Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3064

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The face of the house owner suddenly changed!

He turned back suddenly and said sadly, “1000 Shadow Brother?”

This is his best friend, his friend, and has been Life and Death Together for many years.

1000 Shadow Kill Zun has no superfluous expressions, but draws out the sword without Shadow Kill to Lin Fan Keng: “Prince…”

He hadn’t finished speaking yet, and the house owner haha ​​laughed: “Mu Yi! With the support of 1000 shadow brothers, it is not difficult to escape from this place. For the rest of your life, you will be in…”


He was split.

The merciless killing sword is only one foot long, but the sword glow shot 3 feet long, cut off with his head, a line of blood shot from the warlord’s body, and he was cut into two and a half.


The housekeeper screamed, he is still not dead!

Heaven Grade killer, can stain the blood of the ancestors, even if the cultivation base does not reach the realm, but the minimum is Old Ancestor Level; life force is too tenacious and terrifying, and it is cut into two and a half. It is impossible and died in an instant.

However, his life should come to an end, only because Heaven Shadow Kill stared at him in a gloomy way.

“Many thanks to the prince, bestowal on life!”

1000 Shadow Kill Venerable, he smiled with fawn, his hands clenched without the Shadow Kill sword.

“It’s easy to talk.” Lin Fan waved his hand with a smile, but soon his eyes rose: “But, he’s not dead yet.”

“Jié jié … he died soon.”

“1000 Shadows, your miscellaneous defiance, to forget favors and violate justice…”

The two body parts of the housekeeper were creeping, as if they were to be glued together again, scolding and roaring.

But soon, he was speechless, and all were screamed and stuck in his throat knot.

1000 Shadow Kill is too bloody and fierce!

Using the Shadow Kill Sword as a bone-cutting sword, the 1000 100 swords were chopped in succession, and the house owner was directly chopped into chips. Even Divine Soul failed to escape.

Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly cold.

It’s ruthless.

“Sovereign Prince.”

1000 Shadow Kill Zun opened his mouth, and his one-knee kneels were on the ground: “He has cut this brutal Patriarch for Zun Shang. In fact, the house was originally honest, but because of him, the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked.”

“Oh? Really?” Lin Fan raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Exactly.” 1000 Shadow Kill respected solemnly, and then he laughed and said, “Of course, the end of the house is all the arbitrariness of the prince, and trifling dare not put his beak down.”

Lin Fan shrugged, indifferent expression.

“Dare to ask Venerable, can you leave now?” The 1000 Shadow Kill Venerate tentatively questioned, and their hearts were quivering at this moment.

“Of course, this seat has never been empty words.” Lin Fan waved his hand, indicating that 1000 Shadow Kill could be gone.

1000 Shadow Kill Zun’s eyes burst into bloom!

It really can escape.

Can escape from this dead ground!

This is not easy, beyond his cognition.

In fact, he beheaded the old friend of the head of the house, just hoping for a fluke.

He faced the Lin Fan side, bowed and retreated from thehundred zhang, which slowly turned his head.

Obviously, he has been guarding against this kind of retreat, in a way, it does show respect for Lin Fan.

But on the other hand, it is to deal with Lin Fan’s possible regret at any time.

He turned around, his mind suddenly relaxed a lot, and stepping on the cloud head, he would leave.


At this moment, there was a bunch of cold light straight from the head of 1000 Shadow Kill. His mind was just relaxed, he was suddenly attacked, and suddenly his head was gone!

This is Rakshasa’s right shot.

“Sovereign Prince, do you want to eat fat?”

1000 Shadow Kill Vener screamed and yelled, his eyes full of terror.

“You made a mistake.” Lin Fan was calm: “I really didn’t shoot you!”


1000 Shadow Kill Lord Roar.

He knew that he fell into a text trap and was Lin Lin’s words.

“The deity one word worth nine sacred tripods, how can you be fat with words? It’s just that, as you are so cruel, you can hurt the scum of poisonous hands to your own brother. Xiaoyou can’t see you, and it’s normal to kill you.” Lin Fan remain calm and composed while handling pressing affairs.

At the same time, his eyes were suddenly cold: “Kill.”

Rakshasa shot from the right.

To Lin Lin’s surprise and shock, Rakshasa’s envoy, the woman who was always teased by his cheeks, used a weapon that turned out to be a huge xuanhua axe. It looked very strange, but it was Has an alternative beauty.

“Mu Yi! Lao Tzu won’t let you go even if he becomes a ghost, he will cry at your pillow every night and ask for your life.”

This voice is too vicious.

Even if all come here are cultivator, but it still makes people chill.

Lin Fan sneered.

From the time of embarking on monasticism, how could there be no 10000 lives in his hands, a similar curse, he did not know how many times he heard 10000 times, how could he be afraid?



First Ax, Shadowless Sword breaks.

Second Ax, 1000 shadows die.

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

This woman was fighting too aggressively and wildly. When the Xuanhua board and axe danced, it looked like a Tyrannosaurus.


Xiaoyou came and said, “My king has orders to let his entourage follow him.”

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “You go back, but the chariot left me.”

Xiaoyou frowned, but in the end, she still obeyed, leaving, of course, a chaser.

Cool Breeze Mountain suddenly became quiet. It seemed that even the breeze didn’t dare to impudent. When he came here, it was blowing a lot lighter.

But Lin Fan’s eyes are now gloomy.

On the top of the mountain, there were few people.

In this world of Senrow, none of them can be called a great character.

Suddenly, Lin Fan smiled, and the corners of his mouth twiddled the level of jokes.

Is this going to dismount him?

It is clear that the banquet opening time has been set, but one of those real people is less.

“Let’s go, don’t allow anyone to mention the matter of the deity, otherwise…”

Lin Fan’s eyes cold, cold light blooming.

He flew into 9 holding the little puppet, and Long Xuan left directly.

Distant ten thousand li beyond.

A group of real giants in the Senro world gather here.

“Isn’t that good?”

Yaksha frowned with his left hand: “However, Mu Yi is also the husband of King Rakshasa.

“Hmph! Husband-in-law? What’s the matter? When nothing is officially crowned, nothing counts.”

“It is true.” Some messengers flicked the wine in the glass: “Leave him dry, so that he knows, but here is the Senrow Realm, but not Chaos Realm, first warn him, let him not believe oneself infallible, thought I Sen Luojie is like Chaos Realm, and he can let him stir the wind and rain.”

Yaksha left his sigh: “Okay, it’s up to you, but don’t go too far. You should know that Rakshasa King Keshi is not helpful. If she is angry… I’m afraid I dare to hit our king’s court, even With the protection of the kings, we will all be very uncomfortable, and we will have to peel off the skin before we die.”

“Hehe … Bunzumba must not be like this.”

Asura sneered at the right, saying: “If Namu Yi is really so incompetent, forced by us and needs King Rakshasa to come forward, then…what other face does he have to stay in this Senrow Realm?”

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