Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3073

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Lin Fan sat quietly on the futon.

He was thinking about how to get through this tribulation as soon as possible, desperately hoping to break the mirror and enter the ancestor level before the war.

But the more so, the more counterproductive.

From Shenshen 5 realm to Linshen 6 realm, only one realm is only worse, but it is the difference between Heaven and Earth, fireflies and Haoyue.

Just like Lin Fan at this time, he can rant that the ancestors are invincible.

But even if he meets one of the weakest ancestors of the 6th Realm, he needs to fight hard and be forced to reveal many cards.

This is the crushing brought by realm.

Although the ancestors who had fallen into his hands had been two full, but that time, he was not a life-threatening one, and that time was not Zen deliberate, only to sit down under the various circumstances and chances.


Lin Fan sighed. He stood up and looked through the dome to see the sunlight falling here. He knew that he could not continue.

If you are so anxious and forced to achieve success, there will definitely be a mess.

“Dao law is natural…” he whispered.

In this pass, all cultivators are eager to meet, but they are also feared by everyone and regarded as a beast of floods.

Because everyone is different, so when you break through this situation, the nature you encounter will be different. There is no reference. Someone can give you guidance.

Otherwise, how could the ancestors have such aloof and remote.

“Mu Yi humiliates me! The deity is irreconcilable with you!”

shout out loudly came, with a bang, the bronze gates were kicked and exploded, like 2 broad blades, wu wu’s spin cut into the great hall!



The bronze gate was slammed from Lin Fan’s cheek 2 and then fiercely embedded into the pillar supporting the palace.

“What are you crazy about!”

Lin Fan was angry.


Rakshasa screamed on the left, he carried a broad knife, and the whole person spun abruptly. He turned himself into a large hob and set off a hurricane, cutting it towards Lin Fan.

The knife was well-rounded, and there were dozens of 100s. The 4 pillars of this palace creaked and it was obvious that it was about to collapse.

“Mu Yi! You are so insulting to me, how can the deity make you feel better?”

In that hurricane, Rakshasa’s left voice was too cold and cold, freezing the bones of the stiff man: “If you are not giving you a lesson today, you are afraid that you really think that the deity is afraid of you.”

He is not reluctant to spare, even if Lin Fan is just the intention of space manipulation to retreat, without a counterattack, it is not enough to let him vent his hatred.

With a bang, this luxurious palace Que really collapsed, dust and smoke splashed, surging towards the sky.


Rakshasa’s left envoy was still unwilling and unforgiving, killing with a knife, Lin Fan, who was in the air, was killed to cut him in half.

“Should the true deity avoid you?”

Lin Fan is furious!

This Rakshasa left mad suddenly, just like this rampage.

I dare not imagine that if this Rakshasa left ambassador rushed into the palace, he was going through the devil, what would happen.

That’s really dangerous. Cultivation deviation, soul demons invading Soul Sea, deep roots, etc. are all possible.

And now, he has repeatedly retreated, but this Rakshasa left envoy is still refuse to yield an inch.

Lin Fan put his hands together, and when they were separated again, the two hands suddenly cracked, and a shiny thunder ball appeared, and then he went down with one hand, slamming, Rakshasa, who was killed by the title, was suddenly forced to the left. Fell 2 feet.

“Little left, stop!”

King Rakshasa was disturbed, she came by the wind and her face was cold.

“My king, today he is without me!”

Rakshasa roared left, and the murderous aura was too intense.

“Why did I dig your family’s ancestral tomb? Or did you force your mother-in-law? Or kill your dad, so much hatred!”

Lin Fan was so angry.

Ask yourself, I have taken care of this Rakshasa left envoy 100 times, and 100 endurance.

“Dare to speak up!”

Rakshasa left the whole person blown up, the broad knife shot a hundred zhang blade glow, and his head cut to Lin Fan.


But his blade glow was exploded by a punch, and he stood in front of Lin Fan, killing Cangtian complexion is gloomy, staring at Rakshasa with a dark eye: “Dare to disrespect my lord and cut you.”

“Hahaha…come together, and look at today’s deity to punish your master and servant 2!”

Rakshasa left really crazy.

“Are you rebelling against this king?” King Rakshasa’s face was cold.

“My king?!” Rakshasa shouted to the left.

Rakshasa Wang Yinsen said: “Don’t let people read the joke. If you have something to tell me, this king will make the call for you, but if you dare to play tricks, this Rakshasa palace really has no place for you.”

Finally subsided.

Great hall.

“Tell me, what’s wrong with Muyi.” King Rakshasa’s face was cold.

“Jié jié…Tianji horse racing! Tianji horse racing! You told him to talk about himself, what does this mean.” Rakshasa’s left expression was grim.

Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan spread his hands innocently, then sighed and explained it in the simplest way.

King Rakshasa sighed: “It’s really a trick.”

Later, she even understood Lin Fan’s good intentions, afraid that the reason why she did not explain in advance what is Tian Ji horse racing, that is, to take care of the self-esteem and face of Rakshasa Zuo Shi?

Partial, this Rakshasa left envoy didn’t understand at all, thinking that Lin Fan was humiliating him.

“Jié jié …… The ambassador overawes the world, even the Divine Race ancestor ancestors almost made him drink hate, but in your wood Yi mouth, I was just the lowest and incompetent prince! jié jié …… you wood Yi, rely on What a disgrace to this seat!”

Rakshasa left his breath full of anger, and the 7 tips all came out with a white essence, not just in name only, but also in reality.

“People, you have self-knowledge.” Lin Fan’s eyes were cold.

“Tsk tsk, self-knowledge?” Rakshasa smiled on the left: “Whoever dares to say that he will win the deity among the three people who kill Cangtian and Xiaoyou? Even if you are Mu Yi, you can defeat the deity.”

“3 knives… defeat me?” Lin Fan’s eyes looked strange.

Then his whole person disappeared suddenly, even King Rakshasa didn’t even capture his silhouette.

Suddenly, Lin Fan’s silhouette appeared, and then disappeared again.

King Rakshasa sighed.

The silhouette of this time appears at first glance, it is a reminder to the Rakshasa left envoy, it is clear, I officially attacked you, you are ready for yourself.

How arrogant this is and how domineering it is.


Rakshasa left the roar of the envoy: “Being more concealed, the deity is your ancestor of Muyi!”

His silhouette also disappeared in an instant, but soon, there was a cluster of lightning explosions, an arc of 10000000, ka ka rang, and the silhouette of Rakshasa’s left envoy was forced out.

Well, his silhouette disappeared again, but it was useless, and a large golden hand penetrated into the void, pushing him out again.

5 times in a row!

Every time Rakshasa’s hideout of the left hand is useless, Lin Fan can easily push it out.

For the sixth time, Rakshasa’s left ambassador was hidden again, but at this time, afraid that it would be less than a moment, he was forced out again, and, on his neck, a Hansensen halberd was traversed.

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