Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3060

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This way, Lin Fan unexpectedly calm.

Along the way, I did not feel any murderous intention, nor did at all killer appear in ten thousand zhang around him.

Lin Fan just thought a little, and clear comprehension everything.

Sneered, speed up again, control the divine rainbow, and head towards the banquet place.

Of course, there is no murderous intention on this road, it can only represent that all the murderous intentions are gathered at the banquet room, and it will definitely be more violent.


This is a very prosperous town.

It belongs to Asura King and is the third most luxurious place.

The banquet place is on a beautiful mountain.

Seeing the rough land, barren mountains and unruly rivers all the way, to this noisy place, there is a short period of discomfort.

Especially when I saw the towering green hill in the middle of the town, Lin Fan actually felt that it was a bit of an illusion.

This mountain, named Cool Breeze Mountain, is a very simple name, but it is indeed one of only two green mountains in the territory of Asura King millions and millions li.

It is often here to entertain guests of all parties, and under the rule of Asura King, they are proud to be invited to Cool Breeze Mountain.

Some people even say that as long as you can walk on Cool Breeze Mountain, it proves and represents that you are already a human being.

Even if you are just chosen to act as a servant girl or a dancer, you can double your worth.

This banquet is here.

Little girl shyly, shrunk behind Lin Fan’s shirt.

She has been 3 years old, but why have you seen the beautiful scenery, and why have you heard the sensation?

“囡囡.” Lin Fan said with a smile, and then took the little white hand of Xiao Nan, pointed at Cool Breeze Mountain, and said, “It’s the one with the most beautiful food in the world.”

The little boy’s eyes are shiny.

Lin Fan laughed, holding the little boy forward and saying, “Well, Big Brother is telling you the truth, whether it is in cultivator’s society or in the dunya, people all have ranks. Azure Dragon impossible and The ants get together, and the ants do not even have the qualification to look up to the sky dome where Azure Dragon is located.”

Of course, the little boy does not understand.

Lin Fan thought for a while and said: “You have to integrate into another level, and then slowly climb until you reach the Peak of this world, let others seek to integrate into your environment.”

The little boy still didn’t understand, blinking his big eyes, and said, “Is it right? The higher the level, the better the food? The more beautiful you wear?”

Lin Fan looked down, and he looked at the little shabby pair of shoes with their left toes showing on the left, and then looked towards, the coarse yellowed linen skirt, heavily nodded, said: “Yes.”

“I will climb.” The little boy was heavily nodded.

Lin Fan led her, went to the coat shop first, and decorated her carefully.

This is a white dress. The little girl puts it on like a little princess. She is very beautiful. She laughs and laughs like a butterfly.

“Go away, naughty.”

Up the mountain.

Surprisingly, no one kept the gate.

Those who hovered outside the mountain gate were all eyes closed, and there were many women in act coquettishly.

Lin Fan didn’t say anything, and took the little boy into it.

Singing and dancing rose, and singing lightly and dancing.

Stacks of delicious food are placed in delicate dishes.

“Fuck, what are you going to eat?” Lin Fan asked with a smile.

Only because Xiaoyan’s eyes are straight, her eyes are spinning around these foods, and then she swallows hard.

laughed, Lin Fan said: “The boy is waiting for me here, Big Brother will go and get you some delicious food.”

He thought that he was indeed ill-considered.

this girl, where can I call the names of these things?

For the people in the small mountain village, the spoonful of food inside is probably enough to live 1000 to 100 years.

Lin Fan took the little boy to a dining table and sat down, turned to the food court.

He carefully selected a few, but absolutely no oil filter, mostly some pastries, or very nutritious things.

The little girl is too small to eat oil filter, but there are some big supplements such as dragon marrow and so on, which is too much to supplement, little girl can not bear.

Picking these 4 things for this little girl, Lin Fan really thought a bit.

Just at this time –

“Where is this little child without tutoring!”

A sharp, vicious voice came suddenly.

Lin Fan raised his eyes, picked up the selected ingredients with one hand, and took a step forward.

He saw it.

It was a flowery woman. At this time, it was like a cat with a fluffy hair, staring viciously at the little puppet, and the little puppet had tears in his big eyes, timidly, and apologized.

“Apology! Is an apology useful? Do you know how expensive my skirt is? It’s made of celestial silk. If the starlight is brilliant, it’s the touch of your claws that makes its starlight dim.” This woman In this noisy environment, the sound is very harsh.

“Big sister, I’m really sorry, I think it’s too beautiful, unable to bear…”

The little boy lowered his head and yelled.

Lin Fan frowned.

The woman passed.

Where is the starlight dim?

“Unable to bear? Wearing a rag that wasn’t bought for 100 gold, he would have his face mixed into this Cool Breeze Mountain? What about your adult? Call him out. I want to see, who raised the child, so no tutor.”

“I raised it, do you have an opinion?”

Lin Fan is here. First, he pulled the baby boy.

“Big Brother… The boy did something wrong.” The little boy cried.

Lin Fan wiped her tears clean and said, “It’s okay.”

“It’s okay?” The woman narrowed her eyes and said, “You know…”

“I know the skirt woven by the sky star silk.”

Lin Fan glanced coldly at the woman and said, “I’ll compensate you.”

“Yeah… compensation? It’s a big tone, is your whole body worth gold 1000 2, and dare to say a compensation word?” A pampered young master appeared, his nostrils facing up, with a sneered sneer.

“Brother Fu, take a look. People haven’t worn this skirt for 2 hours. As a result, they have been tainted by this untouchable…you know, people have cleanliness…”

The woman was about to weep, and she acted coquettishly on the man. That tone turned Lin Fan into a fine goose bump.

“Hmph!” The man was heavily snorted coldly, looking towards Lin Fan: “Looking at you as poor, impossible can afford this skirt, so don’t say I bully people, kneel down with your daughter, and bow, Drilling under the crotch of Lao Tzu may allow your father and daughter to stand down from this mountain, otherwise…”

“Brother Fu… People’s good moods have been destroyed, is it just to kneel and apologize?”

This woman is really too vicious. Tie Qing’s face is grim, and she says: “I heard that there is a secret technique, you can change your eyes… Brother Fu… People have always been dissatisfied with their eyes. If…your servant It will also be more beautiful.”

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