Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3072

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Lin Fan frowned tightly and said, “10000000 Don’t brag, it’s very important. I came to this world not very long. I don’t know too much about the strength of these people. If you tell lies, it will be very serious. , Affecting all my layouts.”

Rakshasa thought for a while, and said seriously and seriously: “He really can’t do it. It’s a bit fake to say ten axes, but he can’t die if he exceeds ten three axes.”

“Good.” Lin Fan raised her eyebrows slightly, and said, “After defeating Asura’s right envoy, do you still have battle strength?”

“Yes, but at most 5 points from Peak.” Rakshasa opened his right.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed: “Yu Li can kill someone?”

“Kill who.” Rakshasa right made cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Yaksha the right ambassador.” Lin Fan sneered, murderous aura is enough.

Rakshasa tilted his head to the right, and thought for a moment, said: “It can keep him from fighting again, but it is very difficult to kill. If you must kill, you can do it, but I will waste it halfway.”

She smiled bitterly and said, “The level of the messenger, although there are strengths and weaknesses, is not the worlds apart, sorry.”

“Enough is enough, just make sure he doesn’t have the power to fight anymore.” Lin Fan lowered his mind and said: “Then Yaksha Envoy and Asura Envoy will leave it to you.”

“It’s not going to insult the mission.” Rakshasa lifted his single punch to the right and fiercely slammed into his chest.

Lin Fan smiled ambiguously: “That magnificent action is forcibly tempted by you, which is very bad.”

Rakshasa’s right envoy’s face suddenly turned red, leaving cold light in King Rakshasa’s eyes.

“Hahaha…” Lin Fan smiled heartily and said, “Although the situation is grim, you don’t need to be so nervous. We already know all their strengths, but they know nothing about us.”

Lin Fan’s words may seem excessive and seem to be a play, but in fact, it is only for adjustment.

Because, including King Rakshasa, collapsed too tightly, which is very bad.

“Hmph and nonsense are as many as ever. The deity just wants to know who I’m going to kill.” Rakshasa left his eyes gloomy, said with a malicious smile: “Thought that the 2 Kings Alliance would destroy my prestige? Send them all on the road.”

Lin Fan glanced at Rakshasa’s left envoy, sighing inwardly, and said, “Asura left envoy… are you likely to fight?”

Rakshasa left his eyes polished, and the whole person turned up in an instant, his face flushed with excitement, and he waved a knife in his hand: “I will kill him!”

Lin Fan ordered nodded: “If that is the case, then it will work.”

Anxiety appeared in King Rakshasa’s eyes and wanted to say something, but it was stopped by Lin Fan’s harsh eyes.

What is Tian Ji horse racing?

This is his plan.

“Small left, before slashing Asura’s left envoy, you must first kill Yaksha’s left envoy, at least if he has no power to fight, can it be done?” Lin Fan looked towards Rakshasa left envoy, seriously asked .

“Tsk tsk, isn’t it Yaksha’s ambassador? Very easy.” Rakshasa’s ambassador grinned: “I’m really impatient, the king’s war started quickly, my broadsword is already hungry and unbearable.”

“Lord, how about me?” Kill Cangtian drove to Lin Fan and sighed, “Although I think I am not a member of the Rakshasa Palace, this time, if I don’t contribute, it is not good.”

Lin Fan pats his shoulder, said: “Wait, there will be you in the war, if I expect it to be good, I am afraid that in this messenger’s war, there will be a terrifying turnaround, being scorned by everyone, underestimated The one who is afraid is the true expert.”

“You mean…” King Rakshasa’s pupils shrank suddenly.

Lin Fan spread his hands and said: “Who knows? But at least be prepared first, at least we have to leave one or two cards.”

“Okay, I believe you in terms of strategy.” King Rakshasa said, and then said: “There is still half a month, half a month, the whole city is still under martial law, and they are all well-cultivated, when the time comes, the battles continue for days… …”

Gong Quezhong.

King Rakshasa’s face was dignified and he said, “Because you have hatred against Xiaozuo, do you want to send him to die? If so, I will not agree.”

Lin Fan glanced silently at King Rakshasa.

King Rakshasa said: “I know that Xiao Zuo has offended you many times, but sin will not die.”

“You think too much,” Lin Fan said, “I know he can’t beat Asura’s left ambassador, but he should be able to kill Asura’s left ambassador.”

King Rakshasa frowned.

Lin Fan said: “Why are you anxious? Wang Zhan is at the end, when you see that Xiao Zuo is invincible, you can come forward to prevent the fight from continuing with the kingship, and of course you can save his life.”

King Rakshasa thought for a while, and then nodded, saying, “So what about Asura’s left envoy? His real opponent…”

“Kill Cangtian.” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed and sneered: “I don’t believe this Asura left is so powerful, even after being left by Xiao Zuo for half his life, he can beat Sangtian. “

“So… killing Cangtian is your strongest move?” King Rakshasa said, and then nodded each minding their own business: “Actually, killing Cangtian is the strongest of their three people.”

“No.” Lin Fan said.

Rakshasa Wang eyes shrank: “Can it be that…”

Lin Fan laughed, did not speak.

King Rakshasa’s heart is suddenly set!

It seems that they have already seen that in the messenger battle, they won a great victory, but lost Rakshasa’s unprecedented move.

“Actually, we shouldn’t just focus on Asura and King Yaksha 2.” Lin Fan smiled wryly. “For me, the deeply hidden King Aoki is the most terrifying opponent.”

“King of Blue Eyes? Wasteless.” Rakshasa Wang sneered.

“Hey…” Lin Fan sighed: “You will be killed by your stupid arrogance, crazy woman.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed, and then he smiled: “But, you won’t let me die, are you? Little waste.”

The atmosphere was ambiguous at once.

Lin Fan haha ​​smiled embarrassedly and waved his hand: “Lao Tzu is not interested in teasing you mad woman here. You have to pay close attention to cultivation, otherwise, my little arms and legs, I am afraid I can’t stand Wang Zhan.”

Rakshasa Wang slanted on the throne, her beautiful eyes played: “Go, little waste, if you let this king lose the war… you will be miserable.”

Lin Fan twitched his lips, and then walked out: “Relax, since I am here, Master, it is only trifling Wang Zhan, even if you say you want to lay down a royal court, I will take you away.”

King Rakshasa smiled.

For no reason, I feel relieved, and a trace of… satisfaction.

She has been strong for too long, sheltering too many people.

In the entire Rakshasa palace, she is the only Optimus jade pillar, and all her people are sheltered under her wings.

And this strange, abrupt, and a sense of protection against her is so novel.

Her beautiful eyes didn’t blink, just looked at the silhouette that walked out of the door, and then slowly disappeared. There was a beautiful smile on the corner of her lips.

But only for a moment, this smile was replaced by indifference.

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