Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3070

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Rakshasa Palace.

“My king, the demon class who drove for the prince has something important to see.”

Rakshasa frowned right, and she was very worried.

The soldier appointed by her and rushed back with the servant prince in a panic, his eyes were full of panic, but 9 Long Xuan returned without a peer.

From the moment of knowing this news, her sincerity is like being squeezed by someone fiercely!

Could it be…

If that is the case, I am afraid that a war of kings is about to happen, and at least one rare parasite of 10000 spirits must be sunk.

Rakshasa king’s beautiful eyes were slightly wrinkled, and suddenly, the terrible murderous intention in that eye bloomed, the terror’s coercion, and suddenly enveloping ten directions. These countless people living in the Rakshasa king city shiver coldly, all kneeling on the ground.

The king was angry, laid dead 1000000, bleeding thousand thousand li!

This is definitely not a false statement.

King Rakshasa’s heart was shaking and his soul was shaking.

Could it be…

The murderous intention in her eyes became stronger and stronger, and the baleful qi became heavier and heavier.

The driver came and knelt directly on the ground.

“Hurry up!”

King Rakshasa was angry.

The driver was almost scared to death.

His level is too low, where can he qualify to see the king?

His bones were trembling, and the whole person was shiver coldly.

“Something to tell! But Mu Yi…” Wang Rakshasa was even more anxious.

“Yuan…Yuan Supreme’s King.”

The man stammered: “The villain is around with the prince, and when he returns home, he meets the killing god.”

“What? Kill the sky?” King Rakshasa’s heart suddenly fell to the bottom!

This kills the sky, she knows that she is as famous as the left envoy of Asura, and she has also had a battle with her left envoy. In honor, the two have reached a tie, but she knows that she sat down after the left envoy returned to the palace and cultivated It took half a year to recover completely.

Today, this wood is easy to find…

She dare not think about it!

“Kill Cangtian! This king will punish you 9 clan!”

King Rakshasa was panicked and nervous for no reason.

It seems that there are people or things that are important to her; slowly away from her.

“Wang…you…you misunderstood.” The coachman still stuttered, this is not his timidity, mainly, Rakshasa king too terrifying at this time, then Rakshasa Han blade hangs over her head wu wu cries, The extreme pressure of the ultimate device made Fang Tianyu collapse.

“You say! After daring to stammer, this king will slay your soul.”

King Rakshasa drunk.

This man really stuttered.



Gong Quezhong, the driver’s voice was not audible, but he could hear King Rakshasa’s incredible exclamation after 100 meters!

“Gosh… this is too Legendary, so mythical! It turned out…”

The voice of Rakshasa’s right envoy also spread.

At this moment, she covered her red lips, her face was incredible.

“Prince Dao too terrifying, defeated the arrogant killing of the sky without fee as easy as pie, and the 2 portraits reached a secret agreement. In the end, only the killing allegiance of the killing sky was seen in front of the Prince.”

“Okay, this king understood, you go down.” King Rakshasa said softly, all her anger and baleful qi, etc., all were disappeared, serene.

She walked back to the throne slowly, as if her footsteps were lighter. If you look closely, you can see that the angle of her lips has set off a beautiful range.

“Small waste…you’re pretty good.”

She murmured, and then laughed again, saying: “Small right, this guy is good just now, go and reward him for something and reuse it.”

Rakshasa the Right Envoy quickly led the order; but it was didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

At the beginning, to kill the soul of life, but in a blink of an eye, it is to reward.

The heart of the king is really unpredictable, it really is a companion like a tiger.


In the eyes of King Rakshasa, light flashed: “Go to imprison the driver, but be entertained. Before the end of the war, he is not allowed to contact anyone.”

Rakshasa’s right messenger had already stepped out of the door. After hearing this, he looked back at King Rakshasa with a strange look.

Who knows, this King Rakshasa simply ignored her, her eyes flashed in a flash, and said: “The king’s martial law! In this day, who dares to walk out of his house and cut off! From the martial law, who dares to approach the main road of the palace 100 meters kill , Who dares to kill with loud noises! Who dares to vent the news of martial law out of the ten tribes…”

Rakshasa Wang Yilian said dozens of killing and killing 9 clan, murderous aura!

Even the Rakshasa envoy who has followed the king of Rakshasa for a long time was shocked by the bone marrow!

There is no need to doubt that if someone dared to violate the martial law order, he would surely die, who would not dare to be!

“Tsk tsk, this little waste indeed sent a gift to the deity! Originally against the king, the king was not optimistic, and he was ready to rank second in the throne…but now…”

The murderous intention flashed in the eyes of King Rakshasa: “This seat is fun with them!”

The martial law of the Wangcheng is no more than a ghost town.

When Lin Fan came by the 9 Dragon, a smile appeared in his eyes.

This King Rakshasa really did not disappoint him.

If you can’t even consider this little thing, then King Rakshasa is too idiot.

“What if you fight with Asura on the left?”

Lin Fan looked towards killing the sky.

Killing Heavenly Eye, squinting: “He is very strong, but if he can spare his life, he is willing to give up his life and puppet, so he can drag him on the road.”

Lin Fan frowned: “Can’t draw with him?”

Sang Cangtian sighed: “It’s difficult; he’s strong, he fits into the void and is everywhere.”

Lin Fan stood still momentarily.

He is thinking about Wang Zhan.

Of course, he is also rigorously assessing his battle strength. If all the cards are really out of battle, I am afraid that at most it can be equal to a king. This is still the premise of his use of the Cannon Rainbow and Thunder Scepter.

What about… King Rakshasa?

Can he kill Dao Companion quickly when he is entangled with the king?

Then, what about messenger wars?

He can see that the cultivation base battle strength of Rakshasa’s right ambassador is already stronger than that of Rakshasa’s left ambassador. At this time, the killing of the sky joins, and it should be able to win 2 games steadily, but Asura King…

“Forget it, go back to the palace first.” Lin Fan sighed.

9 The dragon car entered the Rakshasa palace silently.

King Rakshasa smiled, carrying his hands on his back, and looked at Lin Fan who got off from the 9 Dragon Chariot.

“Hahaha…… Mad lady, but miss me?”

Lin Fan haha ​​smiled long.

Let King Rakshasa give him a huge white eye, and then, through Lin Fan, looked towards the killing sky behind him, saying: “Welcome you to join the Rakshasa palace.”

Kill Cangtian raised his head slightly and said, “I just followed the Lord, not at all the intention to join the Rakshasa palace.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Lin Fan laughed and said, “It’s all a lie, follow me, is it different from following you? Don’t care, don’t care.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes were cold.

At this moment, Rakshasa rushed from the left, and his face was ugly.

“What?” King Rakshasa looked back suddenly, looking towards Rakshasa left envoy.

Rakshasa’s left envoy’s complexion ashen said, “3 King went to the Imperial Palace and lobbied for Sovereign. Sovereign ordered changes to the rules of the war and promulgated a decree called the new rules of war.”

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