Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3066

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At the beginning.

The three messengers sneered and sneered, sitting at the end of Malaysia’s gold sword, looking down at their eyes, waiting to see the joke.

Whether Lin Fan is really Dao Companion of King Rakshasa.

It doesn’t matter.

They don’t care, but the name Lin Fan bears.

And if they succeed in making Lin Fan bow in front of them, it will bring Supreme’s glory and honor, and the king they belong to will definitely be rewarded.

This is more than just dismissing Lin Fan?

It is even more contempt for the kingship of Rakshasa.

As a result, Lin Fan was so brutally and directly broken.

Now, the 3 ambassador complexion is gloomy, blue and ugly, and his nose is heavy.

“Actually, I don’t want this very much.” Lin Fan sighed: “But now… I have to. So, after all, that’s the iron rule set by Sovereign. Who dares to violate it?”

3 The ambassador’s face was even more ugly, all showing cannibalistic eyes.

“So…” Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly fell cold, shouted: “Why not bow down yet?”

3 The messenger gritted his teeth and chewed his cheeks.

“How? Provoking the majesty set by Sovereign?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

3 His face changed.

“Don’t bow down yet?” It was a light shout again.

“Asura King sat down and made worship right.”

Asura bowed down with her right hand, touched the bottom with one knee, cup one fist in the other hand, but the head was crooked to the other side.

“You seem dissatisfied, are you questioning the correctness of Sovereign’s rules? The deity always thinks that feedback is needed.” Lin Fan sneered.

Now that we have come to the Senrow world, how can we not clarify and understand the basic rules followed by this World?

Besides, don’t you want to use the so-called rules to suppress these three people?

He deal with a man as he deals with you.

“Mu Yi… Don’t go too far!”

Asura angered.


He was one-knee kneels in front of Lin Fan. As a result, Lin Fan slapped fiercely on his crooked cheek, and his teeth were all flying.


Asura screamed on the right, he was about to get up, slash with Lin Fan, and kill him.

“What are you doing? Provoking the imperial power? Or contempt for Wang Wei?” Lin Fan’s eyes scorched, blooming cold and severe rays of light: “Notice, I slap you, but save your life, otherwise, if someone will Poke this matter to the top, you can’t shake it.”

Everyone was calmed down.

A slap!

Dare to slap a messenger, this Lin Fan really holds act high and mighty due to the words of a superior.


Asura right panted like a dragon roar.

“It seems…” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Jié jié ……many thanks, respect.”

Who knows, when Lin Fan was going to kill the Asura envoy, and it was considered to cut a big opponent for the war in advance, the Asura right entourage grinned and he fell on his knees and knocked his head.

The other 2 emissaries also knelt down.

Lin Fan sneered. He took the little boy and walked to the highest banquet, overlooking from top to bottom, eagle staring at the wolf.

The entire Cool Breeze Mountain was silent at this time, and was all stunned under his majesty.

At the same time, everyone was beating.

Know that Mu Yi is not to be trifled with.

But not to be trifled with such a degree, it really scares people.

Raising his hand slaps the messenger and scares the dead.

But in this way, it also means that there is no chance of reconciliation between the 2 kings. Lin Fan’s slap in the face blocked the road.

This is not good.

Because of this, Wang Zhan is coming.

“Oh, let the deity come to the banquet, is there something to say?”

Lin Fan clipped the chopsticks to the little puppet, and looked at her with a greasy mouth and smiled.

3 Venerable messenger, still kneeling on the ground.

Just because Lin Fan even moved out the royal power and the imperial power, they are at an absolute disadvantage.

They did not dare to get up without being ordered by Lin Fan.

no way.

Even if they can be regarded as under one person above ten thousand people.

But because of this, it is more understandable that the so-called officials one rank superior crush the inferior is not a lie.

If they dare to offend, this wooden Yi can indeed hold high justice and kill them here.

And if they dare to resist, the families that depend on them will be wiped out, even the king behind them will not be able to come forward for them.

There is indeed something else, otherwise how could Lin Fan go to the banquet?

But now, who dares to talk more?

In fact, before the official start of this banquet, these three messengers, at least arranged dozens of methods and methods, can make Lin Fan uncomfortable and embarrassing.

But now, it’s not necessary.

Lin Fan stands at an absolute high position. No matter what methods or methods they use, Lin Fan will be crushed relentlessly, inviting humiliation to oneself.

“Hehe…well, many thanks for the hospitality of the 3 people.”

Lin Fan sneered, the words were ridiculous, he looked towards the little boy, said: “Just boy, eat whatever you want, just play whatever you want, don’t be shy, don’t be afraid.”

The little boy tilted his head.

However, it is obvious that the little girl is too simple and simple to understand and humiliate these 3 messengers with Lin Fan.

It made Lin Fan smile a bit hard.

The little boy was full, and Lin Fan looked coldly towards the three people who were still kneeling on the ground, saying: “Confirm it’s okay? If it’s okay, the deity can leave.”

“Tsk tsk…… Please walk slowly, Supreme, see you in the battle of war.” Asura smiled to the right.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed: “Okay, goodbye to Wang Zhan.”

Lin Fan was gone, holding the little 囡囡, swaying in front of the three emissaries kneeling on the ground, boarding the 3 dragons, and then 9 dragons roaring, 9 spirits, and left in an instant.

“Mu Yi! The messenger is irreconcilable with you!”

9 The dragon car has left, and Asura made a soaring roar on the right. Even Lin Lin, who was already outside thousand thousand li, heard it clearly.

But Lin Fan only chuckled.

Tentatively not to mention, in the war of kings, it is reasonable that these messengers are not qualified to challenge him.

What if he really has the qualification to challenge him?

Will he be afraid?

During this time, he has been in a state of depression for a long time, or there is a murderous aura in his heart that can’t stand it, or suddenly he will be so angry that he can’t kill the world.

This proves that he should not be far from the broken mirror.

As long as he survived this tribulation and became an ancestor-level creature, afraid of being Sovereign, he would dare to go to war, and would he be afraid of other messengers of trifling Old Ancestor Peak Level?

“wu wu ……”

At this moment, there was a whimper just because of the appearance, which happened to wrap the entire 9 dragons in this kind of sad song.

Lin Fan’s eyes changed slightly.

This is a puppet sound.

There is an expert at ten thousand li beyond playing the instrument that drives the puppet, to control the puppet to kill him.

Sure enough, a puppet appeared.

When it first appeared, it was exactly 3 monster-level killer puppets. The person behind it was indeed great generosity.

“Sovereign Prince, go away, this is killing the sky!”

The chauffeur Rakshasa was anxiously shouted.

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