin Fan frowned.

But I thought that in my own way, foul wind and bloody rain, various battles, and dying several times, it was time to break the mirror.

Having figured this out, Lin Fan let it go and left him alone.

The so-called demons, he has never seen it, and he really wants to see.

If he is understood by others, he will be scared crazy if he despise and calmly deal with this tribulation!

You should know that there are 4 different concepts in the 5th and 2th realm of the god.

The difference between heaven and earth, heaven and earth’s difference to separate.

Otherwise, it won’t be. The 4th Realm is only the 4th Realm, but the 5th Realm is the Old Ancestor Level.

If you are a cultivator in other 4 realms, and know that you have a chance to break the mirror, you will definitely find a Cave Mansion, and then lay down a ten-man battle, hide yourself and deal with it.

Or, request asylum from the ancestors.

Just because, the hearts and demons are overgrown, from the inside out, it will be very dangerous and terrifying, an accident, body dies and Dao disappears, karma will burn people alive.

Who dares to be like him?

At this time; far away.

“It seems… the blue eye messenger is also just this…” Some people sneered, he came from Yaksha King.

“Hmph!” Qingmu left the envoy heavily coldly snorted, and then suddenly was sneaked: “speaking of which, this Asura Envoy, seems to be also under the prestigious name. It is actually difficult to deny… turned out to be a continuous loss of soldiers.”

Asura right turned her face slightly cold.

At this moment, Asura sneered right, saying, “Even the waste that kills the gods has been cut clean.”

“Tsk tsk, did the Emperor Sen want to die of distress? Interesting.”

“In my opinion, that Mu Yi is indeed out of the ordinary, to kill him, it is not Heaven Grade.” Asura Envoy spoke lightly, then glanced to the left and right, said: “Let your little Brat come back, don’t do it A meaningless sacrifice.”

“You can’t kill unless you are in Heaven Grade.”

Qingmu left eyes narrowed: “Actually, I want to know more about Rakshasa’s attitude.”

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