Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3069

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He lost, neatly.

At this point, the hand is on his top of the head, but if the person is willing, he can easily suppress and kill him.

Recalling this battle, he didn’t seem to have the upper hand.

The most important thing is that he turned out to be the best puppet he was good at.

This hit him too much.

“Can you admit defeat?” Lin Fan said with a smile, “You are indeed very good, ashamed of a door, but actually can cultivate to this level.”

“Defeated is defeated.” Sang Cangtian’s deep opening, he released the puppet purgatory knife, let it fall, and inserted it on a mountain top below, and suddenly the mountain exploded.

In fact, how lucky Lin Fan is at this moment.

For the puppet, he really looked down on it, and thought in his heart that it was too hurtful, digging graves and corpses, etc., was a trivial matter.

What’s more, refining with living people is even more inhuman. Therefore, even if you have a legacy of inheritance, you haven’t studied it carefully. You just have to look at it in your spare time, appreciate it, and want to comprehending.

Fighting with this killing sky today has changed many of his perceptions. The future is very difficult. No matter whether the bloody scene seen in the future is true or not, he will continue to continue his strength.

From this point of view, this puppet together is indeed very useful.

“Choose to die, or… according to the gamble, follow me to the Rakshasa palace?” Lin Fan looked calmly at the killing sky.

“Are you afraid of death?” Xian Cangtian laughed and ridiculed: “a trifling Gong Que, King trifling Rakshasa only, is it worth his life?”

Lin Fan shrugged: “This is your choice. The original deity also wanted to teach the god puppet to you. Since you chose to die… the deity fulfills you!”

In the last 5 words, murderous aura is awe-inspiring, and at the same time, Lin Fan’s hand on the top of the head kills the sky, and suddenly there is a terrifying imposing manner rising, you can see, a naked eye visible thunder The ball is rapidly expanding.


Shouted the sky.

“Why? Don’t you want to die again?” Lin Fan sneered.

Killing Cangtian gasped and said, “You…should you really be a god puppet?”

“This one word worth nine sacred tripods.” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then added: “Of course, you want to think about anything, anything…want to pay the equivalent price.”

“Sister, see the Lord.”

A trace of weirdness and unnaturalness flashed in Xiantian’s eyes, but when his knees were kneeling on the clouds, all the weirdness and unnaturalness disappeared.

Lin Fan smiled: “I have to say that I really like you. At least, you know the trade-offs and understand what you want in your heart. The puppet is the avenue you are looking for. From this place, I am not as good as you. “

Lin Fan said sincerely.

He really admired the killing know, clear comprehension his own pursuit of Tao.

This is too important for the cultivator.

On the other hand, until now, he has never thought about it and made a good choice.

Too much, too much.

If you think about it, he is involved in all the highest principles in the world.

Time, space, cause and effect, and reincarnation are hailed as the highest road in the world, but he can use it, but because of this, he has become shackled to him.

I’m afraid it’s this time, the reason why it’s so fierce and so dense, I’m afraid it’s because of it.

But the way Lin Fan wanted to go was never just a venerable one. He wanted to burn the white scriptures and then walked out of the only way.

Suddenly laughed, withdrew his thoughts, looked towards the driver who had been scared silly long ago, said: “Let’s go.”

The coachman knelt down quickly, dared not say a word, and left.

At the same time, his underestimation of Lin Fan, contempt, etc., all disappeared.

I thought that this wooden Yi was just walked the lucky dog ​​excrement, I don’t know what evil method was used to make their Supreme king obsessed, so the husband is only as expensive as his wife.

but now……

He didn’t dare to judge, who is the only protagonist between King Rakshasa and Mu Yi?

“Let’s go back to the palace first.” Lin Fan glanced at the killing sky still kneeling on the ground.

Killing Cangtian was a worship first, and then got up, he naturally took the place of the driver and chased the 9 dragons for Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was even more concerned about killing the sky.

This is really a great person, willing to give everything in order to ask for the avenue to move forward, and never regret what he decides, knowing his identity and status in each period.

This is also the most qualified man, and of course, the most difficult to control.

Lin Fan is even wondering if he can take this person away and let him follow himself back to Three Thousand World, which is a big help.

9 The dragon car got up and headed towards the Rakshasa palace.

On the way, there was no sound except for the bleating noise when passing through the clouds and breaking the fog.

“This is a god puppet, from the hands of the Lord of Souls. If you can read the Puppet Talisman text on it within half a month, I will officially teach you a god puppet.”

Lin Fan lifted the curtain, flicks with the finger, and a god puppet full of oppression force appeared before killing Cangtian.

Killing Heavenly Eye, the eyes of scary rays of light burst.

The name of the god puppet, he has heard of it for a long time, and can even be described as like thunder piercing the ear.

However, it was really the first time to see such a puppet. He seemed to see an artistic treasure, stroking with his hands, and every time he marveled at each and everyone’s perfection. ‘

Then he smiled bitterly: “Lord, if you are fighting under your command, use this god puppet…”

He didn’t finish, Lin Fan put the curtain down, and Youzai said, “If so, how can you get your loyalty?”

Kill Cangtian slightly narrows the eyes: “Loyalty?”

Then he smiled and said, “Loyalty is not difficult to obtain, but as the Lord said, anything you want, you need to pay the equivalent price.”

Lin Fan hehe smiled and said: “All inheritances of the god puppet gate are enough?”

After killing Cangtian for a moment, haha ​​laughed and said, “If the Lord passes on inheritance, he is willing to die for the Lord, even if the Lord orders the Lord to rush into the imperial court at this time, there will never be 2 words under him.”

Lin Fan said: “Let’s see if you can find something on this puppet. If you don’t even have such eyesight, then… even if you give you inheritance, are you sure you can learn?”

They wandered all the way, this was Lin Fan’s intention.

Only because, on that day, Fiercely offended 3 envoys, and by the measure of those 3 people, there must be attacks against him.

and so……

He is waiting.

As a result, it was easy, he didn’t have to come forward, killing Cangtian solved everything for him.

On the 5th day, Lin Fan looked at the frown with exclamation and said various speculations about the god puppet, and sighed, “You are indeed a genius. At least for the puppet, the deity promised you that after the war, I will try my best What you know is passed on to you.”

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