Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3075

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One day in half a month.

During this time, Lin Fan did not walk out of the closed room even half a step.

That door closed the hustle and bustle of the outside world and the vast crowd of the outside world.

The whole Senro world is boiling!

Only because, once every 100 years, the battle of kings will start.

This is the heyday.

For many big things, this is an excellent opportunity. If you want to go up to the top of the high-level barrier of the world, this is the only opportunity.


The people of the world are indeed not so bold and arrogant, want to provoke the king, want to replace it.

But the messenger…

I don’t know how many people are fighting in the dark, and I don’t know how many people are secretly looking forward to the battle soon.

Moreover, according to the order of the emperor, in the six months since the beginning of the war, all missions were not received, and the entire Senrow realm was closed, and no killing was allowed.

This is also a rare period of tranquility in the Senro world.

Of course, the killing referred to here is all about Wang Zhan.

However, if there is a Supreme Powerhouse in the Senrow Realm that thinks that it already has this strength, it can challenge the messenger and can go to war. This is an action allowed by the emperor’s order.

Therefore, during this time, the Rakshasa Palace does not know how many challenges a day will bring.

In just 3 days, Rakshasa’s envoy has cut off the whole number of ten heads.

Rakshasa’s invitation to challenge Zuo was even more, and some of them were not lacking in prestigious people, but more were some innocent people, just like these people, they suddenly appeared.

For 3 days, Rakshasa left the passive to accept the last 100 battles, and he showed only the Old Ancestor Level battle strength of Peak 5 Realm Peak.

Therefore, every night when the truce ceases, we are exhausted.

But I have to say that the current Rakshasa left envoy is really very clever. He strictly followed the order and only knew how to do his own thing.

Great hall.

Lin Fan smiled coldly: “Obviously, this is someone who wants to find out our strength before the war.”

“Who is it?” King Rakshasa looked towards Lin Fan, and suddenly narrowed his eyes, saying: “It should be Asura King, who alone is the most likely to replace the position of the first king of this king and occupy this square of happy land.”

“You think too much, definitely not Asura King.” Lin Fan sneered.

“Not who else can he have?” King Rakshasa sneered and said, “It’s not the king who boasted, but of the 3 kings, except this Asura, the remaining 2 kings are not taken by the king.”

Lin Fan gave a pitiful glance at King Rakshasa and said, “I really doubt how you have survived 1000 years, so stupid.”

Rakshasa’s left eye was slightly picky, but he quickly calmed down.

After Lin Fan woke him up in a nearly ruthless and cruel way, and after getting rid of his obsession, he still didn’t have a good face for Lin Fan, but he would not be targeted like before.

“Small waste!” King Rakshasa lightly drank, his eyes sharp, but soon, he softened again, and said, “Who do you think is?”

“Blue eyes king.” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

“That waste?” King Rakshasa’s pupil narrowed, and then sneered: “That waste is really nothing.”

Lin Fan sighed and said: “You keep on saying you call him waste, how can you be sure that he is now calling you 3 kings idiots?”

“He dare!” King Rakshasa was as domineering as ever.

“Think about it yourself. If his King Qingmu is really as bad as you said, how can he stay in the position of the 4th King for so many years, is he really not capable of this step? “

Rakshasa’s pupil suddenly shrank, she frowned, and then many details of Wang Zhan’s glance reappeared from her mind.

After Lin Fan reminded her, she seemed to realize that every battle of the King of the Blue Eyes admitted to losing too fast, and she was defeated too completely.

And if all this is deliberately done by the king of blue eyes, then, too terrifying!

The plot must be great.

“I have understood carefully that the rise of King Qingmu is earlier than any of you and a king, right?” Lin Fan said.

“Really.” King Rakshasa nodded.

“Hehe.” Lin Fan stood up, his eyes far away, and said, “Maybe, he is not seeking the first king, but at a higher place.”

“What? How dare he!” King Rakshasa was horrified.

“Don’t you dare?” Lin Fan scoffed at looking towards King Rakshasa, saying: “In the past three days, at least dozens of Peak players who have never appeared in this Senrow realm will appear in front of each of your king’s palace every day. , The present people are all able to sit down and fight with you.”

“You mean, these people are the handwriting of King Qingmu?” King Rakshasa was really frightened.

“I’m not sure, but I’m 90% sure.” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed: “He is the king, but… peace and security is quiet, too low-key, this is too abnormal.”

Everyone was silent.

Lin Fan looked towards Rakshasa King, said: “Wang Zhan, you are waiting for me to observe carefully. If it is… then I would rather admit defeat, temporarily give up the so-called first king position, and leave 10000 full strength to deal with certain poles. There may be a catastrophe.”

They negotiated intensively.

And at this time, Qingmu Palace.

The blue eyes king is a yellow robe!

This is the dress only Sovereign dares to wear.

He raised his arms, his eyes full of greed and satisfaction, and then he laughed loudly: “The kings are flat.”

He looked down, and the scene of the worship of the kings turned out to be in his eyes.

“My queen.”

Just then, a dark silhouette came.

This man is too terrifying, but wherever he stands, it is dark.

“Say.” Qingmu Wang looked towards this person.

“The King Rakshasa has the same strength as before. Only Rakshasa is a bit troublesome to grow into a true ancestor. Others, not worth mentioning.”

Qingmu Wang Meijiao slightly picked up: “It’s a bit troublesome, do some work and let her die.”

“The rest of the kings…” King Qingmu asked again.

“Not worth mentioning, only Mu Yi…” The dark silhouette opened, with doubts, as if Mu Yi’s name brought him a lot of worry.

“That Muyi… It’s just outsiders, no need to think about it, work well, plan for 1000 years, this time, I want to do it once and for all, and I want to change the name of the Sen Luojie to change the surname.” Qingmu Wang Gao smiled.

“After the king’s war, this world deserves the name of the blue eyes.”

The dark silhouette grinned too.

“You have been following that man for so long…I’m afraid it will be hard for him, right?” In the eyes of the blue eyes, there was a trace of murderous intention blooming.

There was panic in the dark silhouette, and then he knelt down on the ground suddenly: “There is absolutely no 2 heart under his command. If he reads it, he will condemn it.”

“Okay, I just cracked a joke with you.” Qinghe Wanghehe smiled, and then his eyes suddenly cold, said: “That that makes me sick of the miscellaneous, this time, chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, Dismemberment by Five Horses .”

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