Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3074

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Including King Rakshasa, everyone’s expression suddenly froze.

“Da Zun, please spare your life.”

Rakshasa, the Right Envoy, even knelt directly on the ground: “Da Zun, please forgive your brother once. If Da Zun really wants to kill someone, Xiao You is willing to commit suicide.”

Lin Fan glanced at Rakshasa’s right ambassador, but did not speak. Then his eyes moved and stared at the dead gray Rakshasa’s left ambassador’s face, saying, “You… 3 knives cut me?”

Rakshasa did not speak for a long time, but the expression in his eyes slowly dissipated.

“How do you slap me?” Lin Fan yelled again, actually letting Rakshasa shivered to the left and shivering.

“Mu Yi!” Wang Rakshasa sipped lightly, his eyes full of anxiety.

Lin Fan glanced at King Rakshasa, suppressed all his anger, and the halberd withdrew: “The reason, the deity did not clarify things, just for your face, why, give you face, you really do not want it ?”

“So… is that so?”

Rakshasa’s eyes were darker, hehe grinned, but soon, he screamed: “Even if the deity can’t beat you, why is he above me?”

“Are you talking about me?” Sang Cang Heavenly Eye squinted slightly. He took a half step forward. Suddenly, the monstrous imposing manner rose suddenly, and several Heaven Grade appeared ashamed, and then sneered and said indifferently: ” Are you sure… the deity is not your opponent?”

A bit of bitterness appeared in Rakshasa’s left eye.

No comparison.

Just looking at this imposing manner, just looking at this posture, he knew that he lost.

It turned out that in unconsciously, his opponent turned out to be so strong.

“Do you want to say that even if you lose to 2 of us, you can easily fight Xiaoyou?”

Lin Fan’s eyes showed the look of pity: “To tell the truth, you are really weak now, even I was thinking, if you meet Yaksha left envoy, you will lose.”

“Impossible!” Rakshasa left his eyes frantic.

Lin Fan shook his head: “You are obsessed with certain undesirable emotions and insisted on something that should not be adhered to at all. This is obsession and deep obsession. You are too long to waste and waste too long before you chase those. When you get something impossible, your opponent has already far surpassed you.”

“Am I insisting on what I shouldn’t be?” Rakshasa looked towards King Rakshasa, who left his eyes confused, and then hehe grinned: “It turned out to have become obsession?”

“Leave it down, even if I don’t show up, you and her are also impossible, simply two people of the world, why are you struggling? Tired and tired yourself.” Lin Fan sighed, but in fact, a finger appeared on his fingertips Another inch.

When Rakshasa left the envoy without any response, he fiercely inserted it into his head.

“Xiao You, tell me the truth, what realm did you arrive at this time?”

Rakshasa left envoy suddenly turned back, looked towards Rakshasa right envoy.

Lin Fan looked towards Rakshasa Right Envoy, said: “You can’t hide, let him know the gap, only then can fiercely wake him up.”

Rakshasa’s right angel bit his red lips tightly; after a while, he said: “The right brother, the little girl is now in the 6th realm of God.”

“Lin God… 6 realms?” Rakshasa’s left bitterness appeared in his eyes.

Indeed, it surpassed him.

Until now, he is the Peak 5 of the Spiritual Realm.

“Don’t let go of your thoughts quickly, and discard those thoughts that you shouldn’t have. When will you wait?

Lin Fan suddenly shouting loudly.

This is Buddhism Divine Ability, but he was snatched by him and transformed into his own spells and spells, just like Hong Zhong Da Lu, like a spring thunder exploding.

Rakshasa left the whole person trembling violently, and finally got his knees up, just sitting in the air like that.

Lin Fan sweated in his forehead.

It must be said that it is too laborious to use this drink to wake up a cultivator whose realm is similar to him.

Great hall outside.

“Your cultivation base seems to be enhanced again, what time?” Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan curiously.

Even when he beheaded the first ancestor of Divine Race, this Lin Fan seems to be only at the top of the realm of God 4, is it wrong?

Lin Fan laughed.

Road: “First night at Rakshasa Palace.”

King Rakshasa’s face suddenly turned red, twisting and scolding: “Waste is really waste, and my brain is all dirty!”

“What is filthy? That’s when you push the door in the middle of the night, OK? It’s clearly your own spring heart, let the young man and I respond passively, how can I become the young man and my filthy?” Lin Fan sneered, said: “Moreover, not Thank you for that night, if it were not for you and I ended up fighting with the Dao, if it was you who used Rakshasa cold blade to stab at me, forcing me to lose my way at that moment, for fear of being unable to break through the shackles for the time being.”

“Get lost!”

King Rakshasa is gone, his face red, his eyes cold.

That night, it was a confused account.

Obviously, I went to tell this waste that we must be careful in this world, and as a result…


At this moment, a long whistle came from the great hall, and at the same time, a terrible breakthrough breath made 4 Fang Tianyu explode.

Lin Fan’s expression changed slightly, shouted: “Crazy woman, block this breakthrough energy machine with a cold blade.”

King Rakshasa rushed to nodded, and then rose into the air, urging Rakshasa Hanblade to play a sword curtain, closing the entire Rakshasa palace, preventing the overflow of the breakthrough breath.

This is not untargeted. This Rakshasa left envoy, breakthrough before the war, this is very useful, and it is another killing trick that can be used well.

I am afraid that the corresponding layout must be changed due to the breakthrough of Rakshasa’s left mission.

“Wait.” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly: “This is to bully Heavenly Jade, and you have him into Divine Soul.”

“Are you thinking?” King Rakshasa frowned.

“Hehe… aren’t our opponents clear about our strength? Then keep them clear.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes circulated: “Being your enemy will really be miserable, and you will have to die.”

“I like this feeling very much. I can use my brain and never use it.”

Lin Fan smiled.

But in fact, at this time, he was very heavy.

With the breakthrough of Rakshasa’s left envoy, the messenger should be able to win all the battles if there were no shocking changes.

Well… Wang Zhan, who should have been the least worried, has become the most likely point of failure.

“During this time…I don’t want anyone to bother me.”

Lin Fan looked quietly at King Rakshasa.

“Why? You are also worried about this little waste? Will you be afraid?” King Rakshasa smiled and relaxed: “Relax, 4 kings, but only on battle strength, this king confessed himself to No. 2 and no one dared to recognize No. One, there is me.”

Lin Fan glanced at him and said, “The deity doesn’t rely on the habit of relying on women. Even more how, your arrogant personality has to be changed, otherwise it would be too simple to want you to die.”

Rakshasa Wang Qingheng hummed and said, “This King…but I don’t want you to rely on it.”

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