Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3071

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Rakshasa Wang complexion ashen.

This time Wang Zhan turned out to change the rules again!

This was not the case with the first Wang Zhan. At that time, it was a simple battle against soldiers.

As a result, it was changed to play Dao Companion.

This was originally aimed at her; it is because, as Sen Luojie knows, she does not have Dao Companion.

As a result, Lin Fan was forced to put down many major events of Chaos Realm, put aside many plans for the time being, and follow King Rakshasa into the Senro Realm.

But at this time, it should be changed again.

King Rakshasa fiercely lowered his anger and said, “You and say.”

“My king be careful!”

At this moment, Rakshasa screamed on the left, and the broad blade brake was in his hand, and he rushed towards the killing sky.


King Rakshasa reprimanded.

The cleaved sword was suddenly set in the air.

King Rakshasa said: “Introduce, this is to kill Cang Tian, ​​under the command of Mu Yi, from now on, it is his own.”

“What?” Rakshasa shocked the left envoy: “How is it possible.”

Lin Fan shrugged: “But this is indeed true.”

Rakshasa left envoy is still unbelievable: “Kill the sky, don’t you bluntly say that you will not follow anyone in this life? Even two Sovereigns were invited, but you refused.”

Killing Cangtian glanced at Rakshasa’s left envoy, said with a sneer: “It seems that for me to join you, the strength of your camp has surged, and you are very dissatisfied.”

Rakshasa left the complexion slightly changed.

King Rakshasa said: “Okay, well, this king knows that you 2 had a misunderstanding, but don’t mention it in the future.”

Rakshasa was silent on the left. After a while, he said: “My king, I have a chance, I will fight him.”

Xiantian looked up and glanced at Rakshasa’s left envoy, not speaking.

Lin Fan sighed inwardly.

This Rakshasa left envoy’s obsession is too deep, causing his realm not to advance, but the battle strength does not rise.

In this way, I am afraid that it will become a last resort.

But there are some things that he can see, but he cannot tell from his mouth.

King Rakshasa said: “As long as he agrees, but you two fight, only win or lose, but there is no injury, let alone death.”

Lin Fan glanced at Rakshasa’s left envoy and said, “Should our focus now be on this so-called new regulation?”

Rakshasa left the color changed, cup one fist in the other hand said: “My King Atoned.”

King Rakshasa waved his hand and said, “Let’s talk about it.”

Rakshasa left his face ugly and said, “I don’t know what method and method the 3 King used, but it turned out that 2 Sovereign changed the rules.”

“We all already know if you can speak straight.”

Lin Fan has 2 heads and 1 head.

This kind of thing never happened in his Divine Court, which also shows that King Rakshasa is indeed very tolerant of his people.

“The king can be alliance with the king.”

“Union?” King Rakshasa suddenly got up: “Is it crazy? After the alliance, even if it is a big victory, how to allocate resources? How can Sovereign agree?”

Lin Fan’s complexion is also difficult to look.

The news could not be worse.

King Rakshasa surpassed the kings and occupied the most prosperous and fertile land of the Imperial Domain, which made the 3 kings jealous and hateful.

Also, she is a woman again.

That would make the 3 kings unhappy, stepped on the head by a woman, afraid that the man would not want to have this experience.

At this time, the new regulations are promulgated, and it is conceivable that the remaining three big kings are bound to be impossible and alliance with King Rakshasa!

In other words, King Rakshasa has been isolated before the battle of kings has begun.

It can even be said that the promulgation of this new regulation is just to suppress King Rakshasa.

“Do you know if there is a League of Kings?” Lin Fan turned back suddenly and looked towards Rakshasa.

Rakshasa leftion complexion is gloomy, said: “Asura and Yaksha, the alliance of two kings.”

“hu ……”

King Rakshasa took a long breath, and then her eyes were half-squinted, wisps of blooms blooming again and again.

This is even more bad news.

Asura King has always coveted her, this is not a secret in the Senrow world.

And she has an invincible feud with Yaksha King, because she had cut Yaksha King’s worship brother by mistake 1000 years ago.

“The two…but they all wish that the king had nothing…” Wang Rakshasa grinned.

“My king, we can join the last alliance, the King of Blue Eyes!” Rakshasa opened his left, complexion is gloomy: “At this time, I am afraid that it is only possible to win over this tribulation by pulling the King of Blue Eyes.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “Don’t be passionate.”

Rakshasa left his eyes suddenly cold, looked towards Lin Fan: “Is there any other opinion you have?”

Lin Fan was too lazy to take care of him, but frowned and pondered. After a while, he said: “This situation is good news for King Qingmu. He is more willing to sit atop a mountain to watch the tigers fight.”

“Really.” King Rakshasa sighed.

Lin Fan said: “Even if the alliance between Asura King and Yaksha King, the strength does form a crushing trend for us, but the Rakshasa Palace is not a cartilage. Even if they can bite, at least they must destroy a few big teeth. This young king is afraid to wait in this brief moment.”

“Hehe …… Qingmu has always been like this. The sinister villain is the most willing to pick up the cheap, and is most used to crafty plots and machinations. I am afraid that this new rule is also the result of his lobbying in it.” Wang Rakshasa’s comment was sharp and sneered. Tao: “The Asura King’s waste and idiot, afraid of being sold and counting the money, will be manipulated by the Qingmu King throughout the journey.”

Lin Fan was silent, and after a while, he said: “Thanks to the joining of killing the sky, and his joining, for the kings, is still top secret. This is one of our tricks. At least it can beat them a completely unprepared. “

“It’s true.” King Rakshasa sighed and said, “Without his participation, we can’t see hope in this battle of kings.”

“Even so, we are afraid of out of absolute disadvantage.” Lin Fan complexion is gloomy, said: “I and you must go to the war of the king, then, the war of the messengers?”

“At worst is to fight this life.” Rakshasa smiled on the left: “For the death of my king.”

Lin Fan glanced coldly at him: “Are you useful? The key is to keep her place and prestige.”

“It’s possible? Are you dreaming? Do you know how terrifying the power is after the 2nd League of Kings?” Asura taunted.

Lin Fan thought for a while, his eyes brightened, and asked, “Is the ring in the messenger a repeatable battle, or?”

“As long as you win, you can repeat the battle.” King Rakshasa said.

Lin Fan’s eyes became brighter: “Is the Emperor’s Order stipulating a king, can only allow two messengers?”

King Rakshasa frowned: “There are really no explicit rules.”

“That’s good.” Lin Fan smiled. “Come to the Tianji horse race.”

“What do you mean?” King Rakshasa didn’t understand.

Severe expression flashed in Lin Fan’s eyes, saying: “2 The most powerful house under the king is naturally Asura left envoy, who is the second?”

Rakshasa thought for a while, and said, “Asura left first, Yaksha left second, Asura right third, Yaksha right fourth.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “Small right, you may win against Asura’s right ambassador?”

Asura right-handed: “Up to ten axes must kill him into scum!”

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