Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3065

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The emperor Qingmu raised his head, then ridiculed and said, “The time is almost up, he should have waited for 2 hours.”

“It’s almost the same, 2 hours…hehe, interesting.”

They left and hurried towards Cool Breeze Mountain.

Cool Breeze Mountain, quiet and peaceful, just like those cruel and bloody things never happened.

“Sorry, please forgive me. Halfway through, my king was in trouble, so I came down late.”

Asura laughed heartily to the right, and the sound shook the sky.

“Sorry, please forgive me. Halfway through, I met a must-kill person, and hunted down to the ends of the earth. After he gave him the title, he rushed.”

Another messenger spoke, with a cheerful smile.

Cool Breeze Mountain, everyone looks up at the sky with strange eyes!

It was so coincidental that 3 people came together, and the reasons are just and honorable?

Where is this possible?

No one is a fool, of course, from the clues, it has been known that this is simply a few people deliberately, what is required is Luo Muyi’s face, to attack his majesty, etc…


Cool Breeze Mountain, Master, already knows that person’s means, in the end, who dare to judge.

3 The ambassador came and separated a sky, all standing on the clouds, the atmosphere was very rich and horrible.

But soon, their faces changed!

Very ugly and gloomy!

Then, Asura raised her hand to the right, photographed a demon-level killer on the mountainside on Yuntou, and asked with a greasy expression: “Mu Yi? Didn’t you come?”

How dare you tell the truth about this monster-level killer?

The left and right are great characters, and they can easily decide his life and death in one word. They can only talk about it and dare not speak.

“Get lost!”

Asura made Fiercely throw the demon-killer right.

If it were not for this person who also has a good cultivation base, he would definitely be killed alive.

“Damn it!” Asura’s right anger Hah!

Originally thought that it was they who had cooled Mu Yi for 2 hours. As a result, the other party was even less punctual than them?


If they really came in accordance with the banquet time, wouldn’t they be put on this pigeon for 2 hours?


Qingmu left sighed: “Go on.”

The three messengers all flew on top of the mountain. Everyone’s face was unnatural and ugly.

Then, when their three people looked at each other, they could all see a little laugh from the other person’s eyes.

“Wait.” Yaksha sighed on the left. “Everyone has come here, can they still leave?”

3 Everyone cursed in a low voice.

Then, there was a long wait.

On the first hour, three people talked about the various dangers and levels in the cultivation.

On the second hour, the three began to expose each other, and even the three emissaries did not rise up. When they were young, they had peeped out that they had peeped to see the female bathing next door.

On the third hour, I really can’t find any chat.

Only big eyes staring at small eyes are left.

“Ma De! Drink! Guess the fist, dare to come one at a time?”

Asura made her eyes fiercely fierce, as if to vent the pig’s breath by Lin Fan in this wine.

As a result, they drank a full hour of wine, and behind them were placed a full-meter wine jar, Lin Fan …… still not arrived.

In fact, according to Lin Fan’s intentions, I don’t want to release their pigeons for so long.

The reason is that the little puppet is so excited. Seeing these 9 dragons, the little face flushed with excitement and excitement, begging Lin Fan to take her to play with the dragon.

Therefore, Lin Fan just let it go, and finally unlocked the dragon reins, let the strongest of them, 1 Flood Dragon, go up to heaven or down to Hades, which really made this Little Brat happy for more than half. in the afternoon.

At this time, Cool Breeze Mountain, the needle drop can be heard.

The terrible coercion from the mountain top makes the entire Cool Breeze Mountain shiver coldly, and the atmosphere does not dare to breathe.

3 The ambassadors are angry!

4 hours!

It turned out that Mu Yi didn’t even see him.

This kind of thing really did not happen to them.

Even if they went to see a king, it was impossible for such a situation.

“Ma De! Didn’t dare to come that waste?” Even Yaksha’s envoy was angry.

“Hmph! If he does not dare to go to the banquet, tomorrow I can guarantee that the whole Senro world is full of rumors, and I will let him walk out of the Rakshasa palace.”

Asura shouted low and right, he was really angry.

“Who are you going to let out of Rakshasa’s palace?”

Just then, there was a soft laugh.

“Mu Yi!”

Asura got up on the right moment, with a dark expression and a cold expression: “Hello impudent!”

“Impudent?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed: “You are impudent, dare to shout in front of the deity.”

“Jié jié … what about clamoring in front of you? You are just a companion of the king. Is it true or should it be discussed; at least, you should bow down when you meet the principal before you are crowned.” Asura smiled right.

There is indeed such a rule in the world of Sen Luo.

The reason is that the rights structure of the Sen Luo world is like this.

At the top, 2 emperors.

Below, 4 kings.

Underneath, 8 ambassadors!

“Brother Mu Yi, I have to say that Asura’s right messenger said the truth, see me, you should bow down.”

The blue-eyed king’s envoy also opened his mouth, his eyes full of cold light.

“Hehe…there is such a rule. There is really no way to change it.” Yaksha opened his left envoy, and then ridiculed: “at worst, when Brother Mu Yi is crowned, we will come back after worshipping.”

“Okay.” Lin Fan sighed: “Sen Law Realm is indeed a place with a high level of severity, this Majesty’s is indeed not good by the strength of oneself, to provoke the iron rules of this World.”

“Hehe, a wise man submits to circumstances.” Asura sneered.

The other two emissaries shrugged: “It’s really impossible. This is a rule set by Sovereign himself. Who dares to challenge?”

“Okay.” Lin Fan sighed again, and said: “Actually, the deity just wanted to be low-key and want to talk to the three messengers, but since that is the case…that’s all that’s all, since it is Sovereign Rules, how can the deity be a villain?”

3 The angel’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Then they saw that Lin Fan’s fingertips overflowed with a bunch of golden lightning blades, and then he gently crossed the sky—–

The sky dome suddenly cracked, what did they see?

That is Wang Xuan!

Moreover, there was a chasing person, holding a Chinese suit, and slowly approached Lin Fan!

That’s the king robe, but the True Dragon carved with gold wire on it has only 4 claws!

4 claw True Dragon is only one level lower than the king’s 5 claw True Dragon.

But even so, it is one level higher than their 3-claw True Dragon.

He… was crowned?


Why do they not know at all?

Suddenly, they turned their heads and glanced at the Cool Breeze Mountain on the lunar calendar!

They finally knew why these people always dodge the words when they were forced to question them.

“Good intentions…” Qingmu smiled on the left.

Lin Fan shrugged and laughed: “General.”

All smart people, some words; there is no need to speak too clearly.

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