Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3063

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Lin Fan said lightly and simply, and then, he jokingly glanced at the 1000 Shadow Kill Venerable Master and the house owner, smiling.

These two people were shocked by Lin Fan’s laughter.

As for the Young Master in that house…

It’s too rubbish.

It’s a waste.

When the right envoy of Rakshasa said the prince, he was stunned and fainted. It seemed that it was impossible to wake up for a long time, and his poop was peeing and smelling.

This made Rakshasa, who has always loved cleanliness, clouded his right eye. If Lin Fan was not here, the scolding would have already shot, and the young Master of this house would be depressed.

“Sorry.” Lin Fan shrugged, jokingly: “It seems…my identity is higher than yours.”

1000 Shadow Kill Zun and the house owner, his face is whiter.

Lin Fan’s eyes were cold and he scoffed: “So… who kneels?”

Rakshasa’s right eye suddenly froze, crying angrily: “I waited for the big dog gall to dare to offend my domain prince and be the ten tribes.”

“pu pass.”

“pu pass.”

2 Everyone knelt down, shiver coldly, and kowtowed like garlic, asking Lin Fan for forgiveness.

“Prince, please forgive your life, have eyes but fail to recognise Mount Tai.”

“Prince …”

2 people shed tears, while shiver coldly.

“Now beg for mercy? What about the original arrogant and despotic?” Lin Fan’s eyes were cold, and he pointed to 1000 Shadow Kill Venerable: “Aren’t you going to kill Heaven’s Chosen? Come and try, the Venerate gives you a chance.”

1000 Shadow Kill Venerable is cold.

He finally knew who this was!

This is Mu Yi.

Along the way, there are dozens of Heaven Grade killers dying in his hands.

What is he?

He prostrate oneself in admiration, buried his face in the mud, and dared not say a word.

As for the other onlookers, they also knelt down on the ground at this time, turning their hearts down.

Today, it is really a twist.

Unexpectedly, when everyone thought that this matter should come to an end, when these two people ended in tragedy, there would be a big reversal.

“It’s disgusting.” Lin Fan frowned, looked towards the Young Master of the House of Familiar, waved his hand lightly, and all the odors were gone, and at the same time, the Young Master of the House of Home was also awakened by Lin Fan’s intentional stimulation.

As soon as he woke up, he cried and shook the sky. He knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Lin Fan. There was no such thing as Young Master’s manners. His nose and tears were mixed together, which was disgusting.

“Prince… Please beg your life…”

He thumped his head, and his eyebrows were cracked, and then he suddenly looked towards not far away, the wicked girl who had been scared to the ground long ago, said with a malicious smile: “The prince is her, she used it It’s Hu Meigong, who confuses the villain’s mind; I made a big mistake… I killed her, and killed her…”

He seemed to be enchanted, he kept saying forgiveness, and then got up, carrying the sword, and approached the evil girl with a grin.

Lin Fan looked coldly, and with a knock, the Young Master of this house, forcibly cut off the head of the wicked girl.

Lin Fan sneered: “I’m fair and fair in doing things, and you have broken a star’s silk dress, I will accompany you.”

The house owner closed his eyes in pain.

He always thought it was a major event.

It turned out that it was just a skirt.

Even if it is astral silk, even if this thing is indeed expensive, it is indeed extravagant, but for the other family, what is it worth?

Now it’s for this skirt, so much trouble for this house.

“Dare not dare…” Young Master Fu smiled: “How dare you ask for compensation.”


Lin Fan’s eyes were cold, just one finger, and he captured the Young Master of the house, and then he grinned, his hands directly into the nine heavens above, he took the cocoon as a cocoon, and then stripped the cocoon and pulled the star as silk!

In fact, generally speaking, celestial silk refers to the silk spit out by the celestial silkworms after swallowing the star glow. Because no one has such luxury, please move a creature of at least Old Ancestor Level to do this directly.

But Lin Fan has done it now!

“Want to come to the star silk drawn by this deity, I am afraid that it is much more expensive than the so-called sky star silk, but it is enough to compensate you?” Lin Fan’s eyes were colder.

Thinking of the first time, the fear and grievance in the eyes of Xiaonan’s eyes made his murderous intention even stronger.

“Enough, enough.” Young Master Fu laughed.

“Just enough, then you can pick it up!”

Lin Fan’s eyes were too cold.

He started, pulling away cocoons!

It can be seen that from 9 days ago, a star-studded silk thread was pulled off by him, and then there were strands of golden lightning, which cut the thread into sections and slowly pressed it towards the Young Master’s head.

The master of the house changed color, and closed his eyes in pain for the second time, and looked up hard, but there was still a tear.

Old Ancestor Level Star silk stripped by the soul, every strand is as heavy as a mountain.

Just like this endless emergence, slowly press down.

This is to crush the Young Master in life.


The Young Master of the house screamed and begged for mercy.

But it was useless. Eventually, he was buried alive by Xingsi.

Clapping his hands, Lin Fan looked towards Xiao Nan, saying, “Yan, this is all about doing evil, are you understood?”

The little boy is nodded.

Lin Fan said: “Know that the wicked people will never do evil things on you. Before you, you must have committed more. So, if you kill the wicked people, you will avenge those innocent victims.”

The little boy seems to understand, but very nodded.

Rakshasa frowned to the right, and said softly, “Prince, are you the little girl who wants this sculpted jade and become a witch?”

“No.” Lin Fan retorted seriously, “I just told her the truth.”

Rakshasa sighed to the right.

Lin Fan looked towards Xiao Nan, said: “Yan, in fact, this young Master is not even evil, if there is no power behind him, if no one invites him, how can he stir the wind with his trifling ghost level Disturb the rain, tyrannically abuse power?”

The naughty naughty nadded.

“So… how are we going to do it?” He began, following the temptation.

“In addition to doing our best, we must pull up the forces behind the wicked by the roots to be truly great.”

Lin Fan’s eyes lit up: “Rotten wood can be carved!”

Then, a murderous intention came into his eyes: “The House Lord, you and I have no hatred, but when I cut your parents, this hatred came.”

The house owner lowered his head and said, “Dare, if you are willing to go home next, this will release the house and dissipate in between Heaven and Earth.”

Lin Fan tsk tsk smiled: “It is said that you are 30000 years old and you have only one son, right?”

The homeowner complexion slightly changed.

Lin Fan sneered: “Dissolve the family and let clansman take a walk in the forest world, and then…you are in trouble with me day and night…but right? Don’t pretend, why?”

The housekeeper’s face changed abruptly!

Kill the child’s revenge, absolutely irreconcilable!

How could it not be reported?

But no matter what, he could not think that his thoughts were actually read thoroughly.

“1000 Shadow, give you a chance, kill him, I won’t deal with you.” Lin Fan jokingly looked towards 1000 Shadow Kill.

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