Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3061

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This woman is too cheap, too poisonous and ruthless!

There is such a damn request!

The secret technique is used to dig out the eyes of the little boy and transplant them on her body.

Because she felt her eyes were small and not beautiful.

Lin Fan was thinking, maybe, this is the reason why this bitch woman will be entangled in this matter.

“Yeah…don’t say, your reminder, I really think the eyes of this Little Lass are very beautiful, round and black.”

The man whom the cheap woman called the elder brother laughed, and then he stared at Lin Fan playfully and sarcastically: “Well…this Young Master gives you a chance, isn’t it to compensate? As long as you can take out the same astral silk, This Young Master will spare you.”

The evil woman changes color.

But soon, she grinned, almost baring fangs and brandishing claws.

She was originally worried that if the casually dressed man really took out the star silk, she would miss a pair of beautiful, satisfied eyes.

But she looked carefully, from top to bottom, and found that this kind of poor acid; it must be walked the lucky dog ​​excrement, was slightly valued by the big thing, and then invited him to come to Cool Breeze Mountain at will.

How could such a person be compensated for Tian Xing Si?

“Tsk tsk…Can’t you get it? What atmosphere do you blow?” The young surname Young Master was angry and grinning: “You missed the best time, now, dig out your daughter’s eyes, this Young Master It is still promised that Xu Er will stand down the mountain, otherwise…”

A cold glow came out of the Young Master’s eyes.

The little boy was so scared that he cried. It was very pitiful and sad, and many people could not bear it. They wanted to stand up and speak, but they were caught by the people beside them.

Obviously, the name of the mansion pampered young master is remarkable. At the very least, for the people present, aloof and remote, dare not be irritated.

At the same time, these people sighed, pitying and pitifully looked towards Lin Fan 2 people.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry.” Lin Fan started, he smiled, and gently wiped away the tears to the little Dian.

“Big Brother…Don’t dig into the eyes of the boy, otherwise the boy will not see the father and mother.”

She tried hard to stop crying, but made herself cough again and again.

Lin Fan didn’t speak, just got up slowly, pointed to the young surname Young Master, and said coldly and plainly: “I also give you a chance. Now, by digging this evil woman’s eyes, I can make you a good death. “

The family name is Young Master stared wide-eyed.

No one can believe the onlookers.

At the same time, my heart sighed even more.

Originally, if at this time, big things were willing to come out to mediate, then this matter would have passed.

But after this sentence, everything born may be gone.

Tentatively don’t talk about the Young Master in this house, but it’s a ghost-level grandmaster. This man who speaks looks thin and weak, and he does not have a half-expert style. It is estimated that he can’t bear the trick of the young surname Young Master.

Even if he is really hidden, he can hold a half move in the hands of this ghost-level Zun, but how can he be the opponent of the expert at a higher level?

“Hehe…hahaha…” The Young Master of the house laughed wildly, and then all the smiles came to an abrupt end, growled: “It depends on how you keep this deity from dying.”

He shot, turned into a huge ghost head, and gnawed at Lin Fan and the little 囡囡!

This is one of the characteristics of ghost-level killers.

“Good and ferocious!”

“Ghost-level killer, the name is not in vain.”

Some people were horrified. Of course, there were also female cultivator screaming. They quickly closed their eyes and dared not go to see the little girl’s flowery and splendid age but suddenly passed away. They couldn’t bear to watch that kind of bloody scene happen.


Suddenly, Heaven and Earth exploded.

The grisly and terrifying ghost head suddenly exploded, and then from the exploding ghost head, a bloody man screamed and fell into the zheng fei, slammed into the rock.

The weak man in their eyes was still standing quietly.

Even, simply nobody can see his punch.

“Ah…” The surname pampered young master screamed, his skeleton all shattered, if not embedded in the rock, it must be a muddy mud.

“This Young Master wants you to die! Let your family die, no matter who you are…”

He roared.

“Who dares to attack my people!”

A roar of terror came from the middle of the mountain, and then everyone saw that someone was controlling the sword to kill.

This person is too terrifying, at least at the human level.

“Old clan, kill him for this Young Master!” Fu Young Master yelled, and he pointed to Lin Fan.

The old clan’s eyes were gloomy: “It’s been a long time since I saw this madman.”

“You saw it today.” Lin Fan sneered.

“Crazy! Roll over and kneel, this deity is forgiving.” Patriarch’s tongue burst into spring, shaking this mountain.

Lin Fan sneered.

“Come to die!”

This clan is angry.

Who is he?

Heavenly Venerate.

Who can disrespect?

In this whole Senrow world, it is also Peak’s expert.

He came down with a big hand, and in his palm, there were dozens of fan-shaped warriors coming out of it, just like the blood drops, and Lin Lin’s body was going to be shredded.


The big hand of this patriarch exploded, and half of his body directly exploded into a blood mist. Once again, the footsteps of the Young Master of the House were embedded in the rock wall, and it was even worse than the Young Master of the House. Only one head was moaning in pain, even a sentence The whole thing can’t be said.

At this step, everyone understands.

This is not a bullying thing, but a powerhouse not just in name only, but also in reality!

No wonder he is so calm and stable, like 10000 things do not linger.


Do you think this happened?

If this is the case, then it is too small to look at these three years, one of the newly-increased Peak strong families-the family.

The style of this family, seeking revenge for the slightest grievance.

I played the small ones, the old ones, the old ones lost, and the older ones… came.


“Where does the lunatic dare to fight against our people repeatedly?”

From the higher part of the mountain, there is a roar, and there is a deep cold slash from the extremely high place.

Lin Fan expression turned cold!

Is this endless?

His big hand went forward, this is his first shot here.

With his big hand in the air, he first extinguished the killing man in the air, and then continued to probe. When his hand retracted, 5 fingers pinched the neck of an old man: “old bastard, endless?”

“Let them three people, knock on their heads and ask for mercy. Since then, they will spare your daughter from dying.”

On the foothills.

The house owner spoke.

His eyes were gloomy, his eyes spanning 1000 miles, and he was nailed to Lin Fan like a knife.

Lin Fan smiled, he leaned slightly towards the top of the mountain, ridiculed and joking.

Then he looked towards the little boy and said, “Brother told you that, except for evil, do you remember this sentence?”

The little boy is nodded.

“So… are all dead.”

In this sentence, Lin Fan spoke extremely lunar, and there was a golden divine spear heading towards the top of the mountain.


As a result, the divine spear he killed was stopped by the mid-air shield, calmly said: “This matter, this seat is under the pocket, let’s stop here.”

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