Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3059

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A group of messengers expressions all weird!

Rakshasa left envoy, obsessed with King Rakshasa, for 1000 years, to never leave each other, go through water and tread on fire, only to smile for Bo Hongyan.

This is not a secret, it is well known in the world.

The so-called striving for something is probably the case.

“That guy is also really bad luck. The so-called fierce girl is afraid of langling. If there is no such thing as Mu Yi, he is grinded for 1000 years and 10000 years. He said that he can really kiss Fangze, but now…”

“Jié jié … I want to know too, when at night, he raised his sword and guarded, looking away at the palace of the aloof and remote, thinking of his beloved woman who was snuggling in the arms of other men, what would he think and expression. “


Suddenly, the eyes of the open eyes roared to the left, and he withdrew 30000 steps to the side. With a bang, a sabre light, at least ten thousand zhang long, crushed the sky he had just stood.

If he escapes one step further, he may die under this blade.

Rakshasa came from the left, his face was cold, and his eyes were full of crazy killing intent.

The messengers narrowed their eyes, then smiled awkwardly.

Either way, they are right and wrong behind the people.

“What happened to Brother Zuo?”

Asura’s right envoy looked towards Xiao Zuo, his eyes narrowed, and then he suddenly smiled and said, “Is it going to be an early battle, let the messenger war end early?”

Xiao Zuo’s eyes were indifferent and said: “Just ordered to travel, listening to people’s nonsense, so he came out and taught him something.”

“Zuo Luo, really make you afraid that you can’t do it?” Qing Mu left envoy roared.

Small left eye slightly shifted and sneered: “If you dare to say one more word, the deity really doesn’t mind killing you here.”

“Okay, after all, there is no great hatred between you and me, just each is its own.”

Asura smiled with his right hand and said, “It’s the same as the fallen people in the world. It’s better to sit down. Ome brewing wine is also a hero.”

Xiao Zuo thought for a while, sat down, and looked towards Asura Right Envoy, said with a sneer: “In the end, which king is under his command is not peaceful, just like your Asura Right Envoy, suppressed by the Left Envoy, in the hands of power I’m afraid they will be taken away by you. Are you willing?”

Asura right complex slightly changed, and then heavily snorted.

“There is still you.” Xiao Zuo’s face was gloomy, looked towards Qing Mu Zuo Shi, ridiculed and said: “You like the world to know, if not Qing Mu Wang really generous, you would have died.”

“Zoro! The messenger will be irreconcilable with you!”

Qingmu’s left expression was grim, and poisonous.

He is as good as Longyang, which is indeed not a secret, and it is also the reason why he sold his life to King Qingmu.

But who dares to mention it?

Moreover, the reason why King Qingmu never killed him was, in the final analysis, only because he was weak, so he had been patient.

“Follow me at any time.” Xiao Zuo sneered, then he looked towards the Yaksha messenger, sneered, but didn’t say much, said: “So, you and I have no difference, we have our own hardships and hardships, mutual sarcasm, end, hurt People hurt themselves.”

Asura’s right envoy laughed: “What did you say? After the war, the four of you and I didn’t know how many would be fewer, but today, without mentioning other grudges, I just drank.”

“Okay, drink.” Xiao Zuo said softly.

Wine is more worrying.

In the end, the wine was not finished, and it was still cooked by Daohuo, but the scent was still overflowing, but Ren was no longer.

After all, not a fellow traveler, how can I drink 3 pots of wine together.


“I think this is an opportunity.”

Qingmu Zuo complex is gloomy, said with a malicious smile: “I don’t care about anything else, but I want Zuo Luo to die!”

Asura smiled to Hehe on the right: “It is indeed available. If it is used well, King Rakshasa is afraid that he will become an orphan. The three highest levels of this royal court, but…it is very interesting.”

Qingmu left her face to bank.

Asura squinted her right eye and said, “The so-called emperor took turns to come to my house next year. I think that people like you and me can’t always surrender.”

“So?” Qingmu left his eyes blooming in cool colors.

“You used the king of blue eyes to help me cut the left envoy, and I promised to use the left envoy to cut Zuo Luo.” Asura right envoy lowered his voice, and in his eyes, it was crazy, said: “Rakshasa without Zuo Luo, no less As for cut off his own arm, Asura King has no left envoy, such as Phoenix Fly Wing, when the time comes…”

“Don’t say it.” Qingmu left envoy quickly scolded, “Slowly…but, you should know what I’m asking, I don’t allow him to die, at least…”

“I understand.” Asura smiled at the right, then extended the hand and said, “So… happy to cooperate?”

Qingmu left jié jié smiled and stretched out his hand, and the two shook hands: “Happy cooperation.”

2 people respectively.

ten thousand li beyond.

Asura’s right ambassador’s non-stop condensing energy of heaven and earth, flushing the palms that he and Qingmu left ambassador shook hands, they have rubbed red, but they still do not stop.

In the end, he grinned and became so fierce that he cut off his hand.

Lin Fan wanders all the way, wandering with the little boy, but the only thing that is not beautiful is that this forest is too miserable, and there are not many views.

But in fact, if you feel it carefully, you also have a different style.

That lava flocks to the sky, the cliff spreads several tens of thousands of li, how magnificent is Heaven and Earth?

“Big Brother…they are so hungry and hungry.”

At this time, the little boy opened his mouth, frowning, rubbing his belly.

Lin Fan suddenly smiled apologetically.

He has been able to break through the valley and has to eat for several thousand years, so he has forgotten that Little Brat needs to eat.

“The boy is tolerant, and he can eat in front.” Lin Fan said.

Little eyes shined, swallowed saliva, said: “Is there any white godsend powder? Or is it a fragrant grass root?”

Lin Fan sighed.

The so-called godsend powder is a pollen of petals, the most common hunger in this forest.

But on it, this thing has no taste and is slightly bitter.

As for the herbivorous root, it is just the rhizome of a plant, which is slightly sour. These two things, in Chaos Realm or Three Thousand World, even the Netherworld, are just things that feed animals.

But in the Senro world, it is the food pursued by countless ordinary people.

In particular, from the mouth of this little girl who was unearthly, when she was said to be like the world, Lin Fan’s heart was involuntarily uncomfortable.

“Fuck, there will be a variety of foods you have never seen before, treasures, when the time comes you can taste it.” Lin Fan said distressedly.

“What is food? What’s a treasure? Isn’t it delicious than the godsend powder?” The little boy was puzzled.

In her cognition, God-given powder and herbivorous root are afraid that it is the most beautiful food in the world.

Lin Fan stooped and hugged the little boy, saying, “Of course there is, when the time comes when the boy comes understood.”

“Then Big Brother, can you go faster? Fly with the puppet, the puppet is almost starving to death.”

The little pucker wrinkled her nose, which was very cute and made Lin Fan full of smiles.

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