Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3062

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“Respect 1000 Shadow Kill!”

Someone exclaimed, with reverence, with the excitement of seeing the Legendary character.

This is an old man.

There is also no concealment of truth, standing in the air.

But the body swayed like a wave of water, clearly standing in front of everyone’s eyes, but it seemed to be far away.

He blocked Lin Fan’s attack, and spoke indifferently, flicking towards Lin Fan lightly, and then looked towards the two members of the family on the deep nippers, his brows slightly wrinkled.

Lin Fan looked at the 1000 Shadow Kill Master coldly.

Kindly persuade?

This is not the case at all.

This old bastard has been paying attention to this place for a long time. At the beginning, he and the little boy were not favored by everyone. When they laughed and showed mercy, he drank himself.

The old bastard remained indifferent and calm when a human-level killer attacked him.

But when he saw that he was not easy to provoke, even after he controlled 2 people, he slowly walked out.

And, when he was prevented from slaughtering to the head of the family, he blocked the old bastard for the family.

“Youngster, you are indeed very good, it should be a rising star.” 1000 Shadow Kill respected his eyes, his eyes were very indifferent. After looking at Lin Fan, slowly leisurely said: “But your heart is too ruthless, too poisonous to start, easy to condemn.”

“Cruel?” Lin Fan’s heart was filled with anger and murderous intention. He roared: “Are you blind? They want to dig people’s eyes, why don’t you say their cruelty and poison?”

“Boy, you have no awe in your heart.” 1000 Shadow Kill’s face suddenly sank.

He couldn’t think of anything, he came forward, this kid, dare to be so impudent.

sneered, 1000 Shadow Kill respectfully sneered: “Even if you have innate talent, but you haven’t grown up yet, but in my hands you are no ants, if you dare to say more, old man doesn’t mind one hand shrouding the heavens, killing Heaven’s Chosen. “

“Jié jié…a big tone, a great majesty, isn’t it just killing the king? Isn’t it the Heaven Grade? You give it a try.”

Lin Fan laughed.

Today, it’s really extreme.

Everyone, looked towards 1000 Shadow Kill.

Repeatedly offended, what will happen to him?

If you really do it, it will really fall into the name of strangling Heaven’s Chosen.

But if you don’t do it… how can you establish majesty?

1000 Shadow Kill exclaimed, saying, “The old man really shouldn’t have said that.”

A group of people all praised the massive Wang Han of 1000 Shadow Kill, and also knew that this 1000 Shadow Kill must have a back hand.

He is as famous as him, since he was a child, he has never suffered from anything.


“Junior, kneel down, see Senior, be defeated, see Heaven Grade be respected; you should be aware of this.”

1000 Shadow Kill respect unperturbed.

This is indeed the iron law of Sen Luo.

But Lin Fan cannot be constrained.

A group of people suck in a cold breath.

Suppressing this lunatic with the world iron law is indeed a coup.

It can be said that as easy as blowing off dust, it will save all the faces, and even the bloodless sword, it will be able to suppress it and all the arrogant arrogance of the madman.

Good means.

“Jié jié ……” The head of the family also walked out with a grin: “The head of the house, but it is also a Heaven Grade…So, do you kneel?”

In the last four words, he spoke heavily, as if thunder rolled.

2 great objects aloof and remote, like Buddha, like Fiendgod, overlooking innumerable living beings.

Do you kneel or not!

This is a big problem!

In the environment where the ranks of Senrow are so severe to horror and harshness, whoever dares to challenge the superiors from the following will die very miserably. Impossible has any way to live. This is a challenge to the privileged class of the entire world. Who Capacity?

“Wait for Zun Zun, and see the house owner.”

One by one knelt down, and soon, he knelt in a row in a black crush.

Lin Fan’s eyes were gloomy.

“Hahaha …… This Young Master, as the successor of the House, was born first-class expert, see the king under the first grade, so… kneel down to this Young Master!”

Even the Young Master who was blown into the cliff by Lin Fan laughed.

“Huh…” 1000 Shadow Kill smiled, and the killing intent in his eyes gradually became thicker: “You seem very disobedient.”

Lin Fan murderous aura, why did Zeng not get more and more full!

When I came to this banquet, I had never thought about goodness.

That’s where it starts.


His 5-finger killer of the family-level Peak was directly destroyed by him.

“No one can save you. You commit a crime. This is the rule of heaven. This is the law of iron.”

1000 Shadow Kill Zun laughed, bloody and grim, he was about to start.

It is at this time.

You Xiangyun came from a very far distance, that is 9 Long Chuan!

Everyone is discolored.

Seeing the canopy that covered most of the sky, I knew that this was the king’s trip!

Is that the king came here?

Can’t help but think about it, everyone knocked down, the entire Cool Breeze Mountain, all creatures, all creeping.

The 9 dragons came and drove to Cool Breeze Mountain.

Then, Rakshasa appeared on the right.

Everyone’s complexion changed again.

It turned out to be General under the First King!

“Get up.” Rakshasa’s right voice was very calm.

Everyone got up, but they didn’t even dare to raise their heads a little bit, but everyone was suspicious, and they used this Rakshasa right envoy, but they didn’t have the qualification to use these 9 dragons.

This is the king, only to enjoy the posture of travel.

Could it be… King Rakshasa is in it?

Shiver coldly everyone.


That is the existence above the 10000 spirits, in front of the king, what kills the king, what head of the house, clay chickens and pottery dogs.

The footsteps sounded, everyone knew that at this time, the only one who dared to move and made footsteps was Rakshasa Right Envoy.

But what is she going to do?

Soon, everyone understood!

Rakshasa stepped right down into the sky, facing the man they had just aimed at, and then, when he reached 3 feet away, under one-knee kneels.

At the same time, the huge 9 dragons all stooped, and the ensuing 1000 ghost-level killers also put the soldiers in the air, and then their brows touched the soldiers.

This is acknowledge allegiance!

This is respect!

This is a posture of loyalty to the Lord!

Who is he.

“Meet the prince.”

Rakshasa opened his right.

1000 Shadow Kill’s body trembles violently, and his face pales like a snowflake.

The main body of the house shuddered at a distance, and then his feet softened, sitting directly on the ground.

“Prince? Did the crazy woman give me the title?” Lin Fan blinked, and then said with a smile: “Forget it, take care of him, borrow it first.”

Rakshasa bowed his head right.

She dare not answer at all.

It is naturally known that the relationship between his own king and this person is complicated and ambiguous, and it is difficult to explain.

King Rakshasa called the wood easy to waste.

Mu Yi called Rakshasa Wang Weiying’s wife, and it’s not a good word.

But, who dare to put their beaks under these men?

He glanced at Rakshasa’s right envoy and said, “Little right, what is the identity of the prince in this world?”

Rakshasa right startedled, and then frowned, saying: “Without this identity, my king is the first queen of the Sen Luo world.”

Lin Fan frowned.

Xiao You then said: “However, the prince is only half a level lower than the king, only under the emperor and the king.”

“Okay, I don’t care about right or left, just enough.”

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