Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3068

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Both sides are fighting for their morals!

This is very dangerous, because they all abandoned the moves, abandoned the tangible kills, and pushed everything to a deeper level of moral competition!

This is competing for the puppet’s perception, understanding, and too dangerous. It may be body dies and Dao disappears at any time, or may be suppressed by the other’s Dao, thus becoming the other’s loyal puppet.

No matter who shows the defeat on both sides, they will surely be chased and killed by the other party, crushing the morale and shattering Divine Soul.

“wu wu ……”

Heaven and Earth mourns, the dark puppet avenue emerges out of thin air, like a thunder from one after another black, counts 100 to 1000, thick and mountain-like.


At this moment, they all seemed to hear someone roaring, but the roaring sound was too far away from the source of time.

In a trance, both people saw, looking down the dark puppet avenue, there was a Supreme disc sitting at the end of the avenue, overlooking them.

This is terrifying.

How could this scene appear?

Who is that?

Does the real creature appear at the source of time, is it a puppet master?


In heaven falls and earth rends, the scene that appeared in their eyes disappeared and was struck by the thunder. A giant hand covering the sky was wiped off. The sky became gray in 10000, and the river broke down in years.

At this time, the blooming Daolian also had a golden petal falling off the body, turning forward and away. The most aggressive puppets were all pure puppet Daoism, and all the puppets were cut out, full of essence. Heaven and Earth is reasonable.

“You actually have such heaven defying gains in this course?”

Killing Cangtian was really shocked, roaring, unbelievable.

Then he suddenly smiled haha: “Very well, the deity is full of loneliness, lonely at the top. Today, I can finally enjoy myself. Rest assured, the deity will abide by its promise and will not cut you.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were indifferent. This killing the sky was really crazy and arrogant.

Both of his hands Qi Zhen, and dozens of dazzling Jingmangs killed, and entered the Six Pointed Star Array.

“Hahaha…to try to break this battle? You, no!”

Killing Cangtian screams, his arms spread abruptly, the sky shakes, and the huge Six Pointed Star Array turns into a giant puppet charm in an instant.

Lin Fan’s pupils shrunk, and then the cold light in his eyes bloomed.

This kills the sky, the intention is too obvious, is to use this move to directly collect him as a puppet, how can he endure?


With a loud roar, the sky suddenly exploded. The lotus and the dozen brilliant dazzles that had just been shot, instantly merged, and a huge black halberd appeared.

If you look closely, there is no difference between this halberd and Zhutian except for color.

“To break the puppet order of the deity? Idiot dreams!”

Killing Cangtian appeared, and he was extremely majestic. Behind him, the puppet morality was like Buddha’s radiance, which set him off like a god, and he stepped on the huge puppet order and suppressed to Lin Fan.

“weng! ”

black The heavy halberd reversed the sky, and in the gaze of scorning and scorning the sky, a halberd split the puppet order, and several cracks appeared.

The color of the horror flashed in Heavenly Eye, and there was a roar, both of his hands shook 100 times, hitting rune puppets one after another from his fingertips, to stabilize the puppet order, but it was too late. This halberd is too cruel and fierce, driving countless traces of clang, this puppet order exploded.

“Pu 呲.”

Killing Cangtian sprayed back against the blood.


He was angry, and then grinned: “It’s underestimating you, but that’s all. It’s your next move, you should be defeated.”

His anger of 30,000 feet turned out to be like a volcanic eruption, it was a real flame, and it was roasting the sky, and then a puppet appeared one after another before him, counting 100!

This too terrifying, equivalent to walking Legion.

These 100 puppets, with the lowest cultivation base, are all in the level of ghosts. At this time, they are neatly arranged to surround them in the middle.

Lin Fan eyes shrank, this killing of the sky is really powerful. With these puppets, I am afraid that you can easily kill a heavy city, even if you break into a royal palace, as long as you are willing, you may be able to leave calmly.

“I heard that you are strong, then fight with my puppet.”

Cangtian grinning: “The deity is to see if you really have this ability, cut Heaven Grade like slaughtering dogs.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, said with a sneer: “With these wastes, I’m afraid I can’t force the deity to do it myself.”


Kill the sky and anger.

It should be noted that these puppets, but he spent a lot of money to sacrifice, always proud of it, but as a result, Lin Fan directly called waste.

“Are you arrogant, and read on.”

Lin Fan glanced at Cangtian.

Kill Heaven Hand holding a puppet command flag, said with a malicious smile: “jié jié … the deity just watched it carefully.”

The neatly arranged puppets actually moved with his flag, just like a trained soldier.

“A shameful door.” Lin Fan’s eyes slightly picked.

“You actually know the name of Wumen? Since you know it, don’t admit defeat?”

“You think too much.” Lin Fan quipped: “Although the door is strong, it is still under the spirit of God.”

Killing Heavenly Eye God changed slightly.

At this moment, Lin Fan’s eyes changed, empty and scary, he cut his ten fingers and let the blood spray out, and then, the Taolian that should be scattered turned into one butterfly after another, flying into him The blood beads that sprayed and then spread out.

“weng! ”

“weng! ”

Heaven and Earth Boom!

It was only blood beads, but when these runes merged, they turned into blood puppets one after another.

“Ling Shen puppet!” Killing Cangtian Lixiao, full of horror in his eyes: “Are you a puppet?”

Lin Fan sneered: “What’s the spirit puppet door? Don’t you smell the god puppet?”

Cangtian’s face really changed.

“Kill!” Lin Fan yelled, counting 100 bloody puppets rushing forward, as if real, with spirituality, in the eyes, it was a vivid luster.

“Impossible! Who has no inheritance!”

Cangtian shouted, and then said with a malicious smile: “Are you deceiving the deity, which prestige do you want to deter the deity? Dream!”

Lin Fan ignored it, and the puppets were already fighting and fighting!

As a result, the puppet who killed the Cangtian side was defeated. This was an unequal war. The puppet who killed the Cangtian side was like grass and mustard, and one after another planted the cloud head.


Killing Cangtian’s heart is like blood dripping, these all are He traveled all over the world of Sen Luo, only then did he find the best material, and with great effort and great price, he sacrificed the good puppet.

As a result, it seems to be cutting grass now.

“Some waste, is it a pity? Kneel down, acknowledge allegiance, this deity gives you a stronger way!”

Lin Fan shouted, and at this moment, he rushed away, and in the killing of the sky roaring, one hand shook between his eyebrows, ice-cold saying: “You lost.”

The hand holding the puppet purgatory knife killed Cangtian, and the movement suddenly stiffened, and his eyes were unwilling.

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