Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3067

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“Kill Cangtian? The name is indeed domineering.”

Lin Fan opened his mouth, and he flicked his hands to make a golden light curtain for the little puppet, isolating the magical puppet tragedy.

“Please retreat, please! This person is too strong. Although he is not listed in the 8-ambassador seat, the true battle strength is certainly far superior to some of the envoys.”

The chaser yelled, and at the same time, he flew to break the sad song cover that covered the entire chariot with a sword in his hand.

Just because the cover is too terrifying.

Even the 9 Flood Dragons are mourning, the tears are falling down in the eyes of the dragon, and even his deity, the sorrow that can’t be stopped comes from the heart, many Seven Emotions and Six Desires, so many lives and deaths Parting, it suddenly appeared in a flash.

“Jiu Wen Mu Yi’s name, so come to talk about it, please let me know.”

The sad song stopped.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “I seem to have cut off your puppet.”

“Hehe…It is indeed Mu Yizun, spiritual sense is indeed keen.”

Those who were 10000 miles away smiled and said, “It was indeed tried first, proving that you are not worthy of fame, and it is worth the deity’s shot.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

The arrogant man had tried him first, and determined that he was not a worthy name before he was worth his shot.

Moreover, people are still ten thousand li beyond.

“The deity only sent out ten puppets. If you break it, you will stop this time.”

Killing Cangtian is still very indifferent and overbearing. It can be said that he is extremely self-confident, and then he added: “Relax, I respect King Rakshasa. If you lose, you won’t have any worries about life, just curiosity from the outside powerhouse. Only.”

“Also ask you to speak and count, otherwise, my Rakshasa palace will definitely chase you down to heaven under earth.”

The coachman was relaxed, but did not forget the threat, and posed in the Rakshasa palace.

At the same time, he looked towards Lin Fan with a wry smile, and said, “Zun Shang, Your Majesty thinks, admit defeat directly… Because he once had a tie with Zuo Shi, and lost in the hands of this character, without wrong.”

Lin Fan laughed: “Are you really not half confident in this deity?”

The driver said with a bitter smile: “This man is as famous as Asura’s left envoy.”

Only this sentence is enough!

In the whole world of Sen Luo.

Asura left, it is legend, is legend.

The awakening of the shadow of the void, the natural killer, and even the Sen Emperor had bluntly said that the entire Senrow Realm, the most promising to become the third Sovereign, is only Asura Left Envoy.

And this kills the sky, can be equal to it, and it can be considered strong.

“Hehe…if Brother Mu Yi confessed, then he would just give up, but let him underestimate.”

Ten thousand li beyond, kill Cangtian standing on a leaf.

He was clearly in ten thousand li beyond, but it was as if Lin Fan and the others were near. Their actions, words and deeds were under his supervision.

Lin Fan laughed, saying: “The deity also happened to be a bit of a puppet. Today, you and I will use this puppet to compete against each other. How about winning or losing?”


Coachman complexion greatly changed!

At the same time, heartache.

You know, killing the sky, but walking the world alone with a puppet technique, and relying on the puppet in his hand, is as famous as Asura’s left envoy.

But at this time, this respect should be provoked in the field where the other party is best at!

“Under the world, no one dares to fight the deity on Dao of Puppet.”

The voice of the domineering killer came, and then, heavily coldly snorted, said: “Well, I also understood your plan, don’t you want to use this method to get rid of the embarrassment after losing under the deity? I will complete you.”

Lin Fan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

This killing of the sky is really domineering and confident.

How can he conclude that he will lose?

Dao of Puppet…

But he has the true biography of the soul, how could he defeat this trifling to kill the sky?

“Is he really as famous as Asura’s left envoy?” Lin Fan looked towards the driver.

The driver sighed and nodded.

Lin Fan eyes shined, said: “Kill Cangtian, since you are so confident, it is better to bet.”

“Betting?” The killing sky is coming, 10000 miles is just one step away, staring at Lin Fan playfully: “What do you want to bet?”

“If I lose, leave it to you.” Lin Fan said.

The coachman complexion greatly changed.

Kill Cang Heavenly Eye, squint slightly: “If I lose?”

“Follow me back to the Rakshasa palace and wait for King Rakshasa to be dispatched.” Lin Fan glanced at Kill Cangtian.

“Is this deity a person under the Quren?” Killing Cangtian roared with laughter: “Even if two Sovereigns are invited to promise hegemony under one person above ten thousand people, the deity will not go, let alone a trifling palace?”

“That is…your confidence and domineering are all pretended? Actually…you have no certainty of winning?” Lin Fan sneered.

Killing Cangtian suddenly turned his head and stared at Lin Fan. After a while, he was extremely angry and said with a smile: “Okay! If you lose, the deity will train you to kill the spirit puppet.”

“With you, as long as I lose.” Lin Fan sneered.

“Come on!”

The silhouette that killed the sky suddenly exploded, turning into a dark black crow flying everywhere.

Lin Fan’s pupils shrunk, and this killing Cangtian did go very far on the puppets. It turned out that every inch of flesh and blood of the deity was practiced as each and everyone’s puppet mark.

This is a big deal. This kind of puppet imprint, but any cultivator that has a lower realm than him will transform that cultivator in an instant into his puppet for him to drive.

Lin Fan a long whistle, he jumped out of the 9 Dragon Chariot, and sheltered 9 Flood Dragons and 2 people with the Chaos Town God Bell.

“Puppet way, kill the sky!”

The Cangtian shouted so loudly, but this voice came from the mouth of 10000 black crows.


Lin Fan shook his fingers, shattering all the crows that were killing him, and then sneered, he took a step forward, miraculously avoiding a shining mark suppressed by its top of the head.

This is the slave seal.

“It’s impolite not to make a return for what one receives!”

Lin Fan screamed. He flicked his fingers and kept making a variety of marks. He flew away from his fingertips. At first, it seemed like a blooming Daolian, but when it flew out, it turned into countless. 7 The colorful butterfly, everywhere all is, no less than thousands of.

“Do you even understand this?”

Exclaimed Cangtian.

From this move, he knows that things are not as he thinks. Lin Fan just wants to make excuses for the failures that follow, but is really mastering puppetry.


After that, he laughed again, and the 10000 crows suddenly rushed to the sky and then joined together, turning into a huge Six Pointed Star Array, falling down to 10000 glow.

Lin Fan’s expression is dignified. This is a 6-man camera. You can easily hook the Divine Soul of the cultivator.

At this time, the many butterflies that fluttered softly also flew together, and then turned into a blooming Daolian. This lotus had only 6 petals and 7 petals, blooming like severe light that could shatter Heaven and Earth.

“wu wu !”

Suddenly, a piece of Dorian lotus fell off and turned into a shining mark, slashing towards Six Pointed Star Array, the two collided, the glory was like the sea, and Puppet Talisman’s text and order were vigorously tumbling like chaos.

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